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    i think the fun got sucked out when some of the more interactive GM's either left their positions or left outspark entirely, like the old husband wife team, magic girl, dakkon.... those guys were always around, always approachable, and always made things F U N!!!

    back in the day all you had to do was find the occasional monster specially made for a holiday, like a random scarecrow, snowman, or turkey. some of them were culturally inclusive, like characters from countries you or i weren't that familiar with before. for example, saint nicholas was actually a finnish person legend before being canonized as a saint in scotland ireland or britain. one country calls the character ded morez. in american terms it may sound morbid by phonetics but he's actually very festive!

    to echo cuppy and minty, i always thought anything introduced was vigorously tested and retested under several sets of circumstances before being applied in game. in other games i've played, we even have en established test server, just for that reason. If what a team wants to implement isn't ready when they need it to be, have a back up plan and use that instead.

    not to hijack anything, but i'd like to see a thread for people to share holiday traditions and stories from their parts of the world. THAT would be FUN ^^

    the current perm costumes are the red and white wedding packs, and altho it may belong in another thread, if we're going to have perm outfits, give them stats that are worth what we spend for them. granted it's digital items for real cash, but even virtual items need comparable value. If you charge 3200 "gold" (roughly 20 dollars US), then make it WORTH that.

    paying a lot for things you don't get to use or benefit from, yeah, there's a lot of that going around lately, not just in games.

    I also got that advent numbers for rosemary and meat NQ were both 0... not sure if this is accurate or some kind of glitch, but that only leaves the rant, which shows no number att all...

    so that would be 200+(rant?)-60... since the letters can only be 1-26, the rant would have to be....a negative number of like 114-139??

    i'd like to see a visual for the numbers you did find, as in the tool tip windows for those items. people haven't been able to log in, and i suspect the only way to know is being in game and having actually seen them. pics please?

    if people took turns, there's two boogy knights in forest of mist that have a sliiightly shorter spawn time each, AND, if they worked in teams (hopefully normal team rules apply) then you'd only need 1 or 2 players to get them for a group of 5 or 6 at a time. doing it that way, 1 knight per group, you could cover between 15 and 20 players per completion.

    if i had my drothers i'd take speeder kebing, they're almost everywhere, mainly sea of greed, burning hill, and luminous stone.

    might be necessary to re work the whole patch considering input over class changes.

    in any case as of the moment the event itself is snafu'd, and every moment of delay just makes it more difficult to meet a set dec 24 deadline unless they overhaul the event or change the deadline. as for the daily rewards i'm confused on how to get them.