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    Maybe not, but when you miss stacks because there's 2k+ difference in glad aim and reaper eva (which is pretty common w/o white wedding) and proceed to get locked down and just watch your hp vanish against a class without dmg sc...
    Maybe the problem is all these jacked eva SC items, but I still think reapers are too low risk, high reward.

    i see ppl brag about reapers, but i have yet to see one tank a KQ. lmao. Ive been to many many many kqs, and i have not seen 1 single trickers/reaper tank the boss. Please, a glad will slaughter a reaper. Only way a reaper is to win is the glad is +0 gear. lmao. If they both fully gears, glads will crush reapers any day.

    the fact that u are talking about kq suggests u arent even capped.

    people who do kq on reapers are probably on npc gears/+0 temporary gears to level.

    any decently geared reaper can and will tank SK and raid bosses better than glads who will be on perm vit.

    even a reaper with any decent understanding and decently fast fingers will drop a glad with 40k defense (+10 gears and 20%+ defense sc).

    vitting+cc stun is an option but hof to lower hp is most likely needed with empowered cc stun

    even then its ludicrous a melee class banking on so much evasion (this goes for eva glads as well but thats another story).

    IIRC, Kobal said in a post loooong time ago that the individual enhancement rate isn't fixed but dependent on how many players are enhancing at that particular time. I don't remember if he specified if this was server-wide or map-specific (I assume the former), but basically because so many players are enhancing during sales the rates may be lowered. Problem is we have no idea if this process ever changed or how exactly this works quantitatively.

    We were told more than a month ago due to ddos and disastrous server issues that an eventual compensation would be discussed and there would be an update. Is anyone else betting gamigo will never come back to this and keep their words or conclude "too bad, too sad"?

    I'm triggered because you legit seem like a noob in understanding anything. How on earth did you come to the conclusion that eva based classes are more expensive? For jewels, you don't need high aim or at all really, so HP/eva are cheaper than HP/aim. For gears, I have seen archer and trix gears that have godly HP/aim/eva or def instead of aim going for maybe like 25 or 30G a piece. Do you know how much these would go for if they were on glad gears? No you don't because you haven't spent time looking at prices. How is having over 1k bonus aim from my items not having any aim? Idiot.

    DQ frags are obtainable but they are a pain to get 150 frags esp for popular ones like reds or blues. Like I said, the current meta is having defense on gears AND def SC, the latter working as a % so it amplifies more :pepega:. I literally said ML ears show value when your gears and other jewels are godly, so stupid much?

    Stop talking LMAO the fact that you think glads in general are kings of 1v1 PvP show you're clueless about this game. Stop drooling over a select few who spent near 1kG or even more to make your conclusion. I'm done talking with you as I don't wanna lose brain cells. Have fun quitting.

    None of my or Xeno's arguments are in your favor. Stop being delusional. If you only have eva in your gears, you deserve to be one stacked. Why? Because your gears are crap. Same thing for glads who have only aim in their gears. They're not touching anyone ranged and a knight can probably stack with s/s to end these glads. How many times do I have to say this? Getting 5.5-6k aim on a glad is not basic given the class needs a decent/good HP as well, and if we don't count aim SC/DQ reds/aim scrolls. If we ARE counting DQ reds, like I said, maybe that suggests the stats on these red suits need a nerf.

    Again, PLEASE GET THIS TO YOUR BRAIN: DECENT HP/AIM ALONE ARE EXPENSIVE FOR GLADS. The defense bonus on every gear pieces alone doesn't add up a lot, but with defense SC or 3-piece DQ reds, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

    People play glads not because they are kings in 1v1 PvP. I don't know where you got that idea from, but the truth is they get countered by pretty much every class in 1v1. People play glads because they are kings in PvE, meaning that there are more spots for them for raids, especially TOG=more income. If you can't beat an average glad (not the ones with jaw-dropping gears) as an archer, that's seriously on your lack of skills or your gears/SC. Just look at the skills for archers past 100/120 and you'll see how there are multiple ways to counter a glad from even reaching you before they die from dots/bomb/kites. Glads become useful in PvP only in FBZ wars/GT when they're charmed, because their stats go out of control with passive and vit. People play glads because they actually require some skills (especially in glad vs glad fights) with CC, dash, and set switching, so there's more "fun".

    Stop making a fool of yourself. I highly doubt you even have ML ears, and if you do, go do yourself a favor and sell it and buy decent gears/jewels instead.

    Suggest a Eva Talisman and the World will be back in normal^^

    Its good that you didnt have to spend so much in your Gear anymore, the Game will with this Talisman will be a little less P2W

    How i said, we need a Eva Talisman and all will be good.

    No. I'm not even going to bother explaining how eva glads will abuse it. Seeing as the talismans are tradeable and not character-bound, the top glads will dump hundreds to get multiple. If they do make it bound to character (they can still get the "eva talisman" but sacrifice aim or defense) or nerf base stats on glad gears, then yes, giving the evasion boost to archers and trix will have the intended effect.

    Bro, DM me your in-game name LOL. I wanna see what kinda ungeared player you really are. At this point, I think your gears are worth $20. FYI, no capped glad gears/jewels/axe will go for $20. Assuming 2:1 rate, that's 40G, barely enough for a fail axe+12. You're actually stupid and something's wrong in the head if you think a $20 glad can kill a $200 archer/trickster/glad.

    I won't have any problem one stacking those classes if a) they have no idea what they're doing and b) only have eva going for them (no HP/def). I don't know how many times I have to say this, but eva/aim aren't the only stats people strive for, yet you stubbornly believe so. Let me guess, your gears are only filled with eva/aim? Pathetic. A decent archer assuming decent gears can kill most glads (without loaded on def. SC) before they even get in range. SS has been a known counter to glads with knockbacks (just need to time skills right) and rangers can kite for days with entraps, stun, and root. Reaps counter glads, period. Why do you think some glads buy a HG shield or make 90 leg s/s?

    Like I said, going for HP/Aim isn't a problem for most classes, but for glads, those two stats alone are expensive. Looks like you can't get that into your brain because you have no knowledge and have the logic of a 10 year old. Again, let's see your gears and stats.

    gleeo how many years has mlhc been out? more then 4 years. i can assure u there is way more ml ears then players

    last week alone there was 2 dropping

    there is really no reason to not have ml ears by now, especially if u pvp

    Yeah and let's use the same logic and say there is really no reason people to not have SK items, oh wait LMAO. HC ears are the last pieces capped players should purchase or worry about, period. Not everyone is a hardcore pvper and those ears don't show their values unless your other gears and jewels are godly. And for glads, godly gears and DQ jewels already mean hundreds of gems.

    Yeah, and what about my other pieces? My boots alone would probably go for another $30-40. You literally never met a player who doesn't own at least a pair of ml ears? LMAO stop making stuff up. I don't know the exact numbers, but there are a few in Isya. You're seriously saying everyone has something that costs hunderds of gems? Idiot. Stop theory-crafting and go make a capped glad then. Until then, you don't have the resources nor do you have the knowledge to gear up a decent glad, so stop rambling. You probably have no HP or below 10x HP on those jewels :D. Again, jewels with garbage HP but high aim aren't hard to obtain, but balanced ones are. You're probably sitting at around 7-8k w/o extender wondering why you're getting dropped from a single tomahawk with vit.