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    ok tell me how this reduces any ticket sent in? How many tickets about switch skin back to premium box do they get a day? A million? Lol very few I bet. The only reason I see anyone need to switch skin back into premium is someone accidentally clicked on a skin not belonging to that class. Example I have a fighter and accidentally click on a hammer skin from premium. So tell me how many ppl really accidentally clicked on the wrong skin??? Lmao. This doesn't solve the ticket issue imo.

    It might not be a lot of ticket send ins, but I would guess they're pretty common. I was just saying it would help them reach more important tickets faster, since this new exchange is without having to send in a ticket.

    +1 this seems to be a fair compromise to make everyone happy! evilhoney

    You can't use the set unless is replenished which gives reasons to people to continue to farm the DQ instance, but at the same time you no longer risk to lose a valuable item you've spent a lot of time and money to obtain.

    I agree! I know myself and others would love to put our time and money into getting these sets, but with having to farm a ton to renew them AND others wanting the fragments (the drop rates aren't the greatest) it gets too difficult to maintain. This would be a nice solution!

    +1! I would love for the estate system to be looked at again. I think it has some great potential to it. I think it would be nice to be able to access our storage inside as well (maybe with purchasing an unlock from the item shop). I love the idea above about adding some type of gathering system.

    WE DID IT I just bought a bunch of normal +30 pets after months and months of buying the [Auto] pets because I lost faith and NOW it's fixed honeysleep

    aw well, ty gamigo

    WE. DID. THAT.

    Now we just need t6 production to be added since they nerfed shinies, as they were the only source of t6 pots/scrolls...whistlehoney

    I like this idea, it's a lot more thought out than others I've seen proposed. Players would still spend quite a bit of money to get the unwanted skins, so I don't think Gamigo would lose out too much (but they obviously would lose some money as you stated). And I'm like you in that I have so many skins that I won't use ever. Maybe they could add some type of price for this in-game as well as an attempt at a gold sink.

    The only problem with pulling in guilds that did not originally make it won't be ready to do GT if they don't know they will be having a match. So I would say just let that ghost guild get its month ban and it should start sorting itself out, because then you might end up banning guilds that WOULD have showed up if they KNEW they would have a match :X but did not because the schedule was changed last second,

    If people start logging just one character to teleport in possibly raise it to 5 people need to teleport or at least be online. This "should" prevent most solo people from logging 5 characters to go into a GT.

    In theory, pulling guilds would be kinda good but not really. It would mess up the brackets, and like MintyGreens said, guilds might not be preapred to do that.

    The problem with that, is on Pagel Guilds seem to most commonly join in groups of 5 which works just fine. doing that would basically erase the GT on Pagel, because no guild would be able to do it.

    I was under the impression that GT on Pagel was disabled. Did they enable it again? Sadly, when it comes to most discussions on the forums, it's geared towards Isya and not Pagel.:(

    They should implement a feature where the Guilds are chosen into Guild Tournament based on Academy ranking.
    So only the top 16 Guilds based on their Academy ranking will be selected, able to participate.

    This will be an incentive for higher-tier Guilds to boost their rewards for Academy funds, and run a more active Academy.
    This will boost the economy as it's a slight Gold-sink, and the noobs will have more money to spend.

    I don't think academy should have anything to do with GT, solely because people can plvl their academies and there's a low nuber of actual new players. But if it wasn't for those factors, I do think it would be a good gold sink for the economy.

    In a PvE setting, like Yawn said, the two are pretty interchangeable. Wizards get Meteor Summon as an extra AOE, but that's it. However if you PvP, then the Warlock will outshine the Wizard. I went with a warlock solely because I prefer wands and the skills (sleep and bird). They also have gotten treated much better than wizards in terms of the re-balance that was taking place.


    25 SPR & rest INT

    25 SPR & 33 DEX & rest INT

    33 DEX & rest INT

    full INT

    For builds, these are the ones I see the most. I think most are either full int or 25 spr rest int. I went with full int on my warlock. I fully SC my character when I play it, so I can make up for the lack of aim or crit. If you do not sc fully or that heavily, the 25 spr is good for that crit.

    I wonder if implementing a system where if a guild enters in but no one shows up to the match (meaning no one for that guild teleports) then possibly they put in a temp ban on the guild for a month not to be able to register into GT. If the guild does this 3 times then that guild is permanently banned from participation into GT? Or if perm banning is a bit much maybe a 1 year ban. So its a long time, and is actual punishment but then the guild doesn't become wasted or something by a perm GT ban.

    I actually really like this suggestion. A lot of these "ghost guilds" will not even show up to matches, so banning them would be a great first attempt as resolving this issue. I think the month ban is good, given how many guilds register now an actual guild can register for a month and not get in. The permanent ban might be excessive, but maybe with every ban another month could be added. I do understand that some of these guilds might just start logging one character to participate, but I think this would be a really good first step if implemented.

    As others said, you will have far more to do at level 115 than 135. 110 can do a lot of the same content at 115, but a character at 115 will do it better.

    110 Content 115 Content 120 Content 135 Content
    Malephar (world boss)

    Helga (world boss)

    Chimera (world boss)

    Succubus Queen Karen (world boss)

    Origin of Life Tree (included because there are magrite bosses that drop 110 gear and it's a great palce to farm charms/mats/etc.)

    Arena lvls 101-110 (capture the flag styled pvp KQ)

    Emperor Slime (KQ)

    Fortress of Shadows (KQ)

    Devildoom Foretress (dungeon)

    Secret Laboratory (dungeon)

    Burning Adealia (dungeon)
    Malephar HC (world boss)

    Helga HC (world boss)

    Chimera (world boss)

    Succubus Queen Karen (world boss)

    King Albiero (world boss)

    Origin of Life Tree (included because there are magrite bosses that drop 110 gear and it's a great palce to farm charms/mats/etc.)

    Arena KQ lvls 111-120 (capture the flag styled pvp KQ)

    Emperor Slime (KQ)

    Bijou's Sanctuary (KQ)

    Devildoom Foretress (dungeon)

    Secret Laboratory (dungeon)

    Burning Adealia (dungeon)

    Siren's Castle normal/HC (easier on a 120, but can be done on a 115). (dungeon)
    Succubus Queen Karen (world boss)

    King Albiero (world boss)

    Devildoom Fortress (dungeon)

    Bijou's Sanctuary (KQ)

    Arena KQ lvls 111-120 (capture the flag styled pvp KQ)

    Siren's Castle normal/HC (dungeon)
    Shaman Khazul (world boss)

    Citadel of Chaos (dungeon)

    Temple Of Gods (dungeon)

    Demonic Queen Karen (dungeon)

    I might be forgetting a KQ or so, but this is the main content at each level

    You can solo a bit of this content depending on your class at 115. At 135, there's nothing you can do solo. Also at 135 you need to be fully SC'd, and the content favors certain classes over others. So if you're not a gladiator, mage, or cleric, it might be hard to find a group. Whereas at 115, it's not completely harsh on classes than the ones previously listed and some content you can do with minimal or no sc.

    If you like to PvP, then I think 135 would be your best bet. The 135 pvp community is active, but I'm not too sure about 115.