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    Okay finally got time to reply.

    First of all, I am well aware that HYBRIED builds have their own use (soloing is easier, less sc consuming, no real weakness) but Jack of all trades is a master of none, while purely tuned for specific job setup will give better result at that specific job, but will require backing of a specific sc to not suck in other fields (as example, str builds lacking crit, so they need some crit sc).

    However there is a flaw in logic, what makes you think that STR IN GEARS works same as str in BUILD??
    It never was like this. Just like end in gears doesnt add block rate and SPR in gears doesnt add CRIT.

    STR and INT are most useless bonuses on gears from my observation, maybe high dmg/str setup will benefit gladiator due to passive/vitality/way how glad's dmg stacks, but lets be real...
    100 dmg on gear adds only like 10 REAL dmg.
    Its not same as 100 str in BUILD.
    And in light of this, whole calculation about str/dmg amplifiers looks questionable and requires checking.

    Lastly, Talisman adds REAL dmg or JUST dmg?
    I honestly dont know, didnt test. Still debating if STR talisman worthy of getting.
    Did anybody test in pvp via punching?
    If its REAL dmg, then it will add to punching, if its just a STAT, it wont.

    Str talisman adds flat dmg as far as I recall, not %. So it wont affect your str build.

    You are grounding your calculations on assumption that SC gears/gt neck actually boosts RAW dmg bonus which STR build gives, but is it true?
    I know that charm improves RAW dmg done, like, unequip weapon and punch, this have been used for years to figure if person charmed or not (unless they changed it).

    But I dont have data proving that DMG sc actually increase RAW dmg.
    Do experiments with sc gears on and off, since I dont have skin, I cant. Punch without sc. You just just do raw dmg bonus based on STR.
    Then add sc gears, and try punching again. WIll it increase dmg done, or not?
    Lastly, if you will do math, you will see that as long as you do more than 3k dmg per hit, crit>str.
    Let me try and demonstrate:
    61 str glad vs 61 spr glad, with lets say 30 crit vs 33,6. No sc gears.

    With 3k REAL dmg (means dmg you consistently do per hit, not dmg as stat), 1000 hits:
    61 str glad: (3000+73.2)*700+(3000+73.2)*2*300=3995160
    61 spr glad: 3000*664+3000*2*336=4008000
    Crit build won.
    If you want to recalculate with different variables (real dmg, crit), go on, I am interested.

    48% crit vs 55% crit of mine, it makes difference.
    I am not at desirable 58%, but after I switched to 61 spr build extra 3.6% crit made difference.

    While you wont crit 100%, in long run even 5% more crit matters, and having more DMG sc while being backed by higher crit build sounds like better idea than having what, +150 raw dmg? +300 during crit?
    Even with 100% charm and full dmg sc (although I am not confident that DMG sc affects real dmg bonus from STR) u will only get what, +500 per hit?
    But full dmg SC glad has 1mil+ dmg and crits even raid bosses for 50k+.
    Sounds like waste. There few classes which benefit from STR more than SPR ofc, SS/knight.

    As for dex, 6k? Usualy capped glad has 5k aim or so, unless uses red DQ suit and aim sc. Base I mean, without aim scroll/dex pot.
    In pvp they dont count, mages can steal them, HKs can fully purge, and fighters can dex debuff.
    Realistically, 67 dex could be used ONLY on gladiator. Not saying its recommended build for all of course though.

    Do math, check what sc you gonna use and at what lvl you gonna stop/perm.

    Welcome Deezaster , I recomend joining our discord to stay updated about raids (or just check guild notice). Its best to start raiding now to get used to strategy we use and to collect some gears, instead of waiting till u will get enough cash to gear up.
    Yes you will die, but there teva for a reason!

    Maybe its just me, but it seems that I cannot pick quest for talisman?
    I already finished it and turned in few weeks ago, maybe thats why?

    If so, you need to reactivate it manualy for all players...

    Edit: I think flag for quest set incorrectly. Should be be "available all time", not "available to repick after turning in" x.x

    First of all, just like STR, DEX adds plain/flat bonus, not percent, not sure if you have taken that into consideration. Free stat says its %, but it lies, just like with aim/eva titles.
    Can tell that DEX is more effective at low lvl, but same could be told about STR, because at high lvl amount of dmg Gladiator specifically can do is crazy, thanks to passive and mighty set amplifiers.
    In pvp, HKs can purge ur scrolls/pots, mages can steal them, fighters can dex debuff u (esp with defect set), so, having extra dex is a plus.

