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    A friend told me archer buff was rly nice, so not sure why everyone complaining about that, also it needs class balance since melee classes like trickster rly had no chance against range if their wasnt any skills who actually could get close, first of if it wasnt class balance ofcourse it would be same type who dominate everytime, you cant win even how skilled you are with ur champion, because that class is OP, warlock and gladiator is 2 of those OPs

    Well i don't want to talk much about this since i don't have a reaper but seriously 30m? That's insane i don't mind you guys getting some cool range but don't go into the archer real its enough that knights have a skill with a ranger the same/bigger than SS Distant shot i mean for gods name you ppl are not a ranged class to get so much distance but maybe 15m would work since that its the usual distance our normal skills have (archers i mean) the really long ones and we have only 1 has 30m so that would sux to steal the distance from us

    Reaper is like a rogue, means we should get some benefits to actually deal those "amazing dmg", right now it feels like thats pretty hard since ranged kills us before we get close? :p, doesnt that mean atleast some kind of "Hide/sneak" benefits should be added like a true "Reaper(rogue) hhee

    Since after all their really arnt any reason to have low cooldown on skills if you actually have no way to get close to the target, so in my opinion you have to rethink the use of reaper since right now it rly arnt any benefits if they wont get atleast 1 ranged skill to be able to get close to the target.

    As a Capped Reaper I'd take 30.0 Casting Distance over Shorter Casting time. If you played Reaper you'd know that we won't waste time using that skill even if it had a shorter casting time plus the 135 Set gives Razor Claw more damage so that would obviously be the better skill to use. PLEASE don't waste time changing the cast time! Or if you'd like to change the cast time AND the casting Distance I'd be okay with that too. I've played a lot in fbz3 and I know that Casting Distance>Cast time for this skill. It must however be 30.0 Casting Distance to make it truly useful I would say. Also the animation for the skill is very pretty and if you reduce the cast time then there wont be enough time for the full animation or maybe the animation would be rushed. So again I'm asking, and I'm begging, just change the Casting Distance to 30.0m. I know that we've had suggestions in the past about this skill and no one thought about changing the Casting Distance. I'd say all those who play Reaper would love the Casting Distance change over the Cast time change, and we can even test it so they can choose which one they prefer.

    Actually i agree, Reaper should have some skill who actually get the enemies offguard, and 30 casting distance to get warped to enemies might actually make fights more intressed against OP mages ;)

    Since the first balance patch is coming next week, why are you the only one (for now) giving information about the topic in general? Havent seen anyone else mentioning it, or is it because others are on vacations & the first official statement is coming Monday/Patchday itself? Why do you think "smal changes" shouldnt be tested on the test server?

    Can you give insight in which direction every class is going?

    wich classes is op? is that archer/mage (warlock?) and berserker?

    I really wish they could in that case add a option on Blacksmith who let you change the weapon skin to the (class) you actually is, since right now it feel weird why i should have an claw when im actually an archer

    They can still be account bound, thats fine but just let us add the option to change the weapon skin for ur own class.

    If they adding such a randomizing on weapon skins it should be a way to make use of it, either sell it to players or change the type of it, since its pretty prizy to even get 1.

    By not actually having this option on weapon skins might result to alot of frustrated players and end up quitting, since its after all real money we talk about so give people an option.

    Hi, today i got a Dragon Bone Claw weapon skin (25000 dura), but can it be changed somehow to a Bow instead? im not a trickster im a Archer :(

    I really lost the motivation to play when i cant rly do anything with this, i rly hope you will let me trade it for a bow type :(