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    Not sure if I've missed it or not, but what date is the cut off for judging?

    Aloha Shambles!

    With that I mean, that it is better to use a website that stores the URL's longer. Imgur for example.
    Similar websites have a validity date with a shorter duration.

    I hope this answers your question.

    ~Hang Loose,


    Aloha fellow traders!

    You are currently in the 'selling' corner of our North American servers. Here, you can create a thread to share your item wishes. Maybe you can persuade your fellow players to sell those items to you for the right price.

    Make sure to apply the right server-label to your thread and to mention the item and its level in the title. This will make it easier for the sellers to find your thread.

    Good luck with the purchases!8)

    Aloha fellow traders!

    You are currently in the 'selling' corner of our North American servers. Here, you can create a thread to sell your precious items for (hopefully) the price you always wanted.

    Make sure to apply the right server-label to your thread and to mention the item and its level in the title. This will make it easier for the buyers to find your thread.

    Good luck with the sales! ;)

    • Grade 1 items will never break up to +5
    • Grade 2 items will never break up to +4
    • Grade 3 items will never break up to +4
    • Grade 4 items will never break up to +3
    • Grade 5 items will never break up to +3

    • Accessories Grade 1-5 can be enhanced to +9
    • Armor Grade 1-5 can be enhanced to +10
    • Shields Grade 1-5 can be enhanced to +10
    • Weapons Grade 1,2 can be enhanced to +10
    • Weapons Grade 3-5 can be enhanced to +12


    • Accessories are not included in the breakage rules and will follow original rules (safe up to +3).

    • The enhancement stone needed to finalize your weapon from +9 to +12 is Karis.

    • Legendary weapons/shields (Grade 6 items) have different settings, go here for more information.


    Hi everyone!

    Many of you must be wondering what happened to the artist corner? Well here's the update from the top. There will be no more artist corner closed group. Instead, everyone on the forums will be able to submit to special themes for a chance for their design to be chosen to be added to the game. The themes will be posted in the artist corner section. You can submit and view all art submissions there. This decision was made to close the gap between artist corner members and to give everyone a chance to be a part of the design process.

    To all previous artist corner members, thank you for sticking with us. While we understand that the wait was long, we apologise but it is only recently we found out about this. We hope you continue to share your art in the future :)

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team~

    Greetings Isyans!

    Dust off your tablets and sketchbooks because it's time to once again prove your undying love for Fiesta! In the Artist Corner you will be able to distinguish yourself and join an ultra selective fiesta secret society composed of some of the brightest artistic minds to ever journey into Isya!

    Why join the Artist Corner?

    • Members of Artist Corner have the chance for their designs (and pen names) to show up In-Game!
    • Members collaborate with the staff team to design concept art for new costumes, accessories, mounts, mini pets, and mini houses.
    • These designs are sent to the developer, who then chooses a handful of designs to turn into (virtual) reality.
    • Artist Corner members will receive complimentary items if their designs are turned into In-Game items as our way of saying "thank you."

    All Artist Corner Members Must:

    • Love Fiesta <3
    • Have Fiesta NA forum access
    • Be able to communicate in English
    • Make contributions on a regular basis

    How to Audition:

    Make a SINGLE post in this thread containing the following:

    • (1) Costume design: front and back, male and female version.
    • (1) Mount design.
    • (1) Mini pet design.
    • (1) Mini house design -OR- (1) Accessory design (i.e. hat, face, tail, back item).

    If designs are not digitally drawn, they must be submitted as clear, quality scans. No low-res photos of paper, please.

    Common- Sense Rules:

    • Only use art that is 100% your own, original work.
    • No inappropriate themes or images.
    • Never put personal information on your entries or in your posts.
    • If you have to ask if something is OK to post, it's probably not.

    Not-so-Common-Sense Rules:

    • Use only ONE post and include all images in that post.
    • Upload your art to any website then use the tag function to post your art. Please be sure that your designs are still view-able by the judging-time so that your submissions will still be considered valid.
    • our post should contain your character name or artist name that you would like to use if you get accepted.

