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    Glad pvp should be purely skill based just my opinion.

    I'm triggered because you legit seem like a noob in understanding anything. How on earth did you come to the conclusion that eva based classes are more expensive? For jewels, you don't need high aim or at all really, so HP/eva are cheaper than HP/aim. For gears, I have seen archer and trix gears that have godly HP/aim/eva or def instead of aim going for maybe like 25 or 30G a piece. Do you know how much these would go for if they were on glad gears? No you don't because you haven't spent time looking at prices. How is having over 1k bonus aim from my items not having any aim? Idiot.

    DQ frags are obtainable but they are a pain to get 150 frags esp for popular ones like reds or blues. Like I said, the current meta is having defense on gears AND def SC, the latter working as a % so it amplifies more :pepega:. I literally said ML ears show value when your gears and other jewels are godly, so stupid much?

    Stop talking LMAO the fact that you think glads in general are kings of 1v1 PvP show you're clueless about this game. Stop drooling over a select few who spent near 1kG or even more to make your conclusion. I'm done talking with you as I don't wanna lose brain cells. Have fun quitting.

    I know a ranger that can kill any glad with a 120 leg xbow yet fernando thinks glad is the king of 1v1 honeyrofl

    Yes that's literally all I've been saying, the eva that these glads are reaching now is dumb there's no defending it. It's literally just a huge safety net for any glad that has 0 skill but has money. Obviously, if gamigo released aim talisman and nothing else it would break pvp because archers/tricksters would be at a huge disadvantage but I believe they released the aim talisman because they will soon come out with yellow 135 gear (possibly from OC part 2) which will have exponentially higher eva than 135 gear and so the talisman will help prevent everyone from missing on eachother 24/7.

    Archers/tricksters are eva dependant which is completely fine. Nobody is complaining about eva on either of those classes. However, glads with the same eva as most tricksters/archers has no place in this game. What are you talking about 20$ glad? I've dumped over 200+ hammers into my glad to have the gear/stats I have. Gamigo's GM's claim the game is not pay to win yet the most geared glads with 6k+ sc have spent thousands of dollars to get the gears they have. I'm not expecting to be able to 1 stack them I'm against the huge p2w BS the game has become. These people don't even farm gear they just buy hundreds of hammers and hope to get lucky. Hell yeah the only ones complaining about eva are poorly geared glads and the only ones defending it are the ones who can't even play mage properly. Foh

    gleeo how many years has mlhc been out? more then 4 years. i can assure u there is way more ml ears then players

    last week alone there was 2 dropping

    there is really no reason to not have ml ears by now, especially if u pvp

    I guarantee you most mal ears in the game are currently in the hands of players who don't play anymore. Not every person has a char to use to actually raid mal and most capped players who own mal ears rn bought one from someone else. Mal hc has been out for more than 4 years and mal ears still go for 300+ G for a reason.

    The most geared glad in the game barely reaches 6.9k aim with full aim sc and you're telling me 6.5k aim is easy for a glad to reach without SK? You haven't met a player that doesn't own at least 1 pair of mal ears? You clearly have no knowledge of this game or glads please just stop embarrassing yourself.

    145 aim on each jewel is no problem? You only need Hp/aim on your gear? honeyrofl Please... Any glad that steps into fbz without def in their gear can get 1 stacked by a tog axe unless they're running tons of def sc. And if you did run a ton of def sc you'd be lacking a ton of damage so where do you go from there? As for 145 aim on each jewel... You realize some of the most geared people in the game don't even have 130 aim on their jewels right? High Hp/aim jewels with decent def are worth 300+ G for a reason.

    The main group of glads that complain about eva being broken are the glads that aren't brain dead yet still lose to apes that spend hundreds of dollars just to gain a competitive edge. Yeah I often say i'm very undergeared I also say I'm the most skilled glad in the game and I can still lose to people who can't dash deva, can't stack, can't set switch, and can't CC just because they're running around with more eva than the average reaper/SS.

    first of all, if glad is as bad as you described, why 100% of this game based around glads?

    you realize that

    1. It takes less then 0,5sec to vit (after u stun) and give you a dmg increase of 70% -> the decrease in def doesnt matter since nothing in this game can tank a glad stack on highest tier vit

    2. If u were to be hit after u vit u can use a low lvl vitality with mighty set and gain a dmg increase of 30% (WITH NO DOWNSIDE/Permanent!!)

    3. combine those points with the fastest stun in the game/low hp there is nothing that can tank a glad whatsover unless there is a great eva difference (wich is supposed to be removed now)

    When did I say glads were bad? Glad/Lock is the best class in the game. I was saying that the whole "glad damage is broken" argument is stupid because a glads damage is not exceptional without vit.

    because they have been fooled by ppl like u, literally most players in the game are gladiators with mediocre gears crying if they miss once (on their poor gears wich cost them 5 hammers each) even tho they have far more dmg then any other class and still the 2nd best def

    the reason i made this post is that im scared the diversity in the game will completely faint (if its not yet already)

    also i think ur arguments misplaced in here u might want to make a different thread to nerv glads eva

    You realize glad damage is nothing without vit right? Suppose you increase the dmg of every other class in the game to balance out the dmg in pve between the classes. What happens then to glads in pvp? Glads can already be easily be killed by every class except crusader/clerics. Even knights can beat glads but there aren't any knights in the game with enough skill to actually do so. Also, equally geared glads can't kill equally geared eva based classes like reapers/sharp shooters without vit.

    I'm disappointed I haven't been able to find any at all. I wasn't able to log on before they reduced the count too. :(

    They fix this exploit in less than 12 hours but coc/tog been broken for over a week now and they don't do anything honeyrofl It's cool when we waste our money but not when they lose theirs

    Thank you for your feedback on the shiny monsters. We are aware of the situation and are currently looking into it. Our team already discussed your feedback and we are working on a more balanced version of the shiny monsters.

    There is no date for an adjustment yet.

    Also, there is a bug right now where the 3 piece defect set effect (75 fighter set) is not working.

    Thank you for your feedback on the shiny monsters. We are aware of the situation and are currently looking into it. Our team already discussed your feedback and we are working on a more balanced version of the shiny monsters.

    There is no date for an adjustment yet.

    Mind giving us more info on the talisman? Till what + can they go to? What will be used to enhance them? And will people be required to spend more money to enhance them just like Braces?

    Its not quite fair that you only take FBZ results into consideration and ignore GT. GTs provide much more complex environment and requires wider game knowledge to score high, so in a sense, GT results more objective and show actual skills while in FBZ the main deciding factor is usualy SC (and you have said that this list pursues goal of showing people with actual SKILLS rather than sc/gears).

    For example, I havent seen anybody beating my GT record so far:

    Quite sure Lamb, who fought vs me numerous times on both glad/wl, can confirm that I play smart and know what I am doing (he is fluent GTer himself).

    GT shouldn't count. Thread is based off of individual skill not on how fast you can mount up before someone kills you or how fast you can undo zombie transformation lol.