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    Whale = Maxed Cash Shop Player; someone who spends mass quantities of RW Currency on their account; a "loaded" player; etc.

    Learn your gamer terms before making assumptions.

    You're right, I learned something new. I just call them "rich players." All well, guess I should go pick up a gamer dictionary.

    The combat in GT is the fun. It's why guilds enjoy it, two guilds fighting it out. Just because you don't find it fun doesn't mean the rest of the community doesn't. As stated before the quest point system would take Gamigo a longer time to add than just simply raising the requirements (which to my understanding would be just changing some number values). In my eyes it would be a quick fix that could be adjusted in any major patch that coincides with Gamigo's priority list. Nobody wants to do more work than is needed with a quest points system, some real guilds only do GT because content in Fiesta is rather lacking. They shouldn't be forced to slave through quests they don't enjoy.

    Look, you can argue your points all day, and all night long. Silently, your guild(s) are probably front runners and yall enjoy those GT rings *shrugs*

    Good for you.

    You don't seem to be understanding that guilds don't do it only for the rewards, but also for pure fun. So you can laugh at the GT rewards all you want, it doesn't matter and this thread is not about changing the rewards. (GT necklaces are actually very popular for raids now, for your information).

    Warpy's suggestions and just RAISING the limits higher will still be worked around as its utterly easy to obtain 100 these days. One can simply reach 100 in a matter of a WEEK or TWO with the greatest of ease. So that counters that.

    If the requirements were raised substantially, the issue would become less. There would still be a few ghost guilds, but the bracket wouldn't be dominated by them every week. The current requirements, as posted by Cupcake, are 10 level 100 characters. That's a joke.

    How is it complex? Simple Checks. Added line or two of code to generate a "flagged" system for the guilds total completed spammed daily quests. Points earned. More Points = Obviously ACTIVE.

    New "check" added instead of the Recall...don't got at least X 100's on? You Forfeit. - That's about a few lines of code...ADDED to the already existing Recall Check.

    Disabling Combat? Simple. Copy and Paste from Spring Battlefield. Add a few disabling consumables, True Damage consumables (i.e. hits for a 100% guaranteed amount of HP no matter what), and add some script in so that X color entering the facility of the opponent's base gets hit for X Damage per second, and disables any and all buffs, relics, and active boosts (i.e. Endure, Immune, Scrolls, Pots, Etc.)

    You keep adding things to your suggestion as we go on, making it more complex than just raising the requirements. I still can't understand why you want to make another Spring Battlefield when that KQ never gets participation. I understand you most likely don't PvP/GT or don't like it, but as I stated before PvP is a huge profit income for Gamigo. Getting rid of that aspect in GT is unintelligent. Ever since GT was announced it was PvP as it is now, taking that away will ruin a long time loved activity from Fiesta. It's simple: If you don't like PvP you don't have to do GT.

    The quest point system is a simple If And Or Then type of best put it for those without technical know-how.

    ANYONE can code C#, C++, HTML4, HTML5, and the lowly Java.

    Just takes a lil patience, but once you understand the concepts...that's it.

    I don't understand scripting, and won't act like I do. From my perspective it doesn't seem easy. However, since you obviously know what you're doing , I think you should explain it in greater detail so we can all understand. Maybe then we will start to understand your idea.

    Thanks, I am happy I responded so swiftly. Especially when someone is being so rude to everyone else so their point comes across. I believe the backlash you receive is because of your attitude, calling people "jerktards" and "whales." While those are.. interesting insults, they aren't exactly ways to get people on your side.

    support on roars costing 30g each because if you're using sc to buy them they'll cost 31.5g each, so buying with gems is actually better

    add 3k repair for 1G in stores, they cost 600 sc, which is 1.2G, so using gems is better

    I hate getting roars from LH, takes too much time, super inefficient, got carpal tunnel

    The weapon skin suggestion is great, +1

    @ Everyone Against a DECENT GT change...

    Let's just keep it simple, keep it easy, and keep it maintained.

    You guys get sick and tired of signing up just to go against Ghost Guilds...right?

    Here's the solution. Either take it, or shut up already and quit your whining about GT not being fun.

    You say we need to "keep it simple, keep it easy" yet your suggestion is the opposite: it is complex and more work than is needed. Nobody said that GT was not fun, it's just the ghost guilds preventing the real guilds from gaining entry which ruins the availability of "fun".

    Now, this isn't sounding like someone who is"poking someone's inner beast...and relishing it every, step, of, the, way." :/

    Treating GT like Spring Battlefield (literally eliminating the PVP aspect of GT) will make it MUCH MORE challenging. Numbers Vs Numbers Vs LUCK of the RNG Gods. *shrugs*

    Relics and buyables as well as who's got the faster mounts and people = WIN.

    Gonna sneak into the enemy base and bomb everyone? Nope. 1hko for 15,000 damage. If your hp is above 15k...well, you're an easy mark at that point, and watch how fast people gang you (if pvp is left in). Really wanna spam that Magic HP pot? Go ahead...waste your money, but the aura should be slapping you for 15k true damage per second :D;(:D

    This thread is not about changing the entire game play of Guild Tournament, it's about weeding out the ghost guilds. It's naive to think Guild Tournament would be reworked so drastically in terms of game play while a large amount of the player base enjoys it how it is. Additionally with Gamigo's current list of projects, this would be near the bottom and a change wouldn't be made for months or even years. However, Warpy's suggestion of raising the requirements is simpler and can be done more readily. Keep it simple and keep it easy.

    You complain about the PvP aspect of GT when PvP is one of, if not, the biggest source of income for Gamigo. Having top tier SC, charms, enhancing gears, jewels, weapons, etc. Why would Gamigo remove a form of PvP from Fiesta when they make so much money from PvPers?

    SO...either we get something like the above for GT, or just deal with ghost guilds and we'll all sit back and munch on popcorn and sip our favorite beverage watching you piss and moan like impotent jerkwads :whistling::D

    So if it's all the same to you, my friends and I who love GT would rather "piss and moan" than advocate for changing the content entirely <3:*