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    On fighter/archer you can go 25spr/33dex rest str or 25spr/50 dex rest str although bonus aim gets reduced from 3 to 2 from 34 to 50dex but the evasion bonus is still the same. On mage i would recommend 25spr 33dex rest int. I can't say much for the other classes since I don't have any of them 100+ lvl.

    Back when 1-110 was an accomplishment when u had to do the Mimic rep and the old BB rep i think it was 200 for 3m exp without auto turn in.

    I still died on my fully +10 60 mage


    hg hammer +12 50str 25dex 43end 36int 50spr 1 socket 5hobs b/o 30G

    hg shield +10 29str 37dex 44end 33int 27spr 7hobs b/o 50G

    legina ring +9 18str 33dex 33end 39int 22spr 0hobs b/o 25G

    legina ring+9 17str 36dex 32end 12int 28spr 0hobs b/o 25G

    forest crystal +9 33str 23dex 29end 14int 29spr 8hobs and base stats are: 32str 13dex 27end 14int 27spr b/o 35G


    Velloon staff+9-12 must have atleast 1 socket

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