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    They make cash off selling unbinds, so they wont remove binding without good reason.

    And it depends if next cap raise (145 or 150) will introduce t6 items. Would be pretty hard to enhance them, note, and they have stated in past that there no plans of implementing t6 enhancements/gears. But who knows.
    As for legs, it might be a marketing plan to make them unbindable. Relatively easy/cheap to get items but no resale value, so only good to get if u are perm.

    Lets be real, people who complain about being unable to unbind legs are ones who didnt plan ahead and didnt get SQ/chaos weapons at 114/120, and now regret it.

    You could try BandOfTheHawk, we are oldest guild of game alive, 2008+. Bunch of veterans, farming dungeons like DDF (105-120), DQ, TOG (130+) pretty often, both in NA and EU time zones (19.00+ and 4.00+ server time).

    We looking for 105+ raiders, specifically interested in 120 and 135s, we have great rewarding system for devoted, organised and skilled players. Active and usefull members get geared within 1 month and after that start earning gears for sale, thus making money.
    We also interested in GT players, and reward high performing ones with gt rings which they also can sell.

    In general, if you are serious devoted player who seeks to do speed runs/raids and learn/develop, consider us, because we even offer charms and rants support for top raiders.


    For those interested in competing, continuation of my serie "Superaryan Yaseeda".
    Now in full HD, 48+ Fps, HQ. Result is 3304.

    P.S. : There also videos for me soloing cupcake kq 1vs6, doing quick Temple Maze run, doing puzzle.

    Yawn has made a valid point, it seems that Germany doesnt allow polygamy, so implementing it in game could lead to a lawsuit.
    Meanwhile, gay marriage is allowed in Germany since 1 October 2017 (yes I actually checked).
    Oh well, suppose this idea had its potential but due to legislative limitations of a reality can not be implemented.

    P. S. : Love the offtop about religion, ppl do not even want to acknowledge that we are living in multicultural world and most of countries do not have "official" religion at this point.
    Still, if somebody is actualy curious, check this article about Germany.…facts/religion-in-germany

    But gold sink clearly needed. As active seller of raid drops I can tell that its hilarious how some ppl cant pay 5 gems for crappy 115 or 135 set, while some people sit on mountains of cash and pay 50-100 gems per 1 piece just because they liked stats.

    Just like in real world gap between rich and poor is pretty big, and the only way of fighting this is adding some pay-to-get options for RICH people. Something that isnt essential for gameplay and wont affect potential of poor players, although its rather sad how some ppl get to cap and cant even make few gems. Clearly serious problems with setting priorities and managing their time.

    Examples> i gave few in past already. More options for braggers/show offers.
    Add new NPC, name it SWAGISTER, and make it sell show off items for game currency.

    -Exclusive mounts.

    -Exclusive stateless items (suits, auras, et cetera)
    -More marriage slots (harems/multiple partners)
    -Hammers (this is still a luxury item which majority of people dont need for casual gameplay)
    - Exclusive roars? Different color, for example?
    -Premium beauty coupons

    ...And so on. And dont start crying about "company losing profits".
    You cant fix economics without making some sacrifices. All means thus far have failed, and as diplomed economist I can tell u that there is no harmless way. Company must be willing to sacrifice part of profits to balance market in game.

    Well technically interface=graphics/textures which are stored at YOUR pc. If developer doesnt want some specific files to be edited/replaced he adds checking feature upon login/client startup.
    Quite sure that they cant legally forbid to replace files at YOUR OWN pc, so generaly speaking u can edit suits/interfaces to your liking as long as it doesnt create issues/crashes client.

    Feel free to correct me if this is wrong, but thats how it is with other games.

    Can join discord via browser like google chrome. dont even need client.

    Oh and new challenge video avaliable at my utube (For SKI):

    Okay so main question is, why do you use DMG instead of DPM for evaluation of raiders?

    DMG doesnt tell much without time attached to it, player can solo dungeon slowly just to get max dmg, but that will be ineffective raid and wont mean that player is skilled.
    DPM is objective indicator used for real evaluation in mmorpgs, DMG divided by TIME.

    I even made small guide of one old raid to demonstrate:

    Apparently shinies drop t6 scrolls, 4 hour charm and actually killable now.
    Sounds good, just curious how/where to make them spawn faster for titles hunt.

    Edit: Since shinies drop charm, most of repeat spots will be occupied by raiders farming charms for their alts/mains. Thought about that?
    Which in turn means casual players will have hard times questing.

    Polygamy is a thing, as well as homosexuality, and I fail to see why current system supports 1 option and rejects another, unless gamigo members are anti-islamists, where homosexuality is condemned and polygamy worshipped.

    Not all people have resources or education or intellect to make choices on their own and its essential to have leader/superior one who will decide for them and tell them what to do, somebody who achieved success and proven to be reliable, rich and smart.

    If you deny existence of poor regions from which people seek to escape via all plausible means, you are deluding urself.
    If you think that everybody can think for themselves and have resources to support themselves, u are deluding urself.
    If you think that all families are well planned and there no unwanted kids who have no future, u are deluding urself.

    Market works by offer and demand. If there people who want to be sugardaddies and people who want to be "sugardaddied", its viable nieche/segment of market that will function.
    Being slave is a choice, if some wish to take it because they cant do anything better, let them.
    We live in market economics and capitalistic society. Everything has value, everything could be bought and sold.

    Well, this map not quite suitable for vending considering the layout XD I meant something like LH, plain and small flat area.

    But yea, they clearly can implement this.