    Now, crit. Yea having HK with u makes spr build worthless, but HK has CD, even with cross set backing quicken. And not always possible to have HK with u, like you did admit as well. In big expos HKs cant realistically buff all 10+ dpses too.
    Also, not ALL sc items offer hybried options for dmg+crit. Some dont, quite sure that beard/moustache, crit/dmg aura and horse head/other accs make you pick between dmg OR crit. And since gladiator benefits from DMG amplifiers the most, makes sense to add more crit in build and get more dmg in sc.

    I am not saying full str wont work. But having 100 str adds u like 120 raw dmg, 240 during crit. Even vs raid bosses glad can do solid dmg of 10k+, do math, and you will see that such small dmg bonus is insignificant, while having capped crit of 80/80 will benefit you.
    I know it because i was 25 spr for few years before switching str to 61 spr, and it boosted my DPS at raid scoreboards notably. Yes extra 3.6% crit turned out to be better than extra 50 raw dmg, surprise? Not really, expected.

    You are right that I am looking at this from perspective of low sced/scless player without skin (I am using DQ blue set, which is +12% dmg/15% crit and thanks to that got 55% base crit though).
    Sced player should recalculate, but if we are talking about glad, logic should prevail, not all sc add dmg/crit, and dmg amplifier benefits glad the most.

    First of all, there no "ideal setup/ideal build". It depends on many factors, mostly on SC.
    Yes, you can add 0 spr and just focus on CRIT sc.
    Or you could get 25 spr and focus on dmg/crit sc.
    Or get 61 spr and get abit more dmg sc.

    For skinless/scless player 61 spr is a MUST. You will never hit 80% crit cap even with it, but having extra 3.6% makes difference, especially at cap.
    I dont know why Rei said that "50 crit base is enough", I have shown logic behind needing 58 at least.

    Dex, there bunch of evasive mobs past 115, avana, for example. 3k evasion+, if I am not wrong, its almost impossible for gladiator to get that much aim even with aim/dex pot and leg axe, so while this might be that "rare 1%" , its "1% that matters".
    Personaly I dont find 67 dex appealing enough on any class but gladiator, and it will find better use on skinless/scless player, once again.
    33-50 dex still a good deal on gladiator, lets remember, its class with LOWEST aim in game.

    Rei, lets be real, carrying HK with u for 100% buff 24/7 isnt realistic, not all are willing to dual like u. XD And in expo there usualy 10+ dpses but only 4-5 hks, which means that you could assign specific players, with lets say str builds, to be crited, while those with spr builds/crit setups will manage buffless perfectly fine.

    Lastly, about tests.
    Reaper's ddf crit was tested by me. Took guildy to TOS, spend 30 mins hitting black shadows WITH and WITHOUT him in party. Counted crits.
    Do your own tests if you want, but on average I got +9% crit bonus.
    Crit always doubles dmg. It doesnt improve it by percent or anything. Crit is doubler. % is how OFTEN it will work. Just that.
    80 crit on cap was mentioned by Kobal long ago, I dont have screen, but veterans should remember it and confirm. Ask somebody who got 100+ crit sc if they 100% crit. They dont.
    P. S. : Since many asked about mage setups... As I said 61 spr always good on low sced/skinless player, and yes I think aoes CAN crit.
    As for dex, I would go 33 on wl at least, its also class which suffers from low aim.
    My own wl is 50 dex 61 spr.

    P. P. S. : If you will do math, you will see that with real dmg above 3k str/int builds fall off in favor of crit by the way. +100 real dmg, 200 with crits, cant compete with doubling of 5k into 10k or 10k into 20k.

    P. P. P. S. : Rei still dont see logic behind full str on char like gladiator, which benefits from DMG multiplying sc much more, while being backed by spr/dex build. Have any screens of speed runs or GTs maybe where u managed to get top scores as full str player?
    Though, you are sced to max e.e Realistically can be full INT build on glad but still rock with max sc.

    Okay, so, DPS class such as gladiator has highest dmg in game, and benefits from DMG amplifiers much more than from RAW dmg (unlike, lets say, SS or Knight).
    So there is a logic in going for high crit build and focusing on DMG sc on glad, rather than buying hybried crit/dmg setups backed by STR build.
    However, more than 58% Crit is overkill.

