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    Weapons lvl 114 (2-3 sockets)

    Weapon bonus HP + 500

    Succubus Queen's Axe

    Succubus Queen's 1H

    Succubus Queen's 2H

    Succubus Queen's Bow

    Succubus Queen's xBow

    Succubus Queen's Mace

    Succubus Queen's Hammer

    Succubus Queen's Claws

    Succubus Queen's DS

    Succubus Queen's Blade

    Succubus Queen's Wand

    Succubus Queen's Staff


    Seductive Karen - title card "S"

    Karen - non - title card "S"

    The problem with that, is on Pagel Guilds seem to most commonly join in groups of 5 which works just fine. doing that would basically erase the GT on Pagel, because no guild would be able to do it.

    Oh the true activity in Pagel is different, maybe it would be good to change the amount from 10-15 to 5, but then you need to monitor the progress of the match, the match less than 10 minutes without activity and kills to penalize and block.

    They should implement a feature where the Guilds are chosen into Guild Tournament based on Academy ranking.
    So only the top 16 Guilds based on their Academy ranking will be selected, able to participate.

    This will be an incentive for higher-tier Guilds to boost their rewards for Academy funds, and run a more active Academy.
    This will boost the economy as it's a slight Gold-sink, and the noobs will have more money to spend.

    The academy rank won't solve it, you can plvl the academy before entering the tournament.

    Here is a simple solution that could have been applied a long time ago.

    - For each GT tournament, all guilds that do not show up in a tournament with a minimum of 10-15 players will be penalized and blocked for a period of time, such as 3 months or half a year. It quickly sorts out fake GT guilds. Do it for every GT tournament and the problem is solved. ^