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    I'd definitely like lots of options for levelling that are comparable in xp aside from tradeoffs.


    Option 1: Area with loads of mobs, great for groups to get together and make an aoe party. Fastest xp if you have 100% boost and kill efficiently. Ideally make it relatively difficult so it can't just be done by a solo mage or mage/cleric duo.

    Option 2: Classic repeat quests, with a little bit of variety like 'kill 5 of this elite mob', get 10 drops from this weaker mob etc.

    Option 3: Repeats for dungeons, which are a bit slower in terms of xp/hr but more interesting and rewarding in other ways.

    It might not be popular but imo it should be difficult to level since it's only 5 levels. It'd suck if everyone is capped after 2 days or a week and all the above levelling areas are never used again.

    Also as someone else mentioned, it'd be great if the cap made uses for other classes than glad/hk for raids/dungeons

    They closed the English speaking EU servers, so that isn't an option unless they want to play on a german/spanish/french client.

    There are a lot of european, oceanic, south-east asian, middle east players on the NA server. I think if there's any reason they changed the time, it's because it's more convenient for other timezones.

    Just because the text matches the value, doesn't mean it isn't a bug. All, or at least most other mounts function differently.

    The pegasus is probably only the way it is because the 7 day and 1 month versions are bind on account. They may have missed it when they copied it over.

    Until they say something about it being intended, just be careful.

    Why should tradable items cost more? That's pure greed. It's trivially difficult to make the items tradable until used, it's already been implemented for other items.

    Isn't inherently solving a massive problem worth it by itself? You'd be unlocking that part of the market (which helps everyone: free players, paying players and gamigo) rather than restricting it.

    The current issue is self made, but it's a necessity. You have a game where free players cannot compete with paying players unless they utilise gifters.

    I realise none of this is your problem HoneyTeddy, but hopefully you can communicate something reasonable to people that actually can make a difference, if those people even exist anymore.

    Spectre's and Reapers do a lot more single target damage than people give them credit for.

    I'm just going by experience when they do less than half glad damage in most instances. Aggro is not a good measure for DPS since certain skills generate more than others.

    If you have more tests that prove otherwise then by all means feel free to provide them, id be interested to see. Reapers in particular I may have discounted and belong in the tier above, just a single step below spectre.

    Also I'm pretty sure back damage isn't 25% but I haven't played in a long time so I may remember incorrectly or things may have changed

    In my opinion for Raids and boss/single-target dungeons:

    S+: Gladiator

    S: -

    A: Spectre, Templar

    B: WL, SS, HK (sometimes need but never a shortage)

    C: Reaper, Wiz, Knight

    D: Ranger, guardian

    Basically since there's no content strong or diverse enough to need a dedicated tank or ranged dps, gladiator is king since they do substantially more dps than other classes. Gamigo refuses to or is not competent enough to make balance changes to resolve this.

    For pvp I think it's much more balanced with all classes being relatively viable and good in different circumstances

    I agree that the rules are not very fair in this situation

    I havent saw ks since outspark times. That was like 10 years ago. But a couple days ago, while doing ghost daily for the lvl 134 quest. I waited like about 8 mins for respawn. I think they respawn in 10 min. Right when the ghost spawn, I was gonna attack it then a group of party like 4 guys came and just started killing it. I was like wtf. You guys cant see me right here. It wasnt even a full party. They could of ask nicely for party. But no they just killed the ghost I was waiting about 8 mins for. Then they rush to the mage. So instead of fighting over the mage ghost. I went to the fighter ghost. The fighter ghost wasnt there so I just waited. The other party finish killing the mage and rush to the fighter ghost. As it spawn they came and attacked it even though I was there when they was still killing the mage ghost. Talk about no manners. I hate people who think they all that in a party to bully a solo player cause he cant do enough damage as a party does. Even in the 130-135 lvl there are still ksing.

    Keep in mind that KSing is only when you attack it first. It doesn't matter how long you waited in the spot.

    It's very rude, however. They should have invited you to their party.

    I've enhanced like 30 items to +3 and never once has it taken more than 10 stacks, let alone 30.

    It's frustrating for sure, but at the end of the day it's just luck to get the success without any downgrades. If you really hate it buy someone's leftover blues. I ended up with loads after attempting to downgrade jewellery.

    Gamigo is skeleton staff on this game because it has negative growth and is barely profitable if at all.

    Making it less pay to win would make it even less profitable with only the hope that growth comes back (which it won't) to make it worthwhile 1, 2 or 3+ years in the future.

    If it starts to lose money (if it hasn't started already), they will either revert changes or will go into cost control. Cost control = worse/less servers or people losing jobs. It might mean they scrap the game altogether.

    For some people, this is a game, but for others, it's real life. They won't/can't make any decisions that would put that at risk.