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    With my suggestion, moving only Malephar gear drops to chests, and moving Weapons, Bracelet and Jewels to the boss will allow the proper DD's to contribute to gain something useful. Having the hardcore players fight over the useful items, and getting the noobies to fight over the junk items.
    Everyone wins.

    No they don't, only the glads will win. Everyone else will have to hope that they get given something for their class (which glads will only part with if it can't be sold at some over inflated price), and never get the chance of the jewels.

    Experience over the past 12 years in various situations as a cleric has proven exactly this. "Hey can I have that drop please? It's for a cleric" "Er no it wasn't, it was fighter".....because I don't know as a cleric what cleric gears look like in the nano second before you picked it up. OR I get the response "Sure you can have it for XXX gems".

    Thanks but no thanks. And you can say "only party those glads you trust", but what if no such glads are attending the raids? Or if you plain and simple don't know any glads at that level because you took a break? etc etc etc lol

    That being said I think you do have some great points and how there should be less focus on leveling through repeats, grinding and plvling instead of party content.

    More social content and less elitism.

    Ah this reminds me of the good old days, where people partied up to kill things in order to level or you just DIDN'T level! Those days were fun, and I made many friends this way :)

    Why nerf HK? As an HK I do not find the cross to be overpowered. You can barely keep it perm up if you empower the cool down. It also does not overly heal, it is like just right for the heals.

    But I do think guardians are the broken class. Their bubbles has been broken since the beginning and that truly needs to be fixed. I also think their rebirth should act like tears of legal, bring back the dead's buffs/scrolls and such.

    And in order classes should always be buffed first to bring them comparatively to the other class, rather than weaken the more balanced of the two, because honestly this just makes it sound like "HK have it too good, they should be ruined just like guard" rather than "HK seem too OP but I wonder if guardians were not broken would they be more comparable to each other"

    Thank you Minty! I keep on and on saying this too! :)

    Too cold - at least I could snuggle underneath many many blankets....oh wait I already do this! honeyroflhoneyrofl

    Would you rather eat sweet or savoury food for the rest of your life? (No health implications, just preference lol)

    They wouldn't be able to implement this, as all Servers get the the information from the patches together, and the code doesn't allow specific server patches. It's all Server/Client side to ALL Servers.
    They would need to make a new client for a new Test Server for new patches.

    It doesn't have to be the same client :) Merely an idea to please both sides of this test server argument lol

    I think a new server that had the newest patch available for testing by us players before it got implemented to the main servers would be a good idea. That way you'd have larger numbers to see if that causes issues. I'm thinking that initial test server results suggested that the pets and mail systems were fine, but then the players got their mitts on it and kaboom! honeyroflhoneyroflhoneyroflhoneyrofl

    Only have it up and running for like a day or two, so that no one camps there permanently, and maybe set a level range depending on the new content. Like, if you implement 135 stuff in the patch, then you can only create a 135 char for the test. If it's general stuff like the mailbox then obviously the level won't matter.

    Need a zillion likes on this post! :) I couldn't agree more about the changes in attitude etc!

    P.S. Remember that if you become a GM you'll be signing NDA's and if you then shoot your mouth off should things not work out then gamigo can and almost certainly will sue (not aimed at you Shawn_V01 !)

    It's just a matter of making sure you word it properly so it is easily understandable, and also realizing the pro, cons and implied effects of your ideas. That's what discussion is for, not a slugfest on who's right and wrong.

    Well said HoneyTeddy! I'm getting annoyed seeing the rants at players who's opinions differ from their own, or just a "do this pl0x" attitude, so I can only imagine how much more you see/deal with! :)

    I've always thought that there should be elemental aspects to the this point I think there should be class resets available, where you keep your char, but go back to lvl 1 in a "hardcore" mode and learn over again.....if that makes any sense at all lol

    Sorry I'm with Minty here. Just because an HK isn't seen as a healing cleric, doesn't mean you should strip away it's ability to heal effectively....after all up until lvl 100 that's pretty much all we do! We are and should always be healers....otherwise why not remove ALL skills from a cleric who chooses to be an HK and give them entirely new skills that....idk....makes them fly and shoot out spiderwebs to catch mobs in? Yes, I'm being overly dramatic here, but I hope you see my point. Don't make HK's redundant just to make a distinction between HK and guard.

    Having an aoe at an earlier level would be a huge boost to the cleric class, and lvl 60 is a reasonable suggestion as a lot of clerics suddenly find themselves having to grind for exp solo at this level as kq's drop off and not everyone can afford to pay their way through CC....especially clerics who find it hard to farm drops (because who has 30 mins available to bash one boss for a chance at a super bad drop?!).

    I like the idea of a passive that increases with heals....might encourage a lot of clankers to actually hate of mine when playing a non-cleric class is having a cleric in the party who thinks throwing the odd buff when asked is all they have to do in a party.