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    i agree completely. alot of ppl have more then 1 char they want to do this on and most of us have jobs and lives that just make this impossible to do every day..

    anyone else suddenly having issues staying connected? i've been playing all morning and nothing but now all of a sudden i can barely get on let alone stay online.

    the rare drops are the best way to get ppl to do kqs. but the upped exp is also needed. look at it this way. say 20 ppl are needed to start the kq, 10 of those are farmers/only there for the drops, they are stuck waiting and waiting for the next 10 ppl or time to run out to start the kq. the other 10? they are the ones that do it cause of the exp. their sick of their rep and need a break, or they don't like the map their quests live on, they can't find a pt for tower/cc/dt. and instead of just logging off annoyed or giving up they choose the kq cause it's worth it. so the drops are needed but so is the exp.

    hey you say cards sell well, just wondering, as someone who needs to make some money herself, do you mean all cards? low lv? high lv? the boss ones? just wondering what i should spend my time looking for for cards.

    i like Yawn's idea. about rewarding the ones that don't afk. it wouldn't solve things cause some people just don't care and are there to cause trouble. but it would help some. giving people a reason to do more. but again the way you judge involvement would be an issue. say a solo cleric that no one will party. you could do you best in the kq but because you weren't in a party you didn't heal enough. or you're only at the minimal lv req for the kq and everything kills you. you help as much as you can but you just keep dying and don't do much dmg. again you did the best you could and it wouldn't be fair to say those people didn't met the requirements of doing really well when they did everything they could.

    @CherryB I actually really like the idea of an auction house. it would need tweaking along the way but i think that would be awesome for fiesta. Choose your starting price, increments wanted, how long, etc.