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    I can tell that once i have moven my fiesta from HDD to m2 nvme SSD WD black sn7500, with 3.6GB /s most of lags during map changing and uruga/eld vendors area are gone.
    Conclusion> your games should be kept on good SSD, if u play 2k/4k then use nvme/pciex4 ssds, not sata (sata limited by 600 Mb/s, while pciex4 can provide u 3.8 GB/s).

    Here are specs of SSD i am using:

    Had to double post, because its getting pretty amusing at this point.

    You guys dont ban scammers, but ban ppl who roar warnings about scammers. A clear example of double standards and one sided perception of reality.
    Before you will tell that "some roarers lie and actually defame", I will stop u. Yes, I know.
    But not all. Bunch of ppl roars about legit scammers. But instead of talking to those people and investigating/banning scammers, you punish people who already suffered/got robbed.

    Anybody else is having cognitive dissonanse?

    So far I disliked ALL staff members hired by this team, almost all of them lacked game knowledge or were very incompetent in feedback.

    I could give Teddy credit for actually responding fast. And I have told her that. She performed well that part of her job which lied in providing/gathering feedback and being useful for community.

    Skilled dictator always much more beneficial for humanity than democracy of ignorants.

    Problem is, Graves is low lvl perm. He doesnt know whole game.
    I am the true veteran with capped char and bunch of perms.
    First I will wipe out all scammers and leechers which roam around server for years without getting perm bans cause gamigo doesnt care.
    And after that I will enjoy dignified and lagless server with 150 honest players, members of my guild, left.
    Make fiesta better with yas.

    Strong soloers make good backbone of team because the chain is as strong as weakest link, but soloers must fill some niche and become useful for guild in some way.
    We need 120 and 135 perms, we farm DDF and dq/tog. Not interested in anything below those levels, although we do recruit at 105 cause thats where ddf begins. I test, teach and check ppl, and by time they hit 120 I already know how talented/skilled they are.

    Some interesting math: Year+ ago we were doing 40-50 mins ddf with full expo, now we do 20-30 mins with 10 cherry picked members.
    Around same time our dqs/togs were 15 mins with 10 ppl, now we do below 10 mins with like 7-8 ppl at times despite us being low sced mostly.
    I just sorted out trash.

    Guild is a project of 1 (or a few) founder(s) (leader), where people in exchange for various benefits (such as, but not limited by: guild buff, tutorship, good destribution system) agree to prioritise goals of a leader (s) and pursue them.

    Obligations of leader(s) lie in being verbal and explaining WHAT is expected of members and set standards which must be met

    Obligations of members lie in meeting standards and requirements and keeping goals of guild leader(s) prioritised

    Quick update (this thread is considered to be main, but i updated old one too).

    BOTH is a Dictatorship/Imperialism .

    Leader holds absolute control and last word in ANY conflict and holds right to initiate any investigation he will deem needed to make an objective verdict.


    Uhm not sure.

    Updated rules of guild, will be duplicated in both threads just in case...


    BOTH is a Dictatorship/Imperialism .

    Leader holds absolute control and last word in ANY conflict and holds right to initiate any investigation he will deem needed to make an objective verdict.


    So far majority agrees that veterans deserve some spotlight. So, HoneyTeddy mind considering this?

    and GrungieGirl27 just because majority is ignorant doesnt mean those who deserve spotlight shouldnt be getting it. Otherwise most of discoveries would never occur due to minimalistic and comformistic nature of humans. But geniuses kept developing and working on their thesises regardless.

    I need attention of BTs. There quite a bunch of GT bugs which are becoming pretty annoying.
    I am ready to provide videos for each of case.

    1) Bomb is not visible for some people. Reinstall didnt help, it happens on different GPU/CPU pcs. Some other effects are also affected, such as trailblazer and swift justice's glow.

    2) Flags are not registered by system most of time, as result teleporters in back of base are NOT WORKING. I already reported this year ago.

    3) Bugged mounts which make players untargettable.


    Quite sure that people who joined in 2007 have unique title, "beta testers". How bout adding more titles, lets say, for 10+ years old veterans to confirm their status?

    Shouldnt be hard to code in titles based on first login date/registration date.

    5+ Years= Professional

    Or something like that. As I said, its common sense to give veterans extra brag rights in pretty much any community.

    So, if you get 2 rocks, quest no longer consumes them, means you dont need to refarm each day.

    HoneyTeddy seems to be bug. Fix it, people shouldnt be abusing and lvling without effort.
    Also, your support tells to report game bugs AT FORUM.

    BandOfTheHawk, not band of the hawk, spell name of oldest guild of game correctly please.

    Also big (as, having more actives) not necessarily means "stronger". OWA probly the richest guild of server, I know few members with very pricy and solid gaming pcs there (Rei, for example. Guy can play 20 accounts at once without even hitting cap in CPU/GPU).
    As representative of BOTH (BandOfTheHawk), would like to point out that we have bunch of very skilled (not sced, SKILLED) players capable of hosting/doing speed runs (screenshots presented at our guild thread), there you can read more about our professional standards imposed on members, and decide.

    Would be best to decide what player seeks first, though.
    Challenging plays with bunch of veterans and elitists?
    Big numbers?
    Educated and smart members with vast knowledge in numerous fields?
    Good raid drops destribution system?
    Stable guild which wont disband and run away with investment of members?
    Self reliant/sufficient guild?
    Guild which doesnt invite scammers and leechers/liars for sake of building up numbers?
    Active daily raids?

    I think BOTH has all of above beside top numbers, since we actually sort members and have high expectations.