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    I took that quest as an example. It's just one of many. Take the dungeon quests for example. The dungeon mobs you have to kill hit twice as hard and have 4 times as much hp (roughly) but the quests gives the same amount of xp as your regular repeat quests, essentially rendering them useless.

    I just want more variety in my questing and leveling experience. I dislike how the most reliable way of leveling is to spam the repeat quests over and over and just ignore 90% of the other quests because they're literally not worth the extra time it takes. But who knows, maybe that's exactly how Gamigo wants it to be. If not, I think they should look over the quests again and fine tune either the difficulty of the quests or the amount of XP you get from them.

    i want to like this but i don't know how, and i can't find any tools on your wall for that.

    i typically do quests according to the kinds of rewards they provide. if a particular repeat has any value or use to the the community, i stock up.

    yep, can confirm. i used to gift heavily when i had the cash to do it, because i felt a lot of players went out of their way to help people or bring positive energy to the community, so i tried to do something special for them. it was rare that i attended anyone's wedding and didn't have a present for them.

    Hi Kuroneko

    i'll have my new web cam and podcast/broadcast equipment early next month so i may be able to help you with other ways to broaden your magazine feature. I know Gamigo has its own video channels.

    talking about old ign's.

    My earliest ign was B_T_D_T , but that hasn't been accessible to me since i cam back, and existed only in my old account wayyy back when. that tells me someone else has it now either by chance, or remembers i was here and wanted it for themselves.

    i really would love to have it back, but moving forward rather than looking back.

    Terms of service is pretty specific, so it's hard to mis interpret or get confused. some people just feel there's things that either aren't addressed as they should be, or are given attention that individually they don't consider that important.

    Fiesta TOS

    in any case it's clear that explaining some of them is for the benefit of everyone who may come across this thread, and not just for those participating.

    another way of looking at it is that while the basic bonus in gear applies, it isn't the same with secondary bonuses like evasion or critical hit rate.

    build is far more effective.

    what stoni said about face paint /makeup, there are cultures that have for thousands of years, used tatoo art on their faces and other parts of their body, to signify things about their families, their religions, their places of birth, the various things they find attachment to.

    while there's a couple faces with markings in the standard character creation, that's a pretty cool thought.

    just hitting B will work often unless the game deems you inactive or you have something else open. you might see a message saying you can't open that function while you have something open......but you don't have anything open, so one way to fix that is go to character selection and just re log in.

    and you can use the vendor search in almost any map. if it doesn't show any vendors, that's because there aren't any open in that map, at that moment. I've gotten pretty good with that function, and with finding decent stats on items. people with money and the items to modify what they buy don't really have to look as carefully, since they can change the stats of what they buy with some degree of success.

    HOW many threads are there like this?

    feel free to correct me forumites, but most everything starts off base stats and is just additions from there.

    it isn't that stats stack on each other in every situation, but that most stats are simply additions to base stats., so one thing may add 0.08% to a stat of say 4, another may be 0.1%,

    there's also the application of what you interact with and its' resistances, and then there's the random number generator principle, the way latency can affect statistics, etc etc etc.

    i think Rei and a dozen or more others have a fairly solid grasp of mechanics and how they work here, so when you talk about stats, you're really talking about how stats work with or against each other, therefore, mechanics.