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    I think there either still IS or used to be a known issues permanent thread for this sort of thing. I've encountered it as a standard forum feature in this and other games, as well as a list of proposed, passed, and rejected ideas.

    There used to be a fitness channel on cable, but i've developed several routine exercises with random common movements tasks and items, based off my knowledge of some martial arts and yoga practices. conditioning your body continuously improves your ability to do increasingly strenuous activities, and helps improve your mental competencies.

    a somewhat long answer but yeah, DIY for me ^^, and some of those y tubers need formal training. not everything, is appropriate or safe, for everybody.

    would you rather learn to fly an aircraft (hang gliding counts ^^) or explore ancient ruins?

    I thought of something to add to that site

    Buffs, they come in several forms. My thought is to list them according to duration, strengths, and most importantly, range (radius of proximity). where you can find them, what they drop from, AND, if you use certain buffs, what other buffs become unavailable.

    some buffs like titles and attribute points, are active as long as you use them.

    sci fi typically is indoors more often, so, less bugs, BUT, slightly higher prices on kitsch.

    would you rather wear (3 options) a polo, jersey, or button shirt?

    if you have a different choice that's cool.

    i keep mine on the charger. i almost never answer it unless i'm expecting someone to call. the only callers i typically get are telemarketers, so outgoing only.

    Would you rather shop when stores are most active or when there's less people?

    There's plenty of examples of games that were dropped by investors, and had no choice but to close due to becoming increasingly corrupted and ultimately unusable.

    players remember what was, but have long since left for so called greener grass, long before issues got to that point. I'd mention 15 of them off the top of my head, but some publishers/ developers don't like that, even if the games are defunct and no longer exist or have been abandoned.

    it's a case of haterade in my book

    it does serve a purpose, if it didn't, there wouldn't be so many people participating in it.

    they enjoy it, if that burns, it says more about the person (singular) wanting it gone, than it does about the thread itself.

    according to forum rules, this is a form of harassment in respectful conversation, section 2

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    This is why some games have test servers, and even in those cases they don't catch everything. Gamigo has that, and several dedicated bug seekers, who know how to not only pin down problems, but explain them and provide possible solutions in a language that is technical writer friendly.

    heck, we even have a mod and department head just for that. there's several places online where people can learn how to do that also. there's a lot more to reporting problems than "hey man, this ___ doesn't work"

    it was something like this that made a lot of folks quit back in....2010? close to the time the former company gave up on it.

    there was a difference though, as players were hacked, and that, was a separate but deliberate situation. (that's why you don't share your account info folks)

    it ought to involve criminal prosecution what some individuals continue to do to games that regardless of their perspective, many people still enjoy. i say let gamers make their own decisions about what they like, don't attack potential competition or force yourself on the community/industry.

    just because a few thousand people don't find the appeal of a program, does not give them authority or right to dictate to anyone else. leave them alone with what they enjoy and go find something you DO like.

    some sites put links into the pictures and titles of each item they provide, to see more details. even trivia stuff gets special attention, so if you're looking for the origin of some flavor text meme, link it ^^

    tool tips including where to find an item and or what it is found in can be done through both tool tips and tabbed comment sections below the item description. i think some folks who have played certain other games will know what i'm talking about.

    "found in, similar to...etc"

    and the award for most dramatic comment of the day goes seriously i don't have the slightest idea

    this kind of action comes in more than one flavor, but the sentiment is the same

    follow will wheatons' law and don't be a dork

    definitely cold, it just means you don't have to do anything to it in preparation, and sometimes, people lack the means for that.

    would you rather kiss (in a familial sense) a horse or your car?