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    Would it be horribly difficult to take the Vale Beak model from Kahal Canyon and make it into a mount? I think having those derpy birds running around town would make a lot of people happy. Just a mount suggestion!

    I kind of want to go ham on heals and be full support, but I want to also be useful. Are there any instances at end game in which you actually prefer to have a guardian with you? Or is it just HK only? I know HK's bring awesome utility in the form of buffs, etc (and I already have one), but I really would just like to try guardian out. I just don't want to level really far up to find out people are going to fill up with HK's and sit you out. Thanks for any insight! <3

    Makes a lot of sense. Doubling the client size would make Fiesta laggier than it already is. Maybe we can at least get more hair tones one day! slimetongue and um a bald cut too. xD

    I love this game. I've been playing it for almost a decade, and I STILL don't have a normal shade of brown for my character's hair. Also, whyyy can't our characters have brown or tanned skin at all? Would it really be so hard to fix? I am white, so I'm represented. But...there's like half the population of the game that you're not representing. If I had to play a game where my character's skin could only be green, I'd be miffed bc I'm not green. You get my point. ;) I don't know what all goes into making a change like this, but I think it would be a lovely fix for the game.



    I'm just curious as the files I used to edit and replace are gone. I don't know if I need to verify game files or if they took that option away. I miss having a custom UI. Can I still have one? Thanks!

    I sent in a ticket and was told that the error was forwarded, and they couldn't say when or if the issue would be fixed. I'm seriously beyond copying a file into a folder every time I want to launch. I also don't want to BYPASS the PATCHER every time I play and then have to manually check for patches. I'm also not going to delete Steam from my PC if that's the third-party software they're talking about; I still get the error with Steam completely exited out and having no Fiesta files attached to it. When I saw the GM linking to this section of the forum for a fix, I was hopeful, but this isn't a fix at all. :( I'll probably bypass the patcher for now because I already have some attachment to the game, but I bet new players won't go as far. They shouldn't have to. We should have a functioning client regardless. :O

    Hi, guys! I saw another thread on the forum earlier this week about Pagel's population and what can be done to increase it. I main on Isya and got to wondering: could a new player really even level on Pagel? Kingdom Quests are a huge part of leveling, and how can KQs be done with a low population? What about reps? Just how hard would it be if a new player decided to choose a server other than Isya?

    I decided to put my questions to the test! I've always wanted to start streaming on Twitch, so this month, I'll be starting my first stream...on Pagel! I'll be making a brand new cleric (because let's go hard, right?) to see if a new player can really level on the server, and if not, shouldn't we be doing something about it?

    Feel free to join with me! Roll your own character or just stop by for videos. You can find me on my channel at: I'm hoping to start this little project sometime this weekend. Inbox me your character names on Pagel if you wanna buddy up! I've already got a couple of friends ready to roll.

    What do you think, guys? Can it be done? Can you give me any tips as I get started (or maybe even send some guild suggestions my way)?

    Much love! ♥ (IGN: Yimy, Pagel) honeyluck