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    0/10 shield scrolls in the quest, i just don't know what i'm supposed to do there.

    i tried just going to james without them but no luck. and the hobs neither drop them not have a tooltip stating they will

    altho it specified vine tomb i also tried the little ones in sand beach, and the hob fighters back in VT, nada

    hi guys,

    so i'm doing this questline Scroll for Shield of Wonder. I'm on part 3 of the chain, which runs level 38 to 43, and i need to get 10 shield scrolls. they supposedly drop from hobs in vine tomb, but there's no tooltip on hobs for them and they aren't dropping.


    rule of gamer marketing. if you sell it, someone will buy it. price isn't an issue. some people spend without using real money, some do.

    it's only an issue when the advantage of one, suppresses the game-play of another. some folks are going to translate that as ANY thing they consider inconvenient. that is not what it means.

    when you can click on a quest turn in that you can't do automatically, or can auto move to a mob and the feature sets a path, even if it takes you through some territory you're not strong enough for yet, it's still worth it to get there without having to do it manually

    there's a lot of folks who use roars solely to annoy servers. personally i just choose my channels and don't read public ones

    you take the good with the bad. it be what it be

    you're talking about an auction house.

    it's way less complicated than specialized personal stores/stalls and would likely free up a lot of lag from them

    i know there'd be a lot of folks happy to not have to go through staircases overcrowded by a bunch of sparkly frame rate killers

    a capped hk or guard isn't really going to need dex as it doesn't really give enough of a boost to damage to be deemed necessary
    STR for damage, END for added p def, SPR for m def, although if your objective is just to face roll, spr and the main healing skills won't be much use as those are more for support, but they can help you last longer when fighting and self healing,
    for my end, doing both of those things is kind of irritating, so like crusaders, it's better to pick one, and stick to it.
    put points to the things that boost your defense and damage if you plan to just run up and punch something in the face.
    at their core, that's not what clerics, holy knights and guardians class were created for, it's just another way to play them.

    i originally came to this thread looking for further insight but still haven't seen any, so right or wrong, there's my stab,

    to explain the 33/50 dex for folks,
    the 33 is where point addition drops off in effectiveness for aim,
    and 50 to 55 is where it drops off for evasion.
    hope that helps.

    gear stats affect the primary use for those stats, but not the secondaries.
    So SPR on gear affects mana limit and m def, but not crit rate, unless,
    it specifically SAYS crit chance, and is proven through testing it in use..

    it's been broken for awhile now, and due to that, you also can't "complete" the tower five times, which is another quest in the tower.

    You're right I removed. I don't want to make anyone cry or emotional on forums :c

    that's an assumption on your part, and borderline trolling. let's just stop there and move on.

    addressing it any further just feels like a continuous disrespectful taunt.

    on other notes i have to agree with Coldstoni on this thread but i'm reading other players points as well. I'm noone special, but being able to discuss things rationally and maturely is just something i try to aim for.

    i don't know if i'd call it triggered, just a general answer for anyone who asks, the reaction to his answer, that might have been a smidge melodramatic. "less than a minute" if that's not coming at someone sideways i couldn't say what is. it's just a game forum.

    such is the internet, misunderstandings are common when you're not face to face or lips to ears.

    some folks judge, some don't, it's just a matter of preference. we don't need to start any pointless AND fruitless arguments, or create another forum troll. we recently got rid of one, one is one too many. we can have pleasant, more or less, discussions without the supposedly sly digs.

    i was thinking with males, looking a bit more "rugged" "broken in" as if you've been through enough "stuff" that you look more the part. it could also be more of a old teacher/master look. females have those too, although it usually doesn't show as being "weathered" but more seasoned in their manner of movement and choice of appearance to fit a situation. some females are set on a particular hair and face to fit most or everything they encounter.

    personally for either sex i like the "sage" look. depending on the culture, the kind i'm most familiar with involved a top knot or bun and shoulder to butt length hair, and a "wisened" style face.

    FBZ is more even leveled these days i would think, depending on how long people have played and become familiar with it. few people with experience in them would enter unless they were roughly near whatever current cap a zone has.

    abyss is a bit more challenging.....a bit, not greatly, that also depends on how familiar players are with the areas. in any case, it's worth it to ask people about the details of pvp if there's anything they're not knowledgeable about, there's nothing wrong with that. some people can be jerks about it, but most aren't. it can also be a matter of patience on both ends.

    personally, arenas are good for broader experience in the more intimate details of pvp, but it depends on who you're asking.

    it also helps if you're LOOKING for shinies, while understanding they ARE stronger than the groups they're part of, so take a bit more power and defense not only to kill but survive, and if you're already more powerful, then that particular mob may only be worth targeting if the drops and xp are worth the effort.

    minty i still wish we could like forum posts.

    there iiiis one other area to consider, but i don't know if it's even necessary in anime games of this kind.

    i'm on old guy, i don't mean ready for a walker old but old enough i could easily be most least....great uncle?...i guess?

    i've played games of all sorts for as long as they've been around, and since ooooh, the mid 70's there's been whole families, some more than five generations, playing video games together. in guilds if you happen to be in a leadership position of some kind, you deal with "gamer moms" and the like.

    I'd like to see some hair and faces for older players so some of us can feel more "age appropriate", and as a side note, not really a hair and face issue but a gear thing, perhaps some design thoughts about items to appreciate those family members either community or personal relation, that look after and or cooperate with gamers.

    as a many time former leader, i can say gamer parents/grandparents etc who understand and appreciate gaming culture are true MBP's

    i haven't gotten to battle royales yet, are they one versus all?

    i would hope so. i've been a ganker, an anti player killer, pretty much everything since the old bbs muds on paper pencil and 20 side dice.
    there wasn't really a video game based type until around....i wanna way.....85 or 86, then around 1991 it got a lot bigger, and moved on from text to more of the combat we see now. true pvp games are just games with nothing but pvp as the key feature, like arena style, where pvp is all you really do.

    some games have added penalties and even perma death, meaning that character is D E D, and you have to completely make a whole new one. i don't care much for most duelling systems but i haven't seen one in this game outside of guild v guild, and haven't seen that either much, not like we did it in the old days, where people in main town areas got to see a real show between the post 100's and got to see what kind of skills and expertise they were trying to achieve in action.

    i WOULD like to see a flagging bounty system for gankers, but in fairness, it also puts those who assist a fight at risk. that's been an area of discussion for pvp for awhile now. we could use some type of honor code for players who attack people far below their capabilities, but hey, if a battlezone or other pvp area is too risky, and people outclass you with cash shop gear, get some guidance from others who've managed to navigate those issues.

    like jonny five from short circuit said (yeah, oooold movie reference) "couldn't hurt"