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    I think there are very few significant bugs. Probably the crashing is the only one worth spending much time fixing, and I doubt they're capable of fixing it with their current development track record.

    Existing content is pretty good too, aside from rebalance, it could probably just do with a slight adjustment in rates, making some things a tad harder and some things have a slightly better drop rate. Graphic changes won't change anything about the game.. they're ridiculously time intensive, won't attract newer players (because newer games are bigger and better), and won't hold much value for existing players beyond the first week or so.

    So I think the priority should be rebalance, followed by new content and finishing server merge.

    Log in, change the settings, then do a clean logout. It should save.

    It usually doesn't change since the client doesn't save the settings correctly when you bin/crash, which happens so often.

    The damage is probably a bit too high for normal mobs, especially in arkroute, Kahal canyon and Eya.

    I don't think anything else is too difficult.. most can be done without sc if you have a decent party

    when I say no sc, I mean no costumes - enhanced weapons and decent gear is a must for high level dungeons

    Optional 2FA authentication on unique devices (eg: once per 30 days per device) would be perfect. Every login would just be overkill.

    Your phone is the most secure device possible since it's almost impossible to download something malicious

    Party matching needs to come back. It's an important social/community feature and having it gone makes the game feel a lot more lonely.

    The replacement is fine (if people actually used it more) and doesn't necessarily need to go away, but bringing the old party matching back would be great.