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    The "faceless" part - The company probably don't want people harassing the GMs. Probably on their in-game characters or even maybe outside of Fiesta. To be honest, I'd rather keep my information private if I were to apply for either a GM, CM or Bug Tester.

    That's actually not there to protect the GM's/BT's/etc...

    It's actually part of the NDA process and the contract that they sign and it's to prevent improprietes and other favors being done. That's not to say that it doesn't or hasn't occured anyway. That's only to say that they want the team to act as impartial and neutral as humanly possible at all times.

    You say no cons, but that's just not right.

    It would not serve the function of a gold sink like you'd propose.

    An item that lets you stay at a level indefinitely to farm is the exact opposite of a sink. That's gold generation.

    If the item came with the restriction that the only drops you'd get were quest related then you might be able to argue it's a gold sink. However, that's not the case and we all know that the reason people use EXP is for farming purposes.

    Onyx crown was an event limited item on NA and was seen as prestigious because they only gave out 100 of them in total between all servers.

    That's why they decided not to re-use it since.

    Even the silver crown was met with backlash when it came out because it was seen as being too close to the onyx one.

    Not what i'd personally do.

    If i was changing free stats i'd be a boost to End and Spr sure, but i'd have them each point of those counteract the free stat STR and INT pen that they get for investing in it. Essentially boosting effective HP and Durability.

    Makes your thiccc Knights thiccer and your healbots Clerics able to take a bit more moderate pounding. It would also open up clowns Tricksters and Archers the ability to be more resistant to magic damage.

    Skills come out at the same rate but I'm describing the current method of stacking. Can't expect the class to be so face-roll that you just hit skills and you're fine. This adds an extra layer of skill requirement to bring out the full potential. Lowering attack speed, makes it more fast paced to do so.

    So then why are you contradicting yourself ?

    You don't want things to be easy and yet here you are advocating changes that would quite literally make stacking easy by allowing the auto attack animation to seemlessly overlap with skills as opposed to players having to learn the 0.2 second window pre-skill lockout to stack.

    If you want fluid gameplay, i'm all for that but you gotta at least be honest about it.

    Let me emphasize what you stated verus your above quote. What you're saying isn't the same above as below.

    Testing with a UT axe to simulate the 0.2 atk speed buff, I'm able to shoot skills out quicker with the current play style.

    You're not able to "Shoot skills out quicker". You're still using them at the exact same rate. They are limited by both cooldown and animation length.

    What you are describing is how the attack speed feels more fluid, it has no impact on your skills. Yes you're able to feel like stacking is easier/more fluid but that isn't the same as using skills quicker.

    Simply put what you are implying is that Attack Speed has an impact on Cast animation lock-out which if it did would be a bug.

    With the current method of playing glad, attack speed is a much more important factor. Testing with a UT axe to simulate the 0.2 atk speed buff, I'm able to shoot skills out quicker with the current play style.

    What your stating is not how attack speed is supposed to function. If it is currently doing so it's a bug.

    Attack Speed has nothing to do with cast animation times. The recent change made it so the full animation of skills has to be completed before the next part of the rotation can proceed.

    While improving attack speed may make things feel fluid you're not actually solving the issue. You're just weaving 1-2 more auto attacks in between your skills.

    If Gamigo wants more fluid gameplay the place to start is smoothing cast and auto attack animations and then adjusting (mostly lowering) cooldowns on skills or improving the skill point investment for cooldown reduction.

    Yes i absolutely missed that line. I was speaking solely to the issues that had happened instead and that's my bad.

    Ideally you'd have the cap be some unreasonably unobtainable number even in raids. Additionally the stacking in intensity would only effect the single target DoT's.

    I understand where you're coming from but i have mixed thoughts on this myself. Your way would lean toward making their damage against most raid bosses almost non-existant as they generally have absurd p.def. and hp. At the same time they'd become almost unbearable in PvP.

    Ideally you want the opposite to be true. You want to allow archers to be strong at PvE where they naturally excel while being healthy in PvP. You can't achieve that without having some restriction to how strong DoT effects are (or by having seperate balance for both, but that's a pipe dream).

