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    Wrong. We see with 75% dmg SC that it makes gap between spr and str smaller, but doesnt erase it.
    Glad passive and mighty set will do just the same.

    And I should have clarified what kind of data i used.
    Basic/default crit: 135 axe is 9 crit+8 crit from boots+10.5 earings+4 title=31.5
    Spr setup=61 extra points into spr, =+8.6
    Str setup=+61 more str=+73 raw dmg
    Str/spr=25 spr rest str.

    Lot of people in raid guilds just sc to the max, but practice shows that majority never bothered using head and doing math to understand what kind of build will be MORE effective than another.
    Full INT glad will outclass spr/dex glad as long he will be sced and wont be completly asshanded.

    I assure u that majority of old raiders not even aware of 61 being 2nd cap for spr.

    I did a graph/chart showing my point

    We see that while at low dmg STR wins, after you start doing like 20k dmg per hit (and its not hard at cap) SPR 61 beats str 61.
    In calculations i ignored Glad passive and Mighty set, would be difficult to calculate, but we see that with DMG increasing SC situation stays same, critical build is better.
    78% crit is reachable with this sc/61 spr/reaper's ddf set buff and conc /str t6.

    SC set i used to 2nd graph is:

    And yes I added critical it gives into 2nd equation as well.

    Thread is abit messy but there some interesting points made, and opening message is on spot/explains things well. So no real problems.

    I have been doing some experiments. STR in gears indeed will benefit class like gladiator because of broken passive and mighty set. 500 str when charmed and at 1 hp becomes like 6k.

    I disagree that spr build works just for budget. Because if you will focus just on DMG sc, u can get 75% dmg bonus, while having capped critical from spr build (78%).
    Out of curiosity I did calculations and figured sc setup which lets me have around 78% crit and 75% dmg , I can show it if somebody is interested.
    Now, if u will go for str build, u will have to buy crit sc to compensate, and it means u wont be able to get best DMG deals.
    Clear example is Beard vs Moustache.
    Whats better, 30 more str in build or 3.6% crit?
    Further tests needed to give clear answer.
    For budget player 61 spr build indeed works great.

    Dex useful at low lvls, but sadly falls off at late game in pve because it adds just flat amount despite what description says, yes its mentioned already. So yes Dex only useful at cap for pvpers or those without skin.

    My wl is int/spr/dex hybried and he doing pretty solid dmg as well as dodges fine, but I am not a mage main so i wont bother arguing.

    Annnd I am back from summer break, like always.

    Would like to announce that we are again looking for solid, talented and gifted people to join us, those seeking for long term relationships, good rewards and clear rules.
    What we offer and what makes us stand out?
    1) We are oldest guild of game alive. We are not disbanding and running away with your attendance away like other incompetent leaders.

    2) Our leader is actual veteran, with both knowledge and experience, who can and does train and guides new players, showing how they should earn money, raid and test things to achieve high performance.
    We do speed runs in lot of dungeons despite not being heavy investors, outperforming vast majority of sced teams.

    3) We reward performance, not attendance, so good players get the best deals, but rest also can gear up and slowly enter the Carrying ranks.

    4) We host events for members both at discord and at forum, and u can check, never failed to deliever rewards. Because we not some ghetto scammers and fakers.

    5) Most important, we dont lower standards like some and kick scammers even if we accidently run into one. Not make lame excuses to keep them in guild.
    If you looking for guild for long lasting relationships, where you will be able to return even after taking a hiatus from game, where all the members have chances to get things but top performers are well rewarded, where we keep scammers away and make sure that all is fair for all.
    And where we actualy say what we think, not talk about fake principles like lot of people.

    1) Making video is best way to prove act of ksing. GMS need to see who did first hit/aggroed mob.
    2) OBS is good but it requires time to set up. Fraps much easier to use, but it records huge files.
    3) Even if you caught somebody clearly stealing your mob, made perfect video, more than likely Gamigo will just warn first time.

    Just remember that str/int in gears=/=str/int in build.

    Build is much more effective and adds real dmg, while str/int in gears adds "number", where u get only like 10% bonus.
    So +100 str usualy means just +10 real dmg, if you charm, it starts working better though.

    Enhancement after +3 is not supposed to be free, its a luxury offered to real cash investors.
    Yes thats how fiesta works. Want to enhance past +3> go and buy enhancement bundles.

    Or just buy already enhanced items at market. Can find cheap deals with bad stats/0 hammers.
    I managed to find reasonably stated gears cheap few times as well.

    There some quests which are next to impossible to do at declared lvl as well, for example, Fire Guardian in Burning Rock, he hits 8xes too hard. Jewelry tree too, same area.
    They failed to balance mobs.

    There also quests in 110-112 range in Adelaia Valley which require u to kill 300-400 mobs for 1% exp, which is very exhausting.
    They nerfed some quests but both Swamp of Dawn and Adelaia Valley were ignored for some reason.

