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    Hi hairball :
    Just so that you are aware, I am a volunteer just like the GM's and am not a paid employee. Whilst we are able to find problems with the game such as bugs and other issues, there are still some issues which we may miss and there we at Gamigo require your help (the community) to also report these issues to, us so that we can take the appropriate measures to get it fixed.

    In regards to response, I will try harder to answer everyone in chat/whisper whilst I am in game. Sometimes we do get overwhelmed with messages and we may miss some questions.

    Kind Regards,

    your getting payed even if its in slime coins. but in all I happy some takeing the time like you do. mybe set some goals for your self. ok say like ask for this or that from people in game whats worng take care of one glich at a time or even if you have to play the game play the game be a ghost that no one knows your a GT.

    see what the players saying in a guild or in chat or what you see your self playing the game/ how they might be cheating or gliching this or that mob. and say that's one getting fixed now and move on to the next glich.

    being on the game with a GM name or GT any name knowing you do work in one way or this or that for gamigo you well get overwhelmed. most well not say this or that is gliched so they can keep using that glich.

    it well never get reported.

    like a detective be the players friend so they feel like showing you the glich just go with the flow and in your head saying ok ok I got this well be fixed ha ha ha.

    by playing the game your self from lv 1 to 135 you well find so meny glichs just on your own so meny well blow your mind.

    but to be in hide/detective mood don't say this is worng or that is worng don't hint build that trust up.

    players well end up showing you whats worng.

    like your new to game been playing on this or that server years ago now we locked down in are homes and I was thinking I would try fiesta again see whats new can you help me some one show me the ropes. you well find more glichs that way then asking for players to report something they never well so they can keep using the glich.

    I hate to be mean sometimes in forums I do but it gets so (well) lol overwhelmed with so meny things that's worng with the game and things that should be done for the long time vets of this game that spend mass real money they the true back bone to this game to keep it alive. i started this game since 2004 the money I spent on this game for my self and gifting and being gifted could of got me a brand new Ferrari payed for lol.

    thanks for your time I hope you understand.

    stop creating multi forum accounts and acting like different persons to ask, if gm can delvl so pls delvl my chars too pls.

    I sorry you think that but you SO WORNG them are people and new players to the game that's never been on forums. they fell that storng that this needs to be done so they took there time to post for there frist time..

    thank you for the ones that have taken there time to do so <3 Devil's~army academy members and guild your the best. stay storng we well get this done. to the ones that have posted there frist time if you like to add your name that's on the game/server so they can wisper you to find out for a fact that be cool to.

    Sven I sorry you feel that way people well not go out of the way for you like they do in my guild that's why we #1 <3 Devil's~Army so meny new players stay in this academy and guild showing respect because they get it back in return <3

    it isn't hard to re-level a character, in just hours a person can reach up to 60, and a day from 60-70 (oddly what is 76 in? KKP KQ is fine but no other Kingdoms use 76 in it.) nor is it a capped level for anything in Izyel tower 1. so I don't see why that shouldn't be possible in no time. and KKP itself so it's only half way up to the capped 80, so? why would a perm level character think it's perfect to be de-leveled?

    where do I start lets see. the mass SC that's on it, mounts outfits so on. and things that you can only get now and then and things that you cant no more. the titles that took years, the feel of that perm its not the same for a new one. the fact its done 30k kkp runs. the name. has fighters that are high lvl no need to lvl any more. the years put in to that perm to make it what it is. the list a mile long when you spend the time like that 10% or more of your REAL LIFE TIME on something. theres. over 10 years put in to that 76 perm perms can spend more SC on the game then any class. I bet the years with that perm theres 10k CASH REAL money in that perm $1000 a year SO DAM IT GAMIGO SHOW RESPECT AND DE LVL IT NOW. your perms pay your bills food on your table.

    Seryn well it seems you not opening your eyes on the game like when you was on pagel yesterday and people was talking to you and you did not care to talk back. was a list of things being told to you that's worng. WE the GAMERS do not get payed like you. if I was payed I be doing my job and looking at all posts and if on a server I be saying HI whats can I do for you can you tell me whats worng.. we the gamers do not get payed its not are job to report all day long whats worng on the game because the fact is we can report all day and not even play because we be to busy reporting doing so. hope you understand now thank you for your time. but I think we need new GTs that well do there job. that's why the game is in the state it is now D:

    YEP turn the game off its not cool to be on a game when gamigo cant respect there players. we pay there bills this great time to find a new game where they might respect us more. we all in lock down but not locked down to fiesta. the most of us that keep this game going is game vets and we have been treated like we are worthless to the game and to there compy//gamigo..

    time for the workers at gamigo to file for unemployment. unless they wake up and show respect.

    people are now quiting this game gamigo better help and do the right thing now. in the end your bills well not get payed you lose lots of money. it well kill this game if supervision not get this help. my guild and guild mates keep pagel alive when the rest quit game and helped out all new people did are best to keep them playing. in return they spent there real money on the game because they was having fun.

