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    LMAOO stfu Xeno your name shouldn't even be on the list joke ass glad. Funny how you mention that most glads on list "aren't really skilled" when you're the biggest loser here LOL :D:D:D You're the last one to talk here you goof GTFO ROFL xD

    IDK what the OP was thinking when he made this thread and added your name LOOL :thumbdown:

    U legit the worst glad on the list mfer. dnt talk plz

    You're welcome to try and beat me. :]

    I thought this thread was supposed to be about the most skilled pvpers not what players have gotten the highest hp?? No offense but most of the glads on the list are just overgeared and aren't really skilled. I suggest you add Lamb he's definitely top 3 glads in the game rn.