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    Also now i dont see the point of lics? A lic usually takes longer to complete than it takes to level out of a repeatable, so what is the point of having a license now? Lics already increased the damage while fighting the monsters and the perm crit on all monsterd was the reward. Just turned lics into a weird feature people will only use now to sign their wep.

    ^ this is exactly the thought that went through my head

    i'm newly back too, i've been gone about a year and started okaying just this week again. I've got a question though. Did they edit the rules with killing monsters? I was killing robo in vine tomb and another party came and jumped in and killed it at the same time as me. (i'm not trying to blacklist just trying to see if something has been changed) and i made the comment way to come ks me. the people replied that they thought they i'dd get the kill too since i did most of the work (they showed up when only a sliver was left of his health). 2 items dropped, their quest drop the robo sword and a med qual leather they glowed for me. i did not need the kill for a quest i was just looking for his card, but i'm wondering if i had needed the kill would i have gotten it? i know before that to get the kill/item you needed to be in the party that got last hit. Has this logic changed?

    This happened to me too, I lost all my money and sent a ticket and they got back to me saying that they see the trade in their files that at this time this character traded another this amount of money. And then proceeded to tell me that it is my fault for " I might have shared my account info somehow, opened an e-mail attachment from someone I didn't know, or had some sort of keylogger or spyware, or got free credit (money) from someone, or bought gold" and i replied saying that I have NOT done these and NO ONE knows my info from me. but they just said sorry can't do anything if you want to go to the cops you can cause even online it is still stealing. that's all i got. still pissed about this.

    who cares if the town looks emptier? the maps them selves are empty, and the towns wouldn't lag so bad without the mushys in them. i DREAD going to uru because it takes too long to get anywhere in the town section. It'd be so much better to just be able to walk around uru to the npcs and get my stuff done in a couple min then the 10+ min it takes me to walk from stone to blacksmith -_-

    and we'd still buy the iron case because there's THAT many different items we like to carry with us at all times. Plus alot of us have a bunch of perm stuff or at least sc items that we always have on us from vaults/lh/attendance/etc. We'd still need the room, not asking for 1000 but I'd be happy with an increase. When they upped scrolls and pots that was the most exciting maint in a long time..

    O.O well that seemed a tad passive aggressive there.. not how a cm should talk to us 'norms'

    i love the idea since i like to vend, though i find it hard to believe that they'd do it.

    another idea i like that someone else posted on another thread a while ago was an auction type of thing to vend where you can put your item up for bids.

    i think both are great and would be awesome yo have!