    Hello SuperVision on Pagel has been perm for meny meny years to help out with gears KKP#1 and in all kinds of ways she has done a oops D:

    and lvled to 77 we asking for her to be put back to 76 plz and ty. she has put in heart and soul for people to keep the game alive plz do the right thing.<3

    there is a easy way to see if a guild is active VERY easy.

    open up academy page and look at rankings you well see the top guilds from #1 on down they have academy peps playing in there to keep there ranking to make sure can see last weeks as well. if you on pagel I well make this even better for you. JOIN Devil's~Army academy :D

    my 135 cap died to in camp 1 hit

    went to collapsed prison got 1 hit from a lvl 50 HARKAN.

    went to uruga dam pinkys OP 1 hit a 135 reaper

    LOW lvl mobs such as mobs in Goblin camp are all 1 hiting any high lvl that hits them.

    THIS NOT COOL high lvl people need teva to help a lower lvl out and charms to kill a lvl 40 mob when your over lvl 100.

    I am sure this all over every map people losseing mass exp not thinking they need teva when you lvl 115 and killing a lvl 40 norm mob not even a boss or shinny.

    this is 100% BULL needs fixed NOW.:cursing:

    Kill stealing is still a thing for kill credit on quests, though.

    hard to stop bad people. just got to keep pushing forward with your self. enjoy your game and just take note of them kill stealers. if you see them don't kill karen/ any mob around them waste there time not yours. just keep moveing on in the end them kill stealers have no life. they well get what's comeing to them.

    trickster hard to lvl WORNG.

    trickster low damage WORNG

    trickster cant kite WORNG

    trickster are the harder class to play yes but. I understand why because you have to LEARN IT.

    95% of people just spam skills or its cooled down or this one pretty to use and not knowing what your skills really do.

    trickster you have to use meny skills to make things work. ha ha ha just cant spam or you think the class fails because you not know better.

    I consider my reaper one the best on game and well take on any class any mob and have fun doing so.

    I my self still learning my class it takes hard work I even made new tricks to make them at perm lvls and I find my self still learning.

    you know that class good if you can ice 3 mobs solo 3 mobs that well kill you if you fail to do so just 1 that well kill you if you fail to do so.

    yes tricksters dance around you know that that's part of it and needs to be part of it make it work for you there is a resion for that dance theres a time and place for all skills. if your just a skill spamer in your mind then things not work out right for you and want to go OMG this that about the class. learn it. it can outperform any class.

    I understand what you all going throw I really do I did not care for trick my self when frist come out and I was like ok I made all rest the class I well give trick a try now. come to find out its now my fav class to play. tricksters are powerfull at any lvl can kill mass mobs at any lvl even under 100 you have the skills to do so.

    one the main things is build to the class reaper is the tank and spec is the DD make that build accordingly. this well happen if you don't you well not like that class you cant use the skills right because you running and dieing need time to use skills. time to think and time to think of back up plan if your frist hits a miss.

    I hate in pve and really hate in PVP get all souls and ready for that mass hit and its a miss. need to know in your head if this miss I need to be ready with that or this and not have it on cool down or die.

    (PS TO GMS I want my claws back lol)

    This has been brought up in the past and I'm on the fence. The only reason to add an HP # to a mob's health bar would be to make last hitting easier, but then again would also make leeching at raids and kill stealing easier. I'd love to know that using BotS isn't going to kill me because I'm left with 1k HP when I think it will kill, but doesn't, but not sure if the good outweighs the potential bad.

    i beleave they have fixed the last hit thing if you do over 50% damage some one out side the party can last hit but it well glow for you still.

    in any case seeing HP or not you going to have bad people in the game that still want to cheat scam you name. all ways going to have them bad people allways looking for a new way. 99% MMORPG games show there mobs HP # its nice to see to show prove and to make you a better player. it can help you zero in on your own skills better.

    Been asking my self for years. have you done the same and asked your self.

    How much HP hits has-karen,slime,bat,helga have? ALL mobs in game what do they have #?

    we players get to brag/flex are HP #Numbers ha ha ha 20k HA HA HA 30k. lol

    why can't we see the mobs HPS (Hit Points).

    all we get to see is a red bar take it down :/.

    I think all the players like to SHOUT COME On kill it just 300k HP to go 8o8|||. in any case I think all players in game would like to see the mobs HP Numbers.#

    it would bring about more fun and things to talk about in game. I think we need this put there HP's in there red bar :thumbup: