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    Since people already can use academy warp, and widely use it, do not quite get what will change with introduction of harem mode.

    As for world bosses, quite sure lot of maps cant be teleported/warped to? Dungeons, for example. So there no problem, restrictions already exist.

    Hm, you have a point, so there IS a map where it is possible to open numerous vendors? I didnt test, how big is "vendorable" area there?

    And if such area exists, we have different issue then. How to force people to use it instead of making eld/uruga laggy.
    Still tho, not every town has npc/portal leading there...

    Edit: Nvm, its easy to force ppl to stop vending in towns. Just disable vending feature there.

    Shiny slayer is, without doubt, one of top titles, but how exactly they expect people to get 50+ kills when most of shinies get killed right after maint, and spawning more, even if you will camp at repeat spot, takes lot of effort and times?

    In regards to those hating on evasion:
    Gladiators lose lot of def when they vit. They also have lowest mdef in game (I main glad). Evasion helps to counter this weakness at least partially, I fail to grasp how adding AIM talisman, which will mess up archers and trixters (classes which are MEANT to dodge) is fair, you gotta give them means of counternmeasures.

    For Graves> I am dex/spr gladiator. Participant of many speed runs where I did top dmg, so I know what I am doing, and why.
    End is useless as free stat for shieldless class, because u cant block. And hp bonus could be gained from extender (which benefits gladiator more than other classes and its not rare to see glads with 20k+ hp despite not having high HP on gears).
    Or just get hp gears.

    SPR build serves purpose, but not for mdef, for crit. At cap critical becomes much more vital stat than str for bunch of classes.

    Not really objective, because far not all interested in being in spotlight and answering questions/being interviewed. Each group, each guild, each team, each community has "spokeperson", who usualy gathers feedback from rest and represents them (usualy thats leaders).

    Its counterproductive to pick and nominate somebody who IS NOT interested, makes much more sense to elect person who IS interested and can provide sufficient feedback/capable of cognitively conversing.

    How exactly spot claiming related to this o.O

    And as Grungie said, this topic floated around since old times, can tell you it was brought up even during Outspark era, but was overlooked.
    I also fail how its "disgusting and wrong". They allow gay marriages and I dont see people complaining.

    Okay, so how come almost all low lvl skills of mages get replaced at 5x/6x?
    Fire, Ice, Thunder> all these skills instead of update get new version, thus rendering empowers used on old ones useless.

    Its marketing trick to force mages to buy skill reset? But why mages then, other classes dont have this problem. Their skills just develop and get updates, not get full rework.

    What I suggest is to connect old and new versions of skills instead of replacing old. Would be much more player friendly.

    Quite sure it was suggested, but walking through uruga even on good PC is difficult, fps drops by alot when you get close to vendors area. Same for eld.

    Why not add npc which will be accessible from all towns and which will lead to small area meant for vendors?
    That will decrease stress on other maps and people who just want to do quests.

    P.S. : you can vendor in lucky house, but space there is rather limited by those npcs/slot machines.

    How about allowing us to gather harems by unlocking "spouse" slots with gems u will pay to driad Uriel?

    Lets say, +1 spouse slot will cost 10 gems.
    Gold sink+more versatile/flexible system for swag players, I saw few ppl asking why they cant marry numerous partners many times already.

    Eh, I have been around for 10+ years, and nothing surprises me anymore about this company. I can (and did) provide lot of proofs when Gms lied, or spoke about things they had no knowledge about (lying as "intentionaly spreading desinformation").

    Suppose I have too high expectations of "leading european game company", as they are trying to position themselves, despite the actual feedback.
    But anyway. We are derailing. I wanted to get info on how to address my issue, I got response. Thanks.

    Thanks for explaning, gonna pm Veralaya.
    And I am not sure what language has to do with this, SS Waffen is historical reference (World War 2, I will never believe that some country skips teaching about it), and should be pretty obvious to anybody.
    But yea. Will see what I can do.

    Currently we pursuing goal of 5 mins dq (current record is 6) and 15 mins ddf (current record 19-20), dont see much point in tryharding for 2mins in tog (current 3).

    Considering majority of us doesnt have skins or best SC sets (I am known for being free player since 2008), and we use 1 sloted CoCs, those times are clear indicators of high skill level and performance of raiders.
    Have seen enough asshanded players who, despite having skin and better sc/weapon, couldnt outdmg me.

    We have developed system of benchmarking/testing performance outside of raids as well, and always looking for enthusiasts who are interested in speed runs and strategical plays.
    We reward performance, not attendance, remember, and will kick leechers incapable of meeting standards fast.
    I personaly observe and comment on scoreboards after each raid, so noone goes unnoticed.
    I can teach those willing to become good and perform high like me, but cannot do anything about those who refuse to acknowledge their low scores despite numbers being present. I will reward those meeting my expectations or surpassing them, and thats a fact which active and skilled raiders can confirm, we geared them up within a month.

    I have a question, what if player was banned from discord group, how to tell when ban expires?

    Also to whom and how we should complain in case we feel ban to be unjust and biased?

    I got ban like year ago because I asked provocative question and revealed poor lvl of education of one GM.
    Can easily remind, I asked if i can name my SharpShooter "Waffen".
    Yes i asked if i can create SS Waffen.
    And GM in charge didnt even comprehend it till some player explained, after which I got ban. Sounds unfair and subjective, I was in right to ask the question.

    As I already said, there reason why low lvl doesnt matter.
    1) you dont have access to full skillset
    2) you dont have enough stat/skill points to actually show that your setup is superior.
    3) While it is a strategy, to take up the field which none bothered claiming (making lvl 1 perm is an option too), but it serves no purpose. Yea sure can claim that you are best lvl 1 perm. Doesnt mean you will be effective at actually competitive lvl/cap.
    Next, gotta acknowledge GT, because its also pvp content. FBZ elements part of GT, but GT elements are not part of FBZ. Henceforth, player who performs well BOTH at GT and FBZ holds much higher rank than player who just succeeds at FBZ.
    I have seen some some good fbzers who sucked hard at GT because they failed to be flexible and learn how to get scores/flags scores.

    Using League of Legends as analogy, your cs/gold also matters, your assists matter. Cant evaluate player just by KDR (kill/death rating), because some people only KS kills but dont do teamfights or cant farm.

    Flat 2k dmg turns into 4k with charm, and more with dmg sc, gladiator's passive and vitality. People still use rama potions despite them barely adding anything.
    Every bit of dmg counts when we talking about competitive team, and thats a fact.

    I didnt say dmg talismans are most effective. I said that majority of competitive players will get dmg ones regardless.
    As for bonus, +9 is +1500, and +11 (why 11?) is +2200.