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    This is honestly just a popularity contest and doesn't prove who really is a "PVP God", this is why I'm not too salty that my name isn't on the list. :3

    As the OP stated, it's his opinions for this list, and I guess it shows how limited their PVP knowledge is based on seeing whose names are on the list.

    Let me ask you a question. Why are 95% of your forum posts condescending?
    Anytime I read one of your replies in ANY thread it always has something to do with "limited game knowledge" or "poor in-game mechanics".
    I don't know who you think you are, but please get off your high horse and stop being so self-centered.
    Remember that narcissism is a weakness, not a strength.

    "It shows how limited their PVP knowledge is based on seeing whose names are on the list."

    Why don't you provide us with your own personal list then?
    Or tell us why the current names do not belong on the list instead of making pointless cheeky comments.

    Since you seem to know so much about PvP, please share some of your prodigious knowledge with us so that we can all benefit from it.

    Do not worry I know that most of your game time is spent in FBZ. I've seen you participate in 15-minute guild wars maybe twice a year.

    so not adding no low lvl perms on this list 🤔

    No perms. This list is for capped players only

    This list is way too old now. Needs to be heavily filtered & updated tbh
    Like why is Xeno still on the list? and so many other randoms???
    Bro can we please get a REAL list of the best Pvpers in 2020 lol

    ALSO im pretty sure half the ppl on it have already name changed by now...

    Why not suggest some names instead of asking me to filter the current list...
    And why do you keep mentioning Xeno ?_? We already went over this.

    Also guys if you name changed recently, just let me know and I'll update your name on the list

    Here are the new additions.

    Glad - Hierarchy, Flavius, Local
    Knight - Hygge
    Reaper - Meui, Hostile, Breh, Realest, Legend, Wild
    Spectre - Talented
    Templar - Fiasco, Sarsi
    Guardian - Stormi, Kisu
    Ranger - Chosen, Bandito
    HolyKnight - Aevi


    Glad - Vicious, Heretic, Vegnagun
    Wizard - Cezz
    Lock - Restless


    Ranger - M0RUL

    I am really tired of all the negativity I see in forums and on discord. For 1 I am not affected by this last patch along with many of my fellow players. Be grateful for the changes Gamigo has done for example take away mount food, added more repeats to make it easier to lvl, merging mounts for added effects and merge was smooth. Be thankful that outspark sold the game to Gamigo to save the player base or the game would have shut down due to the law suit.

    Now this last patch was due to players exploiting glitches like switching armor for skill uses, the gab set, skiing, the easter egg tree, nina and the mailbox are just a few. Be thankful that gamigo does not put lvl limit locks on the armor or jewelry. if you don’t wear the right lvl of armor or jewelry with the added effects for your lvl you may be stuck wearing npc armor and jewelry.

    When players exploit certain aspects of the game it makes the server unstable where it shuts down. Then players move to other servers and make those servers unstable due to exploiting certain aspects of the game. If you want to quit then quit or be grateful for the improvements that gamigo has accomplished.

    i have tested it and none my char have a issue so that mean im 1 out of the few players that dont have a issue with their chars not everyone is experiencing the same issue here their are a few players that dont have any issue with their char

    Nice joke, you are totally in the wrong.

    Clearly you are a low level who does not play the game often and who doesn't understand what good players are experiencing

    Gameplay at capped level in raids and in pvp has been utterly ruined, this patch made a HUGE impact on the majority of the community.

    Look at FBZ now, there's no one in there pvping. It is usually flooded with guild wars and glad 1v1s on friday nights.

    Most of us are not able to enjoy the game anymore because of the clunkiness of the skill animations.

    Please don't give your opinion on this if you are a level 4x PvE cleric or something who barely plays the game.

    It doesn't really matter what you think considering 99% of us are unhappy with this patch.

    In all honesty though if you are a low level PvE player who is used to using 3 skills per minute, then obviously you won't feel "affected" by the patch.

    What was gamigo thinking? No one asked for slower gameplay that makes you feel like you are playing with 9000 ping

    Revert this asap or game will die.

    Honestly you lost 70% of your customers who buy SC.

    Straight up ruined the game for no reason.

    If you don't revert it, this will be the end of Fiesta

    Why would anyone in their right mind vote 'No' for this ?_?

    It literally ruined the game, everything is so slow and clunky now. 0 fun

    poor capped players spending hundreds of dollars without ever getting their desired skin q_q

    i personally know people who have quit the game just from lucky box burnout

    please do something about this Teddy! 2019 is Fiesta's year to shine ( i hope )

    you should add a pre 80 perm list too :p 49/50, 55, 69, 76

    because pvp is different, from 100+ pvp, there o3o

    Yes someone should create another thread for perms. I can't add them on this list because it will be too long.

    Would like to see some pvp videos of those ppl......the list gets bigger but just that pfff

    Some of them make PvP videos. Or you can just come to fbz 3 and watch.

    Update -- Added Scizzar to ranger list.

    how about we go off of kill points or something... or is this list just full of cheerleaders and capped noobs?:D:D:D:D:D

    Yes, this list is mainly for capped players. And it is based on skill level not kill points. You can afk spawn people in abyss until you rack up 3 Billion kill points, doesn't mean you're good. We can't really make a list off that lol.

    Update -- Added Natsu (glad) and Stellar (WL) to the list.

    Update -- Added ShacoGod (Reaper) to the list.