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    My current one so far! As you can tell, my theme is pink. I still need to tweak some things and do the bottoms icons eventually.

    Compensation like reward maybe we shouldnt ask for that, but is it reasonable to ask for extension on sc items. It is not our fault that we get dc'ed every 5mins we login to the game. They created this patch and it took them awhile to fix it, so it is reasonable to ask for 1 week sc extension for the stuff we activated before this fiasco started.

    Yep I did chose my wording wrong when I said "compensation" I admit!

    It would be great to have a compensation honeyrofl but for now I'm very happy that Gamigo has listened to the community honeyhap and they have implemented what we were asking for in this patch honeyluck

    Yep! I do agree:P but rip my SC hahahaha

    An extension for SC items would be nice but why do they need to compensate us for anything else? We got the 5 minute disconnects fixed, and we got dual clienting. I don't see what they owe us.

    Well yes, the D/C issues and the dual client being fixed is beneficial to us and very nice. However, we had these thing before Xign was implemented. When XingCode was originally implemented it made the game unplayable with its issues, despite them testing Xign on a test server before. Meanwhile, anyone with SC running lost about a week of SC which isn't exactly cheap.

    So I don't see the issue with asking for an extension of our SC items due to their inability to implement a program, that they previously tested, without issues.

    Is there going to be any compensation given to us because of the instability of the game for the past week which made it unbearable to play? Myself like so many others had our SC just wasting away without being able to make use of it. I'm sure everyone would appreciate an increase time on our SC items.




    totally not stalking this thread

    I absolutely adore the first weapon skins set and the second! The second is just so cute and would look adorable in the Fiesta animation. I'd love to slice n dice my enemies with a wooden spoon 1h & dinner plate shield. ;)

    Fiesta honestly needs MORE hairstyle options and I love yours. I also wish we could do highlights or more than one color of hair. I've seen PServers do it and it just adds another layer of customization.

    The monster bottoms definitely should be added since they would go really nicely with the monster tank tops.

    A whale mount would be absolutely precious but I love the ice skating mount idea! It would be cool if as you skate it kinda made ice beneath you. (I totally didn't get that idea from Frozone from the incredibles:D)

    I didn't even read the new rules about signatures (lol). Mine is Height of 150 and Width of 400 and seems to be allowed. Hopefully that was just a typo in the rules because I don't want to have to resize mine. Thank you for the info! :)

    Figured it out while making guides^^ Hope this helps! queenlove

    That did the trick! Thank you very muchhoneyhap

    Can someone help me figure out how to upload a signature? Lol I made one in Photoshop but I don't see an option to upload a file from my computer in the signature editor.slimecry

    EDIT: I think I figured it out for now. I had to upload my signature to my DA then copy the image link. But it still links back to DA which is kinda annoying. If anyone knows another way please let me know!