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    This is my reason why I think mages are better in most part it is, because of they ability to kill multiple things at once. I did not say Gladiator are not as good, but when it comes to raids and anything they will involve high Hp opponents, single kill, boss farming nothing beats a glad. At cap glads are king because the content at that level are bias towards it. My rating was based on leveling through the lower range pre-cap level. Cap level is a place where all other class is a support class for Gladiator.

    Wizard is on the same place with Warlock... they are really balanced in theyr main class

    Well this more of a subjective rating based on my observation on people pvping. As a pve person Wiz is really more efficient on pve due to its aoe upgrades. But depending on the map worlock can be more efficient like on SC.

    Well lets start with PVE:

    1st Wizard/Warlock as solo it is almost instant kill when mobbing.

    2nd Gladiator Due to it high damage this class is easy to solo and in certain situation it is better than mage, except on multiple simultaneous mob kills.

    3rd Ranger Due to the slower kill it goes behind mages, but never the less they still target multiple mob simultaneously.
    4th Spectre/Reaper it goes behind Gladiator, but dont lets his fool you as it can kill as fast as a Gladiator.

    5th Templar This class is a good all around jack of all trade

    6th Knight Thou the damage on this class is probably similar to a Templar one thing that it is good at is tanking crazy amount of mob due it its high defense.

    7th Sharpshooter Thou it is a subclass of a archer in pve it is not equal to a ranger. Never the less it still does simultaneous targets.

    8th Holyknight/Guardian Well we all know it is last because it wasnt balanced to the point where its dps is usable(Please work on this Gamigo). As this class is mainly support class at the moment.

    I'm not a PVP person but from watching others this only is my opinion

    1st Gladiator Of coarse highest damage single hit class

    2nd Sharpshooter Due to it high attack speed it is more ideal for single target

    3rd Reaper Due to skill difference with Spectre this subclass is more efficient in pvp.

    4th Knight Thou damage is less this class it almost unkillable pvp, but it is also a fighter and depending on how you tweak it can be good at pvp

    5th Warlock This subclass it more suitable for single target plus sleep is too OP in pvp

    6th Spectre Need a say more it is still a trix and does have a lot of burst damage

    7th Templar It class overall performance is still in the middle of the high dps/defense subclass

    8th Ranger the class was meant for pve due to the skill setup

    9th Holyknight As much as it is a cleric in pvp it is only rank higher due to it high defense and one other skill that increases it damage

    10th Wizards Thou it is a mage in pvp aoe are only used if they are stunned, iced, sleep. Due to the longer cast time aoe can be a disadvantage in a pvp battle.

    11th Guardian Lets face it this subclass never got any love for gamigo plus with the nerf to heal it is heading on a downhill path. GAMIGO FIX THIS IMMIDIATELY

    Well I kinda like it same size but at the same time were just copying a crus skill. Instead of bigger why not make it last double the duration and less cd. Make aoe heal on party cast without getting close even on opposite direction. So lets say cast distance is 15m then lets make it 25m radius. Then it wouldnt matter where they are in the field as long as they within 25m they can get aoe heal/regen. It would also be nice if got some kind of aoe invincible to party members. Ofc this specific skill will only be available to Guardians not HK.

    It doesnt matter is mount is tradable or bind, what matters is the mount in the main slot. So what ever mount is on the main slot keeps that unique mount, the mount on the sub slot gets consumed.

    The old roumen map was requested back by the community and I was one of them that voted it back. Thou the new roumen town was more convenient when it comes to npc placement, but it doesnt feel like roumen. But I do wish they repurposed that map for another town in the near future.

    Well I'm not sure when it was but I do know they patched it, so that you can pick up others quest drop if it is the same quest. It makes thing faster for repeat quest, but ofc as a courtesy to other in party people should agree to take turns. If a party member is too greedy just kick them out of party.

    Well FOS can be soloed but kinda tricky since there are too many mobs. I've soloed it on my 105 WL just for the heck of it, but it took way longer. I think they should probably revise the reward to include SL gears, cos they other lower kq do give out gears. But FOS so far is my go to kq to get T6 hp pots.

    I dont mind that chaoming is inside sc, cos I know its for the quest. But there should be a separate npc outside SC that you can exchange the drops for gears. It really makes no sense to fight your way inside just to buy gears, cos there is no guaranty that you will even get the right gate to open.