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    60 shield and sword. 27 + end dex spr

    Any green 1h will do as long as it goes has the stats.

    Or 50 blue shield, instead of 60 shield, with 23+ end dex spr.

    B> beast top 34+dex 32+end

    66 fighter helm. 30+end 32+dex

    B> 1 60 OJ RING with 56+dex. 42+ end


    B> 60 Crusader Solar Eclipse helm. Not novice helm with 33end 33dex


    Leafy pants. 34/34 end dex

    Hmu pls. Paying well.;)


    also dont click on random picture links from ppl you dont know. I heard you can keylog or whatever thru that too, if someone clicks on it

    So if its someone random, linking u urls or whatever

    Just ignore or tellem to type it out for u etc

    And then also check if ur email itself was breached cuz that happens sometimes. I had a random login one time from texas, altho nothing happened, i removed em from my email and changed everything again.

    well everyone in heres only been talking about raids and instances so glads should be squishy to those bosses imo. Would make knights needed.

    And glads do have a few aoes, but i dont think that makes them have good aoe clear o.o minute on whirlwind. 14 seconds on deva the only thing thats close to spammable aoe

    How is it balanced when Reapers offer much better PvP playability over spectres that literally offer only a bit of extra damage and lose much of the ability to kill in PvP? Spectres should outdamage Reapers by a long shot dude. Reapers have better AS, better aim, better crit rate and more CC, Specs have just these pointless buffs that don't do anything and a useless passive which is easily beaten by a Reaper. Really the only aspect in which Reaper loses is 110 skill, but even then, Spectre's 110 skill isn't particularly good as of now.

    Because ur previous comment just said they were about equal and specs did slightly more dmg than reaps O.o

    i like these dmg passive suggestions but any kind of boost imo would make BoTs super op. Might be able to 1shot at just 4 or 5 souls, but for pve, i see it would be good to compete with glads, altho id find it better to just nerf glads, cuz cant just keep buffing everything xd

    Passives that came accross my mind:


    heals yourself for 30% of the dmg you deal

    Fleet footwork:

    Increases evasion as hp decreases(5% hp loss>10% eva/10% hp loss 20%eva/30% hp loss 35% eva/ 50% hp loss 60% eva) capped at 50%hp loss or more tho

    i would assume most players would be like

    "Play a knight tf?"

    But other than saying that, crusaders still only have 1 lv100 prestige.

    Ur idea isnt that useful on its own cuz knights yes, but it is entirely possible for gamigo to finally make a 2nd prestige for crusaders, and with that, any take of playstyle is possible.

    Full magic dmg or full physical dmg. Or tank. Or cleric xD

    Or something entirely new, which would be something gamigo really needs rn tbh

    Examples necromancer(undead summoner), brawler(fists), elementalists

    Etc o3o

    I can only see fixing fighter sets ruining the current feel of glads, making u feel tanky and powerful, which would put them in the right place to no longer feel like the best.

    With the fix to dim/beast/ln set and mighty set, it would make glads have a lot harder time to tank stuff, in turn, knights may be needed a little more to tank stuff.

    Also without the 20% boost of your current dmg stat from mighty , other DD classes would be able to go on par

    And then i can see it being harder to kill other fighters* without the current slash set debuffing for 22% of the enemy's own def stat, and if it does, then that means glads do need slightly* less def, at least not the same as knights

    fiesta doesnt have much diversity. You do practically the same thing with every class, no matter what the wep. just play with what you like.

    Axe pre 100 is better than 2h no debate because their base stat is dex, which puts their aim basically as a 2h. Then their dmg obviously is superior.

    .1 or .2 atk spd boost does not make anything diverse.

    2h still does decent dmg tho. But probably not as much as youd like.