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    In Sorah's KQ for lvl 65-79 there is this mage, when we get the room with the bosses, which you gotta kill in order, he always kills them randomly while everyone tries to find the right order.

    Last time we had 3 mins to get to the chest to finish the kq! and its unfair! He does it every single time. Not one time it happend! And with the new ticket system, I really tried to figure it out, but couldnt send a ticket!

    Thank you for your time. I did not video it, cause my PC is pretty old, sometimes hardly runs Fiesta, and maybe if I meet him again I can take some screenshots!


    Zao You get 200 if you have full attendance, but if you miss a day in a week, you wont get the week prize, and that prize is 30 coins, am I right?

    So, if you are casually playing, but you miss a day, cause it happens, you can get 20 coins per that week, and maybe manage to do the rest of the weeks full.

    And if you dont do any full week, but you get the other ancient parchments, you can get max. 80 attendance stamps..

    So if I wanted a beauty coupon.. and I miss to do a full week, I would need about 3 months to get one?

    I agree with you that perm mounts should be hard to get, but 6 months its too much, and you can still get Blue Crab by a chance in lucky house. And that wont take 6 months!

    Some of us may struggle to get on everyday...and if thats so, we dont deserve anything good?

    Sven idea is very good, in its own way. KQ rewards haven't got changed much, right?

    I believe this attendance system is much better. The quests take from 2 to 5 mins max to do. Which is not such time wasting.

    But on what I disagree is the price of the items in shop, which could be discounted at 50% of it. Cause 6 months for a perm mount? And that only if you dont miss a day of login! But if you do? Well, no mount every 6 months for you :D And the rewards should be worth as they were before. The charm was given after a week of logins? Then it should be worth a week of logins. And since it was given a def+attack charm, they both should have a total amount of a week of stamps.

    I would rather work for a vulture, the majesty!

    Would you rather go a day without facebook or without instagram? I dont know if it was asked before, but I'm curious on this subject. :D

    I did attendance on all my chars, before and after the maint, and got no stamps. I hope its not "by luck" that you get some or not. Also I had parchels before the maint, and they got deleted after :/

    I will address this here, since I got totally ignored on discord by our lovely GM's.

    The rewards for attendance event are the same like last month. literally the same, cant we get a change? Maybe some other weekly rewards? I'd like to see more variety.

    Please, answer this so I dont waste my time trying to get the same rewards on and on. And also, probably thats why you didnt post a new attendance, because the rewards are the same.?(?(?(

    Of course Malephar isn't such an easy beast to control. The moment it saw uruga with the bright jewel of light, it turned galloping away.



    Ep please, also.. Kentomaru you won once.. isnt it that everyone can win once?! Thank you.

    The 28 days rewards was because back then, there were no daily rewards, only weekly. So now they give daily rewards, and weekly aswell, and they'd think thats more than enough. Because you get 28 rewards among the attendance event.

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