    Other Information:

    • Our current artist cap is set to 15 members and we will be accepting new artists as spots come available.
    • All submissions automatically become available by Gamigo for any future use, but proper credit will be given.
    • Any members who fall inactive for too long may be removed from the group to make space for new members, but they are always welcome to reapply.

    Good luck,

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

    Here you can find a list of staff members who are no longer in the team:


    9 January 2018

    We want to take a moment to say goodbye to SGM ButterFairy, who has decided to leave the team due to personal reasons. We have enjoyed working together since September 2015. Therefore we want to thank her for all the support, guidance and creativity during that period.

    She will certainly be missed, but we wish her all the best in the future.


    15 January 2018

    GM Dice has recently departed from the team.

    We thank her for her contribution and hope for her success in all her future endeavors.


    6 February 2018

    Due to personal reasons GM Fenir has decided to leave the team.

    We thank him for his time and effort and wish him good luck in the future.



    GM Cresto and GM Fangs, CM Zao have left due to personal reasons.

    We thank them for their time and contributions, and wish them good luck for their futures.


    Hello everyone!

    Starting from today we would like to introduce you all to a slightly adjusted prize system for events. This system will give you guys more options as far as having more of a say in what reward you receive from winning our events!

    How does it work?

    For every event we host you'll be able to choose between the given reward or Event Points.

    When we do an event on our forum you'll have to put your character name + server + the reward you prefer (Event Points or the announced cash shop reward).

    In-game we'll ask the winners which reward they would like to obtain. You can always see the announced cash shop reward and the equivalent point reward on our forum when we announce an event.

    What can you do with Event Points?

    The prizes will be a variety of awesome cash shop items. Every item will have a point value, and with the Event Points you win from an event you can purchase an item you like.

    Once in a while we'll update the prizes. For the current prizes and points, go here.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • This system will apply to all forum and in-game related events that have winners.
    • The standard rewardfor mini-events will be Event Points.
    • The Event Points will never reset, so you can save up as many Event Points as you desire.
    • Event Points may only be transferred to a different character which is on the same account.
    • Event Points may not be gifted.
    • If you used a name-change on your character which was already in possession of Event Points, then please send a personal message to [CM]Verlaya.

    How do you obtain your prize(s)?

    • Pick a prize from this link: [Prizes and Points]
    • Send a PM to [CM]Veralya.
    • Be sure to include your server-, character name and the requested item.
    • Keep in mind that it can take some time before you receive your prize(s).

    Kind Regards,

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team!

    What's my reward?

    Not only do you get a decent amount of experience, you will be rewarded with Tokens of the Hunter's Union. g602JWT.png 

    With these tokens you can buy Hunter's Pouches. These pouches have a lot of goodies in them. There are two kind of pouches, a tier 4 and a tier 5.

    Hunters Pouch (Tier 4) costs 8 Tokens of the Hunter's Union.

    Hunters Pouch (Tier 5) costs 12 Tokens of the Hunter's Union.


    Each one has a chance to give you a Shard of Gold Nine. With 10 of these shards you can buy a Gold Nine. Please note that the Tier 4 Pouch gives tier 4 shards, while the tier 5 Pouch gives tier 5 shards.

    How do I show others that I support the Hunter's Union?

    It's simple! Get one of the four new titles!

    • Hunter's Union Newbie
    • Hunter's Union Apprentice
    • Hunter's Union Member
    • Hunter's Union Leader

    Each one of these titles are unlocked by completing a unique mission.

    What missions are available?


    Note: All mission notes are character bound.

    How do I accept a quest?

    So, you found the perfect mission for you! How to accept it now?

    It's simple! Buy the notes from the mission board and talk to Verlyo. He'll give you all the details you need!


    How do I turn the quest in?

    The missions themselves work like normal quests, you must kill the monsters or/and pick up the required drops.



    Be careful not to drop the mission notes! Each mission requires you to turn that in together with the quest. If you drop it, you need to buy a new one at the mission board.


    It is possible to purchase missions from the board that are out of your level range but you will not be able to start them.


    New and powerful monsters have appeared, and the inhabitants of Isya now fear for their lives. The Hunter's Union won't let this happen on their watch, they've sent their smartest member, Verlyo, into town and he had the brilliant idea of placing a mission board in Elderine!


