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    Back at days when scam project called Designer Pack (managed by Kobal) was released, I have developed awesome guild suit (mod for it is presented at my site and works perfectly fine), graves asked to join guild to get suit too, and agreed to pay 100 gems.

    Deal was signed, and once it has become clear that project is a one big scam, we refunded money and parted.
    Thats all, dunno what graves is smoking. He was in guild only for a short duration.

    As man who mains glad for 10+ years and participated in many raids/speed runs, I can confirm that gladiator is very unbalanced and broken class.

    This probly was said already, but will summarise anyway:
    1) Passive and Mighty Set are BROKEN. Gladiator can TRIPLE his damage without big efforts.
    2) Slash set. Makes fatal slash drop def of ENEMY by 20%, instead of boosting SKILL EFFECT by 20%.
    3) Heat of Fury, if activated properly, could replace aoes of mages. Not gonna go into details, raiders know the idea.

    I was able to pretty much DUO Temple of Gods being the ONLY gladiator in 7 minuts with crusader. Had 2 charmless mages and HK with us who helped opening gates.
    Can show screen later. And thats result done by scless/skinless player.

    No other class can do as much dmg as good gladiator (not talking about asshanded glads who dont even change set, they are irrelevant).

    Suppose I will accept this thread as main since I am lazy to update my own, while Rae is forum active.

    Just wanted to emphasize on following fact> we are looking for talented people. Atm we have gathered pretty solid group of programmers, sportsmen, businesmen, designers, artists and professional gamers, but there no limit to perfection.

    Also, we reward PERFORMANCE, not ATTENDANCE. We track scores at raids, and if you want to be able to claim good drops and not leftovers, make sure that you will PERFORM well.
    I understand that not all players can play at professional lvl from the very beginning, and personally train every new recruit, but If person shows no signs of development and commitment, I will dispose of him.

    We gear up active and useful raiders fast. That is known fact.

    We are not social guild for escapists and crybabies. We are guild of veterans for veterans.

    Make sure this is clear prior to asking to join us.

    Realisticly I doubt that either of you has 100 unique and actively playing friends, especialy considering that some of them are probly in same guild as u and thus could be tracked via guild system/deleted from friend list.

    Running out of 100 slots either means that you add lot of alts or dont clean those who go inactive.

    Might be good idea to add alts on your own alts and keep only main ones added at main account. Not that I am against increase of a friend list, but pretty often such demands are result of a poor management.

    Its not quite fair that you only take FBZ results into consideration and ignore GT. GTs provide much more complex environment and requires wider game knowledge to score high, so in a sense, GT results more objective and show actual skills while in FBZ the main deciding factor is usualy SC (and you have said that this list pursues goal of showing people with actual SKILLS rather than sc/gears).

    For example, I havent seen anybody beating my GT record so far:

    Quite sure Lamb, who fought vs me numerous times on both glad/wl, can confirm that I play smart and know what I am doing (he is fluent GTer himself).



    (Will be slowly updated since I dont have much free time)











    Guild have been created in 2008. However, original master eventualy retired, and management of guild fell into hands of pretty random guy who had no clue of what he wants, what must be done an how to manage guild. I was invited around that time (prior I was a lone wolf and kept playing guildless, but being the big fan of Berserk I couldnt ignore such opportunity) and even tho I was just a student back then and didnt have any experience or knowledge, I still managed to outclass master and soon it has become clear that I am the one fit to carry on this legacy. I have initiated meeting where we did agree that it would make much more sense to pass leadership to me.

    After that we starting developing, building guild funds, gearing up, leveling. It surely wasnt easy due to the fact that I decided to not invest real cash into Fiesta, and everything I had and have I have earned from scratch, using game cash only (I have become the Richest Free Player, I own 4 +10 geared chars at moment. Some tips on money making are posted at my site).

    My cold judgment, good education, high intellect, devotion and talent helped me gaining trust and adoration amidst observant veterans, and thus I got the background which I was able to use for guild development.

    Eventualy I did learn that I am interested in mature, adequate and reasonable members, which led to changes to guild recruitment policy and slowed it down abit due to simple fact that its quite a problematic task - to find people matching above criteria in a swamp of ignorants without past, present and future. But it is same as in real.


    Just as the game developed (and company regressed) guild started improving as well. We started farming dungeons (ddf, oc, sa, ba, sl, et cetera), started participating in guild tournaments (which proven to be invaluable as source of money for academy due to gt rings), where another of my talent was discovered - while I never was interested in pvp in fiesta (fiesta has zero rating as PVP game, and there much better options), my supreme understanding of a warfare (yes, Art of War by Sun Tsu is one of my favs) and inborn genius allowed me to become consistent high ranker, capable of bringing better results than some sced to max veterans (!).
    I also have set numerous records, such as 75 kills charmless/extenderless which still remain an unreachable height (to my knowledge at least).

    Eventualy we even moved to farming world bosses, but turned out that due to inconsistent spawn times its not very comfortable for majority of us, so we never bothered properly taking that niche, prefering to remain dungeon farmers. However, raiding brought up the concept of drops destribution, and thats where my master mind shined once again. Instead of using some crappy and braindead score systems like most of other raiding guilds, where goal of gearing admins stands above goal of gearing members, we have set much more player friendly rules, allowing active raiders to get geared up within few weeks of raiding. Yea u heard me right.

    On the top of that, we also established sc support for active raiders, buying them charms, rants, extenders.

    Yea thats how awesome we are.
    Time to reevaluate life priorities and reflect on policy of guilds you are in atm.


    Over the course of years BOTH had its up and downs, moments of power and moments of weakness, but we remained active guild with a high standards filled with a mature and knowledgable veterans, as well as new players who actually sought to LEARN.

    Right now we are oldest guild alive.


    Just as I have said above... We are not interested in guild hoppers, whiners, plvl seekers, scammers, and other trash.

    Then whom are you gonna recruit, you will ask?

    Simple, we are looking for artistic people with open mind, desire to work and develop with team, set new records and achievements in mature and serious manner. We are looking for men of science (I am Ph D, for example), musiciants, programers and blogers.
    As matter of fact, I am pretty fluent musiciant myself, also working on a book, developing indie game and doing some designs/patches.
    True genius is skilled at everything, as the saying goes.

    Guild rules and regulations
    BOTH is a Dictatorship.

    Leader holds absolute control and last word in ANY conflict and holds right to initiate any investigation he will deem needed to make an objective verdict.



    Our raid records

    (credit for design goes to my wify)

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