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    i don't know if its' still a thing, but when people send in several hundred or thousand tickets on a specific problem, that's flooding, and slows down assistance or correction to a crawl or even a dead stop, because they have to read all of them.

    i wouldn't worry too much,

    the old roumen did make sense at one time i agree. it has character, ambiance, but moreso is its capacity for events like the big christmas tree we had at least one year, or the big mass spawns in elderine before some folks ruined them by dragging the spawns into the market areas. the old gm follow the leaders, the player initiated hide and seeks, little things, back then we not only had room to play, we found a lot more to do than the game offered at the time, and the community was a lot more social.

    but given how the player base has become smaller, more compact, it just seems reasonable that the layouts of bases change with them, and that includes the change in overall player base interaction. we don't have the kind of open relationship with game masters we used to enjoy, but as things are, it may be we don't really need it anymore either. i'm on the fence on this one.

    is it worth it to go full int for spell power as buff support and healing?

    i also seem to recall a fall off point where adding points beyond a certain amount to certain stats was no longer useful.

    has that changed?

    lots of guilds keep really old names alive, but as long as there's been the concept of guilds, there's been guilds that carry the same banner, but have nothing else in common with the original.

    that said, i don't base a guilds' value or potential on its age or even its experience, but its ability to function according to the purpose of guilds in general.

    In regards to who might want to re-evaluate what kind of guilds they are in, I can think of plenty of people. I have seen many guilds which will only share gears with the guild master/admin and their inner circle and not the actual people raiding, or the people in the guild trying to gear up to participate in raids.

    what, no like buttons? the type of guild that does things the way they're actually needed is what some might call a "functional" guild Minty. thanks for that.:)

    still looking for a suitable avatar.....

    i'm glad the initial title specified oldest guild ALIVE........after what,10...12 years gone public, not excluding shining kingdom and the other franchises, its been a very long time time i played fiesta, or the asian brands.

    i'll be looking for you, and who knows, i might see some of the really old guilds, although they may only be old in the names they carry.