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    my scout currently makes scrolls and stones, I have a low level mage designated for pots. Would it be more profitable to just make them myself and sell rather than being gouged for low may prices? Also, how are rates for being a dropper for DT? I’m on Isya if that matters.

    Hi there! I've been an off and on player of Fiesta for some time. I've had the itch to play again, with only really a level 78 Scout to my name.

    I guess I just had some questions in regards to making gold in game right now. Is there anything at my level worth doing? Are Mara card farmers still decent gold? I haven't been active since before server merges, and so the amount of tradeable SC items I see around Uru/Eldy are news to me. Mostly looking to keep further spending to a minimum. Thanks for your time!

    nature mist (cd& dmg) ,piercing shot (sd&dmg) ,multi bloodshot(cd&dmg)
    aimed shot (dmg),powershot(dmg)
    poison shot (cd), bone shot (cd) , venomous shot (cd)
    dazing arrow (cd)
    nuture speed (cd)

    If you don't mind me asking - why would one empower Aimed/Power Shot if you stop getting upgrades after prestige as a Ranger?

    Hey all. I've noticed a lot of people sharing their skill point distribution for SS in the Archer Class thread, but none for Rangers. Anyone here able to chime in/share their skill layout? :)

    YHrFVcsHey everyone!

    So I recently made a new account to start the game over. I played years ago and just wanted to pop in from time to time to play a little and reminisce about the fun I had back in the day in Fiesta. However, I was only able to launch the game once before it froze up on the login screen. Any further attempts to log in, I am greeted with the following error. If anyone knows what could fix this, any help is appreciated!

    Hey everyone. So I just wanna preface this by saying that I've watched Fiesta over the years, but it's been a few since my last active time playing. What's changed in the past 3 to 4 years? Does this game hold up? I remember a server merge when I last played, but am unsure of what has happened since then. I've been kind of hit by nostalgia, but I don't wanna ruin the way I remember the game if it's gotten *THAT* bad over the years.