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    The fragments have been known to be really awful. I bought my braces already enhanced, but I know everyone can't. I'd recommend the purple frags you can get from the Hunters Union dailies on the board in Elderine. I've found to have pretty good luck with those if I did need to enhance.

    are those skin 20% dmg or are they only 10% dmg. I only seen the teva skin which is only 10% dmg. I am waiting for the 10x to try out for my demon bone axe. I plan to send $50 on it. I hope it's enough. Since you got it on 4x. Wouldnt it be easier if I wait for 10x?

    They're 20% dmg like the DB ones! They do sell some 10% skins in the boxes like Teva and other skins, but they have 20% ones they sell as well like the ones I mentioned above. Oh yes, you'll get far more skins using 10X and have a much higher chance at getting what you want. At the end of the day it's all luck, but with 10X you'll at least get a few.

    I think the fastest and most reliable way to make gems is gifting, but there's a lot of risk in it as there's a lot of awful people. Farming is either a hit or a miss, and the market fluctuates so often it's hard to predict what will be worth farming.

    If you want a specific skin, I would recommend the weapon specific boxes that are Nature's Beauty, Criteron, or Phoenix skins (but the Phoenix ones are ugly). I was able to get skins from those boxes pretty easily compared to the DB box.

    I'd only do the DB box if I had an empty account and didn't know what character to make. But if you want DB for the looks instead, I'd play it on 4x. I got my wand in about 3-4 tries, and my axe took much longer maybe about 15-20 tries?

    Just make sure you take a credit if it't not a skin so you can get some free spins. Good luck!

    You can only gift half of what you buy. So for example, if you buy 100k sc you can only gift 50k sc. I believe you have to charge again in order to gift.

    1. A mount

    2. Storage items old bags/iron box/iron case.

    3. Teva (for higher levels)

    4. If you plan to do the questing and repeats killing yourself I'd recommend charms, extenders, costumes, bundles to enhance weapons/gear, etc. But if you plan to join parties with a designated killer, you don't need to worry about those as much. I think one of the easiest ways to find questing help is joining a good guild. There are plenty of guilds with members that will help you.

    Many players have been very disappointed to learn that the critical on a license is not universal and I believe that after all the idea of making it such - assuming it is technically possible - can bring the licenses back in vogue other than provide something "extra" to work on given how stagnant the contents have been recently especially at cap... so +1 to this suggestion!

    And if Kentomaru's suggestion isn't feasible for whatever reason, I hope Gamigo could consider to introduce special licenses involving elite, instance and dungeon mobs/bosses to make the whole license system something more interesting farming-wise.

    I do share the same feelings as The Jumping Lord, you were a very friendly GM symphatetic with the community's issues and I am positive that you tried your very best in every circumstance including having to deal with the daily backlash you did not deserve, I am sorry to see you go.

    I personally loved the comeback of the Magazine and the events you hosted, it's sad to know that probably your loss in the team might affect them, other than that I personally have to thank you for the assistance via Discord you gave to me and to some other players, you are an extremely helpful and polite person.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, may luck always follow you in whatever you do! <3

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm so thankful to have gotten a Player Spotlight before she left. Best wishes to HoneyTeddy and her new endeavors.

    Server: Isya

    Guild: Mythic

    Guild Master: Liability

    After the reset/maintenance on January 14, 2020 the guild I am apart of, Mythic, lost our guild buff. The first screenshot attached shows that on May 28, 2019 we had 152,902 hours of guild buff, theoretically 6,300 days. In the second screen shot, you can see we have 4,144 graduated academic members. Top in the server. The third screenshot shows that on January 14, 2020 we have 0 guild buff. The last screenshot shows our current situation. Our guild buff is increasing as players level in our academy. However, we should not have lost our hours of guild buff to begin with. To our knowledge, this has not happened to any other guild. It took us years to build up our guild buff, so this is obviously very upsetting. Looking for help, thanks!lovehoney