    Would be nice to see some testers looking into this indeed.

    Event ended, winners have been decided.
    1) TheDarkKnight wins 20k sc.

    2) Yura/Hika wins 15k sc.

    3) Berrie wins 135/115 set.

    Consolation rewards will be given to Ireen and JIe, 1 gt ring!

    Claim rewards within 2 weeks, more details at our discord.
    Thank you for participating!

    The main problem with TOG runs and people pretending that they can do 2 min runs would be sorting out teams which exploit teleport bug tbh, it saves like 20 seconds.

    Without doubt, BOTH is the oldest guild of NA servers alive. For 12 years guild stayed active, participated in various activities such as tournaments, raids, training new players, maintained high standards and principles, introduced and upheld non mainstream rules of distribution which survived for years and nowadays actually used by various groups of raiders at private or even guild runs. It is a guild which wont vanish, wont disappear like majority of others, it is a proven fact, which makes BOTH a good investment for any serious player, interested in a long lasting relationships where guild leader wont just disband guild and run away with loot , BOTH isnt place where "members raid to gear up admins". And, of course, here you wont run into admins with questionable ethics which cognitively allow scammers into guild in a desperate attempt to gain extra sell sword by price of dignity.

    Yaseeda is man with numerous achievements, and, without doubt, one of oldest veterans of game. Very talented raider, guild tournament participant and walking encyclopedia, this man managed to set up pretty high standards of living despite not purchasing sc with real cash for years. Try and see how much efforts it takes to build up few +10 chars without outside investment, using just game cash, if you think its easy, u are clearly being dishonest and more than likely abusing funds of some rich friend. Well Yas didnt do that. Being Ph D in economics, he have shown good understanding of market, good knowledge of prices and money flowns, and from scratch created a legacy, gearing up 4 high lvl chars. He also participated in numerous side projects, you can check his utube for music, various game videos, can check his site for high quality game mods and patches. Due to intense training with minimal sc, this man learned game very well, there bunch of tutorials and guides of his flying around. He also learned to be effective at raids and tournaments despite lacking "battle drugs", aka extenders/charms. A living legend, a prodigy, a scion, a man, whose example should inspire and guide those who have ability to cognitively comprehend reality and note display of talent.

    Favorite member of mine is my wify, Mephista. Like me, she is an old player, but stayed in the shadpws for long time, prefering to avoid spotlight. However, upon meeting her I was shocked and surprised by talent, professionalism and devotion which she have demonstrated, I started to question why is she not widely known and worshipped, for her potential was astonishing. Learning new classes and activities in just few training sessions, demonstrating superb performance and self reliance, being caring and supporting, willingly participating in guild activities and even providing her own funds for them, this girl, without doubt, was born to lead and fight in frontlines for the throne of Westeros Isya. Upon realising that she is ideal partner, a wife I always dreamed about, another elitist and professional akin to me, I stopped hesistating, broke my "never marrying again, all women are gold digging leechers" veto I have upheld for years and made her my woman, because I realised that we are meant for each other at more levels casual man can even imagine.
    Luff chu, my dear <3

    In cooperation with my lovely wify Mephista would like to announce a guild event to memorise our marriage.


    1) Participant needs to post a short essay in guild thread which will include 3 topics (at once!).

    -Yas/Guild Master

    -Some guild member u are fond of.

    2) Posts could be edited, but only till end of deadline, which is 22th may (server time).

    23 we will announce winners.
    Posts which will be edited AFTER deadline will be excluded from participation.

    3) Most interesting/creative posts will be picked and rewarded
    -1st place 20k sc item
    -2nd place 15k sc item
    -3rd place full 115 or 135 armor for 1 class

    (with sole exception of 115 glad set).

    Only guild members can participate, this should be obvious without saying.

    Both yas and guild steer from 2008 and have solid background, so finding out information should be easy enough.

    P. S. : Of course obvious trolling, vulgar or TOS violating posts will be ignored and reported~

    DId some tests. Not really a speed runs, but Tohsaka and Miku known old well performing raiders, and we can see my new potential (with skin) in comparsion to them (miku isnt sced, toh is).


    Edit: And another screen, showing how well I perform now in comparsion to Venitas and Miku, both of whom are known/sced raiders with solid DPM history/background.

    Suppose delusional ones who claimed that I am an "average glad" got bubble burst just now hm.
    If i will ever bother investing into getting max dmg SC from gifters, I actually might easily become top glad of server, because apparently, I was objective in evaluation of my skills and potential which was obvious at both GTs and raids previously.
    To not ignorant denialists that is.

    Numerous screenshots of my purchase history have been published already, dates of giveaways/vouchers are are also checkable, you can check them in ur own account.
    Amount of sc given clearly sufficient to take few rolls.

    Even tho I kicked u for violation of rules, you have been admin for a long period, and should be aware that I am free player.

    Timestamped VIDEO? Lol.....
    New Wall of Fame revision from Mephista <3