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    the former company didn't give up on it. They had a lawsuit against them. I don't remember further details than that but yea, gamigo rescued the game back then. Other than that, I agree with every word you said :)

    There was once upon a time a quest in the secret commander chain that required a book drop from the secret mage mobs in sand hill. I can't recall if that was pre-gamigo or not - it's been too long lol

    in the modern days, Talking to people in person is simpler and simpler. online is the way to go I say! because it's talking to people. ( the isolation is best atm anyways)

    - recipes are the foundation to learning the craft and letting people open their wings and fly by twisting, changing, or creating brand new ones. food wise.

    Which series is better (to you,) The Wheel of Time or Eragon (provided you read either one. Yes I'm a fantasy Nerd BTW!)

    I've not read The Wheel of Time, so thanks for the suggestion lol - guess I have to answer Eragon by default right now ;)

    I've watched 2 seasons of Shannara on Netflix, but was hoping for more lol. Hopes and dreams dashed *sigh*

    Don't you people ever get tired of posting useless senarios day after day on this thread. Like what good is it going to do anyone if we know whether you would rather cook a recipe or code a game or knowing if you would rather talk to someone in person or online? This thread does not serve any benefit to humanity.

    It does serve a benefit to humanity - it connects us and creates a community in what is becoming a more and more isolated world, plus makes you think about doing/reading/watching things you might not ordinarily choose to. So it also broadens your horizons.

    Would you rather eat only hot food or only cold food for the rest of your life?

    No more Shannara Chronicles?! Why have I missed that news?! :(

    Toilet paper - my kids seem to eat that and definitely don't eat spaghetti lol

    Would you rather be given the choice to stay home, or be forced to stay home if healthy?

    and that is why moving to a KQ system works instead of "world" raids,
    as for leeching in side both raids and KQ's oh well. there is plenty of other ways to implement more protections, which they have already implemented three types. in KQ so far but thinking of a way could help for instance adding in the case of the knowing which person has done something in this new KQ system. DDF and CC, have their own dungeon score boards that pop up after the boss is done and even clerics included to it. so perhaps implementing it on a KQ single instance would help. that would than Give a person a token which is part of the KQ system thus making the Gear/Jewelry system stabilize rather than chances and every single guild could create a pool of tokens for themselves rather than try to hoard drops or force guilds to do certain loot systems (and yes we have seen that favoritism/nepotism issue as well). or DDers and support damage/heals could then be able to build their own needs for themselves. and as long as it's within those ranges 90-135 these KQ boss runs would be a better placement to the community in general. rather than inflated gear/jewelry being sold. that would take out some of the issues of where gear came from as well as allowing people to rise to their current without fighting with guilds but helping out themselves and the community. and to point out what raids should feel like, just take a notice of Bijou Sanctuary. 115-129. that is a hard to do KQ. but it's possible with the right amount of players in it. now if they powered up some stuff to Raid KQs then they would be the same as bijou sanctuary, (a KQ Raid needing a helping the highest level players etc.) and more people would then join on their own time thus making it easier and easier to move on rather than being forced by a single guild/private expo to advance a Raid.
    TDLC KQ's would work better because several birds in hand are better than beating the bushes. and people would than be able to stabilize the economy. and some drama would ease.


    I would crit the guardian in the party over you, just for the lolz ;(

    But seriously, I know who to crit and who not to crit, and just having maximum SC as you stated does not mean the player knows how to play. SittingPretty stated that in her experience, as it is in mine as well, the people who do not rely on SC tend to know how to play their characters better. It is not to say that some SC-ed players don't know how to play their characters, I know several of those as well. I would much rather play with them over you though :* Since their God-tier status speaks for itself rather than needing to be stated by the person claiming God-Tier.


    I would argue I do play this game efficiently, as I do not need to spend whole paychecks to run a simple dungeon. You say "the more sced the players are" they would want a HK. There are plenty of people out there who run on base minimum SC, tradables only, or no SC and raid just as fine.

    I think personally the better players (and I'm basing this purely on my experience!) are those that don't rely on being heavily sc'd. They work better as a team IMO.

    Actually I prefer to switch between people to heal. Try playing with me sometime before you make such assumptions please! I rarely use the cross skill personally. I find that I am better off healing individuals based on their hp needs rather than just going "oh here, pt heal, job done".

    Doesn't mean that I don't observe others game play styles though, or see the flaws/merits of skills even if I don't necessarily use them.

    Actually I do tend to play only with people I can trust - bitter experience has taught me that. That or I'll be a lone wolf. Either or.

    And I'm sorry, but I think that any class who attends and helps in a raid DESERVES the chance of getting the drop. Cleric or otherwise. I'm merely highlighting that a cleric won't deal damage so systems based on this are flawed. Archers are just as likely to hang back, and mages, so also wouldn't be directly under a boss to spam pick up when it dies. I can champion those classes too if you like?

    And I never said the loot boxes were fair, hence my suggestion to have more of a kq reward box system.