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    It isn't hard to fix that issue.
    simply remove the sorah chest's regen. by changing it to an Idle period on the "boss" instead of disappearing / reappearing to be another full "boss hp bar". meaning it doesn't heal itself either during that idle period. the rest of it is left alone. because the Sorah "boss" doesn't die. the extra spawns do kill people. and the "fix" should be implemented across the board. not that the first sorah has that issue because it isn't as bad. but come 95-109 and 125-135 sorah KQs we can see that issue so fix it so that everyone can get it done. lol. fixing the situation will completely stop that whole issue (snipping the bud as it were). and people can continue to level.

    i totally agree. just stop it's regain. if it takes a run 20 tries to kill the chest cause of no dmg (picture those kqs where 8/10 are clerics) then so be it. but at least there's hope then instead of a dressing massacre.

    Just did 125-135 Sorah KQ...

    The chest was buffed far too much. If you don't have 135 glads to kill it fast, you fail. You don't have enough damage to kill the chest with the incredibly limited time you have, it ices half the people trying to kill it, and the next time you get it to spawn it is back to full health. 125 Sorah KQ was already rough if you didn't have caps to instantly spawn the chest, not it's impossible without caps.

    failed here too.. just not enough dmg to kill the chest in time...

    i miss old SH too, new one is stupid, all that stuff is easy enough on the other maps but sh was perfect for helping with the 4x quests

    Some people I know have reported that they log off their character, and when they next login, they have been reverted back to a previous location, and any changes they have made in that time have been reverted too (for example, installing an enchant in a weapon socket getting removed and back into the inventory).

    i noticed that with my character! i was like what the hell? also dcing non stop while picking up or dropping items

    yeah i find them all the time on my archer Aloy I've been leveling, but i wanted to make a new char yesterday to find some cards i need and i spent 3 hours just killing mobs and not a single shiny. not a single t6 drop, no t4s, no crystals or charms or frags or recipes. And that's what I found weird. Those same mobs I was killing dropped shinys for Aloy but not a single thing for my new one. It's just odd.

    is it just my luck or are there no shiny monsters today? I've been grinding for 3 hours now and I have not found a single one which is weird cause I usually find alot. I'm on isya

    Still cannot connect to server stuck on character select page wont load.

    Na server for me

    why cannot this be fixed properly this is the second no third time this has happened please fix it properly for once ;(

    same boat for me still can't get on

    yeah i just tried to get on and im having the same issue again. its getting ridiculous

    even when i do get past the server select when i try to load my character it just keeps going and doesn't actually load, like the screen doesn't freeze to load it just keeps moving..