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    Lol i was not being defensive and my comment was simple and clear. If you don't want discord, fine. It's your choice after all. Thing is, they did update us on the forum at least even if it's just a little bit of information. Also, The reason why they probably didn't post anything on the forum yet is because they have no more news then ''we are working on it''. I have no dc issues at the moment and it seems like other players are able to play for a long period of time as well. They just need some time. Also, this was not your post but simply_me_q's post. You only added a comment and most of the things you said made me laugh as none of it on regards to me is true. I may be Snippy to you but at least i get my info faster by being on discord ^^


    If you were on the discord chat, you would have seen that both Akher and Kuroneko came to talk to us multiple times. No they did not post anything official on the forum, except for Akher on regards to the xigncode, but they still both took time to try and update us as much as they can. For the moment, there will not be any updates until tomorrow as the developers do not work during the weekends.

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    First of all, i suggest you register to our Fiesta Online discord, as this has been discussed for the past couple of days with SGMKuroneko.

    There are already multiple Fixes on the general discussion if you are having troubles opening the game. Here is the current situation: After implementing XIGNCODE, the server became unstable and a lot of players kept being disconnected under 5-10 minutes. The developers agreed to keep XIGNCODE even though it might be the reason for the instability of the server. Third party programs such as Sandboxie and Virtual box are no longer allowed and XIGNCODE will disconnect you when using those. They will work on implementing a multi login feature in the near future but no other updates on that for the moment.


    I would suggest you register to our Fiesta online Discord as this issue has been confirmed by Kuroneko as a top priority for the development team. Only thing is that they do not work during the weekends so we should not see a fix before Monday although it might take them a bit more time as XIGNCODE might be the reason why the servers are so unstable.


    It would also be nice if they reinserted the allocation settings for the drops where each player got his/her own drops. This is becoming a pain when prtying for repeats whit other people while not using sandboxie..


    Dc should be fixed by Wednesday (which is what i assume) but the soonest should be Monday. They did say they would work on implementing a multi log in feature, although it may take some time due to the coding being very messed up in the game. (Due to the game not being coded properly in the first place).

    Let's hope we can play Monday queenlove

    You have to understand that implementing a Multi log in the game does take time. The game was not created by Gamigo and the current coding were not done properly by the company who created the game. They are also keeping XIGNCODE and no longer allowing third party software because they found out that some people were using cheating programs. It has only been a couple of days, we need to be comprehensive and give them some time. The disconnection issue should be resolved before Wednesday at most. After that, they will work on implementing the Multi log in client which should maybe take from one week to 1-2 months (That is the time frame i have in mind for such coding in a game like fiesta and was not approved by any GM or DEV)

    The developers are not in any way idiots, you should be careful of what you say on the forum as to not be Banned from it. It is simply complicated to work on someone else's work and can sometimes cause some issues. XIGNCODE did work properly on the test server, but test servers and live servers are completely different, hence the possibility of issues like the ones that we are experiencing at the moment.

    I know this is an inconvenience and i am on your side on regards to this, just try to relax, play another game in the meantime and come back when there's a fix (Which is what i am doing at the moment.)


    oxidia, I do understand that this might be annoying for you, it is for everyone. The only way that we will ever get something done with Gamigo is if we all push together as a community. That way, we got old Roumen back! Who knows what we can get if we all side together?

    Also, the disconnection happens for almost everyone at the moment. The servers are currently unstable due to XIGNCODE and there will not be a fix before Monday as the developers do not work during the weekends. We should probably expect a dc fix between Monday and Wednesday.

    Unfortunately, I doubt Gamigo will give any refund on regards to this. Your best option would be to send out a ticket and see where it goes.


    I did but then got disconnected under 5 minutes so i uninstalled the game and will now be waiting for a fix that should be in place between Monday-Wednesday. queenlove