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    so i can't open the launcher at all.. i just get an error message and when i click ok it tries to open the launcher and just opens the error message again. this is my first time opening the launcher since the maint. i went to download the repair tool and i get another stupid message that says "maintenance we will be back shortly" i just want to play -_-

    ok i got the repairtool but it's not doing anything.. it just errors out too "fiesta version reset has stopped working"

    anyone else got any ideas on how to get on now?

    i gave up when i found out it was the same thing every day.. i have 12 chars.. that i wanted to do it on each... hell no. not gonna happen. i have work, sleep, eat, life. it ain't gonna happen, so i said screw it. also don't even know what it is for. doubt it will be worth it anyways.

    it's not just US. i'm in canada and same issue all weekend and today..

    people can log on.. we just can't stay on. i've been on lots today, i just get kicked off for like 20-40 min after i play for 10-20. i have seen the number on the meat but i currently don't remember it and i currently can't get on to check. but point is you can get on to see those numbers. just can't stay on.

    this is ridiculous! i just got back on after 20 min and not even 5 minutes on and i'm off again with can't connect to servers again!

    ty! this makes alot of sense now!