    The Mission Board is a place where the concerned townsfolk will give you all sort of missions, however you can only take missions matching your level! Wouldn't make much sense buying one for a level you already exceeded!

    The missions are categorised in 3 types:

    • oe1fzyL.png A red note means that this is a common mission.
    • lR7BesO.png A blue note means that this is a rare mission.
    • 84TKOWg.png A green note means that this is a unique mission.

    Also note that all these are daily missions.

    Hello Isyans,

    As you all have noticed for a longer time ingame we have implemented a system that will allow you to automatically use a buff item in game when your buff has run out.

    How does it work?

    Simple, To use the function you equip an Auto pet and set up the settings.

    These pets will be available in the store soon.

    You can equip the auto pets on both sides of your shoulder and combine them with a pickup pet to gain max advantage. The Auto pets will give you the same stats advantage like any other pet.

    Here you can see an example of an Auto pet (Peter the starfish)


    When you have equipped the pet you can set up the auto use settings in your inventory menu.

    The auto use setting can be found right next to the auto pickup on/off button and looks like a scroll.


    When you click this button it will open up a window for you where you can start setting up the items you would like to automatically use, take note that these items should be in your inventory at all times to be able to use them. There are 12 item slots available for normal buffs and 12 more item slots for the premium buffs.


    After setting up all your items you would like to use such as scroll buffs and potion buffs you should click the off button to activate the auto use of the items.


    This will automatically start applying all buffs you have set up in the menu to your character.


    Don't forget to turn off the function by simply clicking the 'on' button again when you are ready to go AFK.

    We hope that this mini pet will assist you in your battles and give you great joy while playing.


    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team.

    Class specialization change system


    Hello Isyans,

    Today two brand new Class Specialization Master NPC's arrived in Isya. You can find them in Alberstol Ruins and Adelia.

    They brought the class change item with them!


    - You must be at least level 100 and completed the level 100 job change.

    - You need a Respecialization Scroll to acquire a class specialization change which can be purchased via the Fiesta Store.

    Respecialization Scroll: Item.jpg

    As soon as you purchase the Respecialization Scroll from the shop, you can go to one of the Class Specialization Masters in either Adealia or Alberstol Ruins. Talk to them and follow the instructions to change your class.


    After clicking the class change button a window will appear where you can read the requirements again.


    1) You're only allowed to switch between prestige classes of your base class.

    For example: HolyKnight -> Guardian.

    2) All Stat and Skill points you have set will be reset when you apply the change.

    Skill points: F%25C3%25A4hikeitspunkte.jpg

    Character Stat points: UWuWpsN.png

    3) If you want to change your prestige class you will have to remove your equipment and costumes/accessories

    This means that you have to remove everything what your character has equipped.

    4)When the Class Change is applied your character will move back to the character selection screen


    5) Compensaition

    Prestige specific skills that you have previously learned will now be removed and a refund of the costs will be received on your character. The amount of money that is refunded will be calculated on the costs of purchasing the skills.

    Friend Points (FP)

    You and your friends can receive "Friend Points" if you log in the game every day.

    As long as you are friends for longer than 1 day, you can get FP if your friends log in.

    You can check your FP if you open the "Community" and your "Friendlist" or press "F".

    Next to the FP you can click the button "Use" to exchange your FP for helpful items.

    The [!] is a little assistance to help you and to explain how it works.


    You can get one or more items for 10 FP. Each time you click on "Use" you will get another item.

    There can be any item from T1 to T5. Expect the unexpected!


    Under [!], you can find a little help instruction how you can make FP.

    Attention! You will need this table later.

    For now you don't get any points for level ups.

    This will come later.


    Friend Find System

    The new "Friend Find System" makes it easy to find and make new friends.

    If you are searching for a party or for friends with the same level - use the "Friend Find System"!

    Encourage your friends to log in to get Friend Points (FP).

    You can get helpful items for your points.

    Read the step by step guide to find out how the system works.

    Open your friendlist via "Community" or press "F".