    Reason: t6 str pot and t6 conc scroll give 6+6 crit, and trixter in ddf set boosts crit of party by 10%, so 6+6+10=22%.
    Cap for crit is 80%, that was the statement of GM (quite sure it was Kobal), and according to data I have gathered, its true. People who have 100%+ crit and sced to max still cant land 100% crits unless they are Crit buffed by HK.

    Str build benefits glad only at low lvl, such as 3x farmer of ggk and maybe 6x cc runner, but at high lvls, especially past 100 when gladiator gets PASSIVE, criticals play much bigger role.
    As far as I remember, at 120 I was doing 10k crits in DDF, without even charming, to most of mobs/citries. Such dmg output renders str build useless.

    As for end, BUILD supposed to give advantage over stats in gears, but gladiators cant use block rate. So END build is partly wasted. If you want hp/def, just get them in gears. RAW def is a joke as well, it isnt effective.
    Summary: for scless glad 61 spr is an obvious path to chose. Maybe 67 dex as well. I think that gladiator is the ONLY class which could make use of 67 dex tbh, because str is pretty much a waste on this class.

    For sced glad I would recommend checking if he has 58% critical at least. If not, then yes, add more spr, go for 61.
    If your base crit 60+, think if its possible to change some crit items in setup for dmg, and if yes, what will be your new crit.

    Okay, as man who made server realise importance of dex at 89 cap (literaly half of server switched to dex builds because me and Numot, dex glads, were unkillable in pvp kq), I will summarise info about stats and open eyes of some of you on flaws of some old and stagnant builds.
    I am also one of top dpses of numerous speed runs and top GT scorer of majority of matches, despite being low sced gladiator. This says something.
    Doing this because wiki page which had all the info seems to be gone. And I am tired of explaining to every single ignorant idiot why he is ignorant idiot.

    This could be tested by making 60 crusader. They start with like 70 free stat points.
    Str: 1 str adds +1.2 RAW dmg. Has no cap.
    RAW means it ignores def, and always applied to every hit.
    Example: +5 str adds +6 real dmg, +12 during crits.

    Int: 1 int adds +1.2 RAW dmg. Has no cap.
    RAW means it ignores def, and always applied to every hit.
    Example: +5 str adds +6 real dmg, +12 during crits.

    Dex: 1 dex adds +3 aim/2 eva till 33. After 33 till 50 it adds +2 aim/2 eva. After 50 till 67 it adds +2 aim/1eva. After 67 dex it adds +1aim/1eva.
    Yes it adds flat bonus. Not percent like free stats say.
    Caps for dex are: 33, 50, 67.

    Spr: 1spr adds +0.2 crit, 0.5 RAW mdef, 5 mana till 25. After 25 till 61 it adds +0.1 crit, 0.5 RAW mdef, 5 mana. After 61 it adds +0.05 crit, +0.5 RAW mdef, 5 mana.
    Unlike what most of people think, spr worthy of it till 61. Because at cap extra critical much more vital than raw dmg for bunch of classes (gladiator).

    1 end adds +0.1 block, +0.5 RAW def, +5 hp till 50, after lvl 50 it adds +0.05 block, 0.5 RAW def, +5 hp

    And in general advice> before listening to tips from ppl who pretend that they "know" builds, ask them about caps on few stats to confirm that they actually KNOW theory.

    You know that gladiators are immune to it? Use violence skill.

    Not fair for other classes though, I see the point.

    EDIT: Actually, pretty sure that mages can dispell/cure it. (or guards?)

    I would like to request to add 10% skins back to store, like it was during Outspark era.
    Competitive players who raid daily still would try to get 20% skins, so your sales of lucky boxes wont be affected. At the same time, lot of casual players who dont want to play Lucky Box due to its randomised nature would be glad to purchase specific skin for specific price straight from the store.
    Not only this will bring extra profits, but also will increase monthly income due to purchase of extra skin repairs by such players.

    There no need to worry that sales of Lucky Boxes will suffer, as I said. 20% skins for competitive people who want to spend alot but have best of the best will always be on demand.
    Its like CPUs, i5 and i9, they are aimed at different buyers.
    i5 for budget users who dont care about capped stats and top benchmarks, but still want smooth single tasking.
    i9 for elitists for seek for top of the line builds with lot of cores and threads, seeking to multitask and load their desctops.