    Let's just agree to disagree on the optimal solution here and state the obvious they have many unexplored options and they should look into all of them. Be it DoT's scaling on weapon damage, DoT's stacking in intensity, DoT's having more utility, or having some way to proc the DoT's for added burst.

    Xbow and bow damage has already been buffed before. There's nothing complicated about it - it's literally just a number in a database. They can just run the same script, except hopefully this time double check it's correct to run on both EU and NA.

    Regarding keeping static damage for DoT - how does that solve the problems I outlined? How can that help to make them more balanced in both pve and pvp.

    I already laid out that you don't keep them static. Either they stack and increase in intensity or you give them added utility like you pointed out.

    Increasing damage sure that can be done, yes i understand it's just a number in a data file, however that also has more moving parts. You either are selectively forgetting the number of bugs introduced with that change or don't know them, i'm not sure which.

    Fun fact that "simple change" your referencing caused some xbows to have negative damage values, and enchancing them caused other issues.

    DoTs can never be balanced. Buffing that part of the class for the rebalance shows how clueless Gamigo is.

    • They're heavily inconsistent because of varying resists
    • They're useless in raids if there are multiple archers
    • They're extremely inconsistent in pve vs pvp due to the differences in defence/health

    Even worse is how they double down on the mistake every single time and are even considering giving other classes DoT.

    Instead, they should focus on the real problem. Archer damage is pathetic without DoTs. They're supposed to be a top PvE DPS, but they're not simply because they're so weighted on DoTs, which are useless in pve.

    • Buff their base damage (particularly for bows, xbows are already fine)
    • Make their skills cleaner/faster to use (aoes have like 1.5 sec casting time), half the skills are completely useless
    • Possibly bring stacking back
    • If they have debuffs, allow it to scale. Allow the DoT damage to scale with defence and the archer's damage. Give them debuffs that are more useful in different situations, rather than just 3 flat damage poisons.

    It's not a gamigo only thing. Myself and many others pointed this out several times while the game was under Outspark control.

    They likely will never touch weapon/armor stats again because of how weird that system is. Emphasis on again the last major touch was the reduction of evasion on warrior gears some 6 years ago now.

    DoT's are PvE for the reasons listed, but they were pretty much garbage outside of soloing before so atleast they're slightly improved. I don't agree with the need to make them scale, they just need to stack in intensity (single target dots only) but have the cooldowns slighty increased. If the archer has enough time to get you upto 10 stacks of then you derserve that damage. If they unwilling to go that route then the DoT's need to have some utility added as well like reducing p.defense/healing/ total max hp.

    Bringing back stacking is possible but would create more balance problems again and it's best it stays gone.

    Either way i sincerely doubt you'll get meaningful balance updates even with that roadmap.

    Your story is lacking in actual facts.

    One of them being the mention of Cayn. He didn't live in SF, he lived in Texas. I should know i visted him on an occassion.

    Not that this matters any mod or Gm will close this because it serves no purpose other than to throw shade on people who no longer even play the game.

    I refuse to play crusaders because of that simple fact that I have to wait till I reach lvl 100 in order to obtain better skills, it's considered a hero class yet it's so underpowered at lower lvls.

    You can thank the previous developers paranoia for that.

    They used to be substaintally stronger but had a very glaring weakness of almost no CC and less health than at current. To compenstate for the changes they gave them more HP and less reliable damage.

    I've havent been hacked in my life, so clearly i'm doing something right.

    Now what's more likely because it's happened to this game and this company before is that they had a breach.

    However since you failed to understand, Dual Auth is only as good as the person using it and the companies chosen.

    If they don't have a phone, they can get an android emulator (Memu, Bluestacks, Nox etc.). They can then download the Google Authenticator apk and link your account. Easy.

    I too love middlemen it's not like they ever have issue or breaches.

    It would be fair more rational for people to just have good online practices and habbits as opposed to fretting over a now 11 year old games security.