    Click on the tab "Find" in your friendlist.


    In the tab "Find" the system suggests you new friends with a similar level.

    You can add them by clicking on the button on the right (+).


    If you want to add your friend the following window will appear.

    Click on "OK" to send a friend request to your chosen player.


    To get FP your friend have to be on your friendlist for more than 1 day.

    You only get 1 FP per day if your friend will log in the game.

    Your friend will also receive 1 FP if you log in the game.

    How the system find your friends:

    • only find online users (except friends on the friend list)
    • similar level (First the same level then 0>1>2...)
    • max. 50 friend suggestions
    • you don't have to be on the same map

    Some behaviors in-game can be annoying, especially when they come from rule-breaking. Breaking more rules to fight back won't help anyone, especially not you.

    We encourage you to send a report so we can deal with those issues. Here are a few lines on how to send a proper report.



    • Put a clear subject for your message, then it will be easier for us to handle your report.
    • You have to explain clearly what happened, in what conditions and who the involved players were. (Who, What, When, Why, Where)
    • For reasons of fairness, we can't take any decision without having the proper and indisputable evidence. For your report to be taken into consideration, it will have to be sent with an uncropped, unedited screenshot (or video), clearly showing the infraction, attached to it. Be aware that many infractions can't be clearly identified on screenshots. If you have the possibility, take a video by using a recording device, upload it online on an uploader such as google drive, wetransfer or dropbox and add the link to your report. Please do NOT use YouTube, we will no longer accept videos from YouTube.
    • If you are submitting a video, please make sure you record at a minimum of 720p at a format that we can view (no fancy formats like FLA!). Please ensure that you yourself can make out the details of the video, such as names and please DO NOT record with your Mobile Phone.
    • When you are taking the screenshot or recording a short video, move your mouse over the 'time-bar'. When you do so the date & day will pop-up. It is mandatory to put the cursor over the time bar in order to show the date..

    Remember that it is strictly forbidden to blacklist other players on the forum or in-game, you can't post a thread denouncing a player's behavior on the forum, or shout in town saying what this player did and how unacceptable it is, your complaint being justified or not.



    • Watch your language. A clear, well-written report has more chances to be understood the right way.
    • Remain polite, during the infraction as well as while you write the report.
    • Don't feed the fire. If someone kill-steals you, responding by insulting him or spamming him with various threats won't be good for you either.
    • If you report bad language, think about widening your chat box to the max so we can have a clear overview of the conversation.
    • Host your screenshots online if you're unable to upload them into your mail. There are many image hosts available online which will allow you to send us direct links to your image. Don't use your Album's Link if you have one, but a direct link. (You can use if you are registered there or tinypic/ Puush, but there are many others)
    • If you host your screenshots online and send us a link, think about making the pictures private. Remember: Screenshots used in reports are not to be spread or shown around.
    • Sign your report with your in-game and server name.
    • Don't go on a personal Vendetta. Try to deal with your private issues privately as much as possible.


    What can I report someone for?

    Basically, any rule-breaking you are the witness of. We encourage players to denounce any gold spammer/ scammer or anyone asking someone else for his account details, it would be better if the player concerned by the report could make it. So if you heard about a friend/guild member or any player being harassed/ a victim of kill-stealing/ scammed/ (...) encourage him/her to make a report. You might not have all the keys or facts about the problem and the point of view of a third person might not be the most accurate one. Maybe they were able to sort it out by themselves, which is the best solution.

    To know what is or isn't allowed, we strongly encourage you to read the Game Rules.

    You won't be notified of any action taken against the player's behavior you reported and sometimes you can feel like no action has been taken at all. GM's will never give any information about given punishments.


    Possible penalties

    • Friendly hint / tip.

    • Official Warning.

    • Jail Time (Progressive)

    • Account Ban (Up to a duration or permanent)

    A player will be more severely punished if he has been warned/ jailed for the same rule breaking several times.


    Important to keep in mind

    Fake reports or made up situations aiming at misleading the GM Team for personal gain

    will be severely punished. Same goes for screenshots and other pieces of evidence

    which are dating from way too long ago or if they are edited.

    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team