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    Would it be possible to have multiple GT brackets? And then have a sort of algorithm that sorts similar sized guilds against each other? I'm thinking something similar to Clash in League of Legends, where you register your team and it puts you up against 7 other similar teams. And then you have your own mini tournourment against these teams.

    This would allow more guilds to register, and also allow smaller guilds to have their chance too. I'd keep the join fee to 1G-5G or so to stop it from being spammed from every guild in existence and also implement the only rewards for semi-finals and finals.

    It may not be possible with the current game engine though.

    What do you guys think?

    The leaderboard has been auto resetting for years. I brought it to Gamigo's attention last year already and they claimed to have "fixed" it but they actually did nothing at all :)

    It resets to the same list every time the server restarts

    I too spent time getting myself on top of all the level 50~ boards and they all got reset :)

    I have yet to see an active player from Jenira/Enid/Pagel actually want a merge.

    As one of the few semi-active Enid caps, I dont want it. And I'm pretty sure my fellow players don't want it either.

    Are staff supposed to be interacting with us on these hot topic discussions? We've been asking a lot of questions with minimal replies (such as the case of Hot Topic 1). It also seems the staff are more active on the German forums with Veralya? Giving them information that CupCake kindly relays to us at least

    I'd just like to request that we actually get more replies to our queries c: I understand if it may be overwhelming though, there are a lot of things we (and probably you too) don't know yet

    Hey Nennian, thanks again for all the info :)

    You mention here that the cap raise is a priority. Is there a specific reason for this? Should the rebalance (that's been going on for years now with minimal progress) not be finished first?

    In my opinion it doesn't make sense to release new content based on the current class situation when you plan on changing it anyway. Wouldn't that be making more work for yourselves as you may need to readjust mobs/gears/etc that you just released? Or do you plan on incorporating the initial rebalance changes along with the cap raise?

    I honestly feel rebalance should take priority. I don't know about others but I don't want another unbalanced impossible cap raise. Should the existing game content not be refurbished and overhauled prior to adding new stuff?

    Honestly, "NA Fiesta" is better labelled as "English Fiesta". There are English speakers from around the world on this server, not only Americans. There are also no other servers for English speakers from other countries to go (since EU servers were closed).

    We are working to make sure all classes are needed in the upcoming additions of the game. We hear you about not wanting to depend on only one or two classes. We hope any changes in classes in the future will allow everyone to have a important addition to the content :)

    How will this work on quieter servers where we may not have enough players to actually have all classes present?