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    It still gonna feel that way even with drops boost. Take OC for example. 100% drop rate yet not many do it because many of the drops are "NPC food"

    If hammers were available from an NPC then every drop could end up being decent.

    I don't really agree. I think OC was a great dungeon. The drops were also great since the stat cap was so high. Nobody does it because all the other raid content at 125 cap is garbage. Nobody perms at 125.

    Add hammers to NPC with 40g per hammer or 4G for 10 uses.

    I really like this idea as well, though I think the hammer system needs a rework alongside drop rate increases.

    On the other hand, I don't really think a gold sink is needed right now. Logging into Isya now and then and prices seem even cheaper than they were a year ago when I stopped playing. I'd rather have the items or boosts activated through common drops across all dungeons so people are encouraged to farm and play the game.

    Right now it feels bad to play the game since it's so unrewarding and pointless.

    Knights need stronger bosses to be desirable, but even then they probably wouldn't be in the main expo, they'd be in a side expo.

    In my opinion SS, Warlock, spectre should share the top single target raid/dungeon DD spot with glads, with crusaders and holyknights having roles in the composition such that it isn't optimum to just stack pure damage dealers without offensive support bonuses.

    In a non-raid scenario, where it's even further limited to a single party, ideally every class or at least most classes would have a purpose and not be completely disadvantaged to other classes.

    Higher drop rate -> More satisfying to farm, less barrier of entry to content.

    Higher base bonus stats -> More friendly for casual players, more likely for players to enhance their gear since it's not entirely junk

    Higher 'random' stat cap -> More variation for competitive players. More ability to use unique gears to customize your build/playstyle. More incentive to spend lots of hammers to get perfect gears.

    I feel like at 135 there's a lot less excitement in farming because

    A) drop rate is terrible

    B) drops have a low stat cap, so they feel useless even if they're not

    C) Since the stat cap is so low, and the new stat system (dmg/def/mdef/hp etc) is so weak compared to the armor/weapon itself, it feels pointless to even strive for good items. You could farm for a long time and spend a lot of money and in return you'll only be marginally better than a player with just average statted but enhanced items.

    In comparison, at lower levels, there's a huge distinction between a player with godly items and a player with poorly statted items. The stats matter just as much as the enhancement.

    You don't have to answer these questions, because nobody on this forum is going to care about the answers except you. If you want action, you're unlikely to get it, but you can submit a support ticket.

    1. Did you buy the account
    2. Have you used the same password for other games or sites
    3. Do you share your email or use the same password for another game/site

    If someone has access to your email, they can reset the password and then delete the email. If someone has access to your facebook and you have your facebook connected to your account, they can also login with that.

    It's very unlikely that you were actually keylogged. I think more than likely it's one of the above, unless you're lying about sharing your account.

    Good luck in recovering/securing your account.

    They have to play the game to get the hammer reset though, it's not like it appears out of thin air.

    If they do make hammers buyable from the NPC, maybe they could then make the SC version have a higher chance at giving higher stats. Nothing overpowered, but at least some kind of incentive to spend money.

    As much as everyone hates that the game is pay to win, good ideas will never make it into the game if they have a high risk of losing revenue, even if they're beneficial for its overall health.

    I think that would work great at lower levels where there's already a surplus of gears and nobody hammers them since the cost-benefit ratio is bad.

    For higher levels, I'd argue the opposite way. Bump up stat variability and drop rate significantly. Maybe even add other points of variation. Let competitive people spam out hammers for effectively 10x the return, while keeping the incentive to farm high for those that don't want to use hammers.

    The Ideal point is where farming is rewarding enough that players farm more, but drops don't become so common that there's no point in using hammers (in most cases, more gear also ends in more hammers used, which is more money supporting the game).

    Another alternative would be to add dungeons where one of the primary drops is simply a +1 try hammer reset. People would have something new to farm that doesn't devalue other drops much.

    That's what I'm talking about in my post. They ran a 'simple script' which was designed to be run on EU. When they ran the same script on NA, of course there were issues. 'Except hopefully this time double check it's correct to run on both EU and NA' did you just forget to read this line?

    Maybe you misunderstood what I mean by static. I mean damage that isn't influenced by their defence or your damage. eg: 90 damage per second. If you stack it 10 times, it's still a static number. 900 per second.

    This is an issue because pve is scaled far differently to pvp. Weak mobs could have 100k health, and in boss fights glads could be hitting 5, 10, 20k depending if the boss is affected by slash. People can charm and double their damage. Meanwhile, archers are balanced around direct numbers, meaning they're either too strong or too weak.

    Additionally, how do DoTs factor in to open raids? If they stack, which archer is the damage attributed to? Is there a cap on the number of stacks?

    What I propose is that if there is a DoT, the damage is based on some percentage of the archer's damage or whichever other stat. That way, an archer can be balanced in the same way as other physical damage classes and have their damage scale appropriately with the content they're facing as well as their own damage/weapon/sc etc.

    Xbow and bow damage has already been buffed before. There's nothing complicated about it - it's literally just a number in a database. They can just run the same script, except hopefully this time double check it's correct to run on both EU and NA.

    Regarding keeping static damage for DoT - how does that solve the problems I outlined? How can that help to make them more balanced in both pve and pvp.

    DoTs can never be balanced. Buffing that part of the class for the rebalance shows how clueless Gamigo is.

    • They're heavily inconsistent because of varying resists
    • They're useless in raids if there are multiple archers
    • They're extremely inconsistent in pve vs pvp due to the differences in defence/health

    Even worse is how they double down on the mistake every single time and are even considering giving other classes DoT.

    Instead, they should focus on the real problem. Archer damage is pathetic without DoTs. They're supposed to be a top PvE DPS, but they're not simply because they're so weighted on DoTs, which are useless in pve.

    • Buff their base damage (particularly for bows, xbows are already fine)
    • Make their skills cleaner/faster to use (aoes have like 1.5 sec casting time), half the skills are completely useless
    • Possibly bring stacking back
    • If they have debuffs, allow it to scale. Allow the DoT damage to scale with defence and the archer's damage. Give them debuffs that are more useful in different situations, rather than just 3 flat damage poisons.

    Regarding lost low level gears - 95% of the population quit, the bad ones were npc'd/forgotten, the good ones hoarded (and then lost when a lot of people quit). The game is stupid old. We're talking 8 years ago or more.

    How can I be asking for 10-20 people's time when I said I want max 5 people dungeons? Where it can be solo'd but is better/more efficient to do with a cleric or an extra DD. I also want it to be challenging with a better drop rate, rather than easy with a rubbish drop rate.

    Don't kid anyone by saying to do things uncharmed. You can't have charms in the game without it being balanced around them. Nobody is going to waste their time doing things slower just for a challenge.