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    Just curious. A year ago I saw EE on Gamigo's site and decided to check it out. I've been hooked on it ever since even though I take little breaks every now and then.

    I was thinking if I played that game like I played Fiesta years ago, it would have been my absolute favorite. :love::love:
    Personally, what I love best about EE is that there's a lot of ways to build up your character without paying real money. I would love to see Fiesta incorporate some of EE's features. slimebigeyes

    Yo ~ I'm a professional lurker and a lover of this old game.
    Fiesta Online was one of my first mmos that really got me into the fantasy genre. I've been in a bad art slump this year and

    the best way to remedy that is to draw things you love!

    I'm also trying to improve in drawing armor and weapons so I need to practice lolol

    My goal is to at least one fanart a month

    Anyway! To celebrate the holiday season , here's some art of the Toy Soldier costume ♥
    Happy Holidays 💖

    I really want to do the Winter Soldier but can't get a clear referenceee 😩





    ayyy happy new year ♥

    Hello o/ My entries include edited images of official artwork + screenshots

    and a set of chibi artwork that can be used for editing as well.

    Chibi Pack include 12 illustrations.


    Banners 1024x512:

    Launcher Pictures: 348x154 pixels

    Banners 1200x445 pixels:

    Banners: 800x800 pixels

    Banners 712x445 pixels:

    Forum Banner: 600x150 pixels

    Artist Name : Auriant

    Art Pages : IG , FB

    Game Info:

    Amber341 | Pagel

    Costume pls 0: ( even tho i dont like it lolol ; - ; )

    I can probably make a couple more chibis depending on my schedule p:

    Anyway it was fun learning how to edit and make graphics again , thanks for the opportunity.
    Good luck to everyone else !! <3

    We of course won't get any change/communication until after the weekend it seems .

    Why do they always release a disastrous patch right before a 'break' ? Only to come back to everything being on fire . . .
    If anyone recalls the '1st rebalance'...

    Im not expecting an immediate revert but this chaos isnt worth it lol..

    Hello ! These are animated illustrations of Fiesta Online official artwork.
    I spliced, edited , and animated these images. I'm learning how to animate with Spine , so I thought I'd practice with these.

    One day I'll do my own fanart with animations ✌ Hope you enjoy.




    I tried to make it like an idle animation @__@;;

    Hey : )

    I've been reading up and it seems like there'll be more info coming soon? Anyway, here's my submission.



    Where to view submissions :

    IGN : Amber341

    Artist Name : Auriant

    And that's all. Good luck to everyone else <3