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    me too about mechanics detail. RNG's aside, experimenting with the results of different things is what gives people more concrete stats the more data they gather.

    there's places people can go to learn how to be proficient game testers and other useful tasks.

    if someone has learned how to look for bugs, translate them in ways that are most useful to tech people, and know how to provide possible solutions to correct and possibly even improve them, that's a serious plus!

    there's no such thing as a completely free country, but we can as a world community, appreciate each others' cultural differences and similarities. It just means we're all people who took interest in the same thing, and no matter our reasons, all of us have things in common when it comes to what keeps us coming back ^^

    the longer someone is involved with gaming, the various ways to participate in it, and the virtually astronomic number of genres there are to play, the less annoying disconnections feel, to the point they are an expected inconvenience, even with the most expert technical teams the world has to offer.

    I enjoy pumping sunshine into folks as much as anyone, but i try to empathize with folks who feel discouraged too, so trolls or otherwise, we don't need to censor each other, we already have forum and game rules to tell us what's okay and what isn't. whatever anyione is feeling, just know, there's lots of us who have been there and understand, including japan, korea, and other countries around the world.

    underscores are permitted but stuff starting or ending with numbers or asterisks or xX______Xx get used a LOT, so maybe try to avoid doing that. also words like the, king, queen, lady, lord, great, and similar, those get used a lot too, along with anime names and other popular culture stuff.

    best thing i ever came up with was messed up versions of my own name, for example, phleez

    my mains are always capped, but usually not on "official" servers, soooo probably alts.

    would you rather binge watch a series or watch the night sky? (friend pet comfy sitting thingy and snacks included)

    bottom layer: hamburger buns toasted with garlic butter
    Next layer Cheddar and sour cream
    Third Layer: browned ground beef and sloppy joe sauce
    Next Layer: Cheddar and sour cream
    Next layer, chopped tater tots
    Top: yep, Cheddar Cheese and sour cream ^^

    bake the whole thing at about 325-350 for about 10-15 minutes, ermagerrrrd

    wait a tic, is it a quest asking you to collect a scroll? there is a parchment you get from guild rewards to do a daily quest (get enough daily tokens to buy items from the daily vendor), but there are also quests for things like curse scrolls, fireball scrolls, etc, and those are quest items, they aren't items you learn.

    weapons can register licenses for extra damage to specific monsters, and with the use of special stones from the SC store,
    use enchantments for special weapon buffs. there's also weapon skins you can buy from the SC store.

    I think there either still IS or used to be a known issues permanent thread for this sort of thing. I've encountered it as a standard forum feature in this and other games, as well as a list of proposed, passed, and rejected ideas.

    There used to be a fitness channel on cable, but i've developed several routine exercises with random common movements tasks and items, based off my knowledge of some martial arts and yoga practices. conditioning your body continuously improves your ability to do increasingly strenuous activities, and helps improve your mental competencies.

    a somewhat long answer but yeah, DIY for me ^^, and some of those y tubers need formal training. not everything, is appropriate or safe, for everybody.

    would you rather learn to fly an aircraft (hang gliding counts ^^) or explore ancient ruins?

    I thought of something to add to that site

    Buffs, they come in several forms. My thought is to list them according to duration, strengths, and most importantly, range (radius of proximity). where you can find them, what they drop from, AND, if you use certain buffs, what other buffs become unavailable.

    some buffs like titles and attribute points, are active as long as you use them.