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    HOW many threads are there like this?

    feel free to correct me forumites, but most everything starts off base stats and is just additions from there.

    it isn't that stats stack on each other in every situation, but that most stats are simply additions to base stats., so one thing may add 0.08% to a stat of say 4, another may be 0.1%,

    there's also the application of what you interact with and its' resistances, and then there's the random number generator principle, the way latency can affect statistics, etc etc etc.

    i think Rei and a dozen or more others have a fairly solid grasp of mechanics and how they work here, so when you talk about stats, you're really talking about how stats work with or against each other, therefore, mechanics.

    Gaming 101 "How to play nice"....been there , done that, it took for about a year, then people just got indifferent.

    multi player just lost its momentum. I still think of it as a community thing, but it feels like that attitude is practically non existent.

    i miss being able to walk to the tops of hills. those used to be really nice places to hang out for couples, most of the time without drawing aggros.

    there are some games where you can go inside a building to deal with npc's, kind of adds some nuance to the game, but that would probably be a a lot more work for the tech people who write the code. FO is 3D? but not exactly, it feels more like a paper doll backdrop. you can't really explore buildings aside from instances or dungeons, and i mean with real entrances instead of map changes or portals.

    There have been games that used a "Market Manager" group to regulate pricing, but it doesn't work in every game economy.

    I'm not aware if there's a data miner out there that's been keeping track of prices in the roughly 14 years this particular product has been public, but in the short term, open vendor search, turn off class specific, and hunt items by name in every map where vendors turn up, to see over say, a week or a month, how prices change, and what raises demand for something, versus what lowers it

    They're both hard on the neck, but i like painting.

    sewing is creative too, just imagine inventing new kinds of fabrics!

    Would you rather take a walk through the woods or a huge museum?

    multi or boxed accounts are a regular feature in some games, but here they have a particular use, where players create guilds with them, level up several "characters" at a time, for the purpose of rapidly amassing rank points, without having many actual players in them, or any of the benefits one would hope to find in a guild.

    it's pretty much the same thing they do in kq's, except it has a broader and more harmful effect on an entire server community, moreso if it happens on all servers, where all but one see little player traffic.

    I've had to turn off practically all graphics options, anti aliasing seems to help some, and using the hide characters option is's just super sad i have to do any of that.