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    Zao People have this nasty tendency to grab whatever drops they can get rather than what they actually need (e.g. a HK item but they only have a guard) and then sell it at some stupid price. This prices players out of the market, particularly those who don't belong to a power guild and therefore don't have the cash to buy these items. It also puts new players off when they see these prices. Add to that what might be a horrific drop rate in the first place, and it pushes the prices higher still. Hope that helps explain it :)

    You know what I'd like to see? A team of people who log in to the game and warp to you to figure out what's happening when you report a bug. An in game test if you like. That would be a huge help, and stop the frustration of send in a ticket, get a standard reply, hear nothing, see no change.

    OMG yes to a small aoe for clerics!! We shouldn't have to rely on others to kill for us if we choose to go questing, nor be forced to bash to death one mob in 2 minutes either! Hell, as a cleric who likes nothing more than to be challenged with the number of people to heal/rev/cure, I'd even go so far as to say I'd like an aoe that can only target a circle around me (and not cast where I like) so that should I pull aggro with heals I can at least kill things slowly on my own without needing a rescue from someone else. I mean it's cute and all being a damsel in distress, but I'd like to be able to hold my own with mobs ;)

    The pet system, as I understand it, got developed and all worked absolutely fine when it got tested. So it got released and that's when the troubles started. Because there is no area within a regular server that can be used for testing these new systems, so see how the large number of players/regular game play will affect it. Would you test out the wings for a plane, one engine out of the four needed, and a totally different fuel to what would be used by the airline before the plane is built in it's entirety? No. You run proper checks once it's built, then also build in safety features if god forbid the worst still happens. Same logic is needed here!

    Guild halls have been a pet suggestion of mine for AGGGGGGESS. I envisioned something akin to a European Medieval great hall (think a huge hall decorated with sets of armour, guild emblems etc) in looks, maybe a "book" you'd "sign" to say you were online that day, a wooden chest you'd interact with to deposit funds and items for guild storage, and also an area where you could practice fighting for guild wars. Not like a training arena, but like a mini guild war, so you could fight each other and learn what strengths and weaknesses everyone has. Honestly, this could seriously ramp up the interest in guilds for all those who aren't in a "power" guild, increase the community feeling, and has sc potential too. I say that because you could buy sc suits of armour that would provide a guild boost in something....idk what, it's just a general idea....and maybe have a maximum of 3 available at anyone time in the guild hall. It'd be fun to play around with those to figure out what would work best for the guild!

    Oh, and while we're on a guild note.....why not have a once a day guild raid? Not for gears that you can then sell and harm the economy even more with, but again just for fun or a teensy boost/buff for all the guild. And don't level limit it either, let it be for all but have safety zones or something so that acad members could help to start with and then watch and learn from those with a higher level.

    Spot claiming isn't an acceptable excuse for kill stealing, and actually in the past the powers that be have taken a very dim view of this behaviour.

    Zao the slimes that PrinceOfPersia refers to are rare drops compared to say dusts/meat/etc. There are very few mobs in the game that drop them, and even then they aren't dropped at the same rate as other drops. From the top of my head, I can say miners in Burning Rock, elf knights (I think?!) in Ancient Elven Woods are examples of mobs that drop them if you want to go testing this out for yourself. Dusts/meat etc can also be bought from NPC's like Nina in Elderine, but you cannot purchase slimes.

    The best way to get slimes in any quantity at all is to spam KKP kq, as you'll get maybe 15 in a good reward box. This is why a lot of people perm at 76.

    OK , was the other person fighting first and then you took it? Because yes that's KS'ing. Personally, I always ask if it's needed for a quest, get the kill for them in party then boot them. They're grateful for the help normally. Doesn't take much to be courteous.

    I like this idea, but as Zao says, what happens once everyone's money has been spent? I can see it working the first time around just fine, MAYBE the second time, but once all those gems are gone? What happens then? Do we wait for another 10 years to get the gems built up before it can happen again? Or do we then adjust the amount needed to reflect the economy on a monthly basis, which is a lot of work and frankly I don't even know if Gamigo has the data of how much in game currency is out there.

    IF this was put out there as a "hey veterans, we want more people to play and we need your help to get new players, this is a one time event, lets make it happen!" type thing, then that might work? Maybe every 6 months/annually?

    Oh geeze, you can tell that the people who come up with these ideas don't actually play a cleric. I have started over on Isya and have a 7x cleric there now. I don't get spammed for buffs, but equally I buff anyone and everyone and have never received a "hey get lost, I don't want your buff because it isn't capped!" Most people are just grateful, not entitled like this OP seems to be.

    Clerics tend to have a mind set of wanting to help others. Take away that ability by putting in an npc to do the buffing for them and you basically lose clerics. Grand wouldn't bother logging his cleric in, I wouldn't bother either! And you don't need buffs to level, particularly at the lower levels. If I get one, that's a bonus. (Yes I play other classes too, but clerics are where my heart is at). Learn to play your class properly, without a buff. Learn your limits. That's what defines a good player.

    As a previous Bijou player, I loved that the server was populated. I know of large guilds that killed smaller ones, by refusing to let them take part in raids etc, BUT I also know that some people preferred the community feel of smaller guilds that worked together, that helped out NOT by plvling, but by taking the time to log in lower level characters and quest together. I know, because I ran one! OK, so I wasn't rich, but I had fun and to me that's what the game is about.

    I moved to Pagel, and when my friends log in there it's great fun. But most have moved to Isya and started over, so I've now started some toons there too. Yes, it's more like Bijou back in the old days, BUT in order to get anywhere you have to pay! Want to do CC? 5g a run!! Want to join a party to get your repeat done quicker? OK then pay the person killing 1G per hour!! No thanks. Plus the lag in Uruga...omg! The only thing Isya has going for it is GrandnatonCleric, who buffs everyone and anyone and is an absolute sweetheart, always happy to help if he can. If Pagel had the population (and my kids didn't demand my attention 24/7!) I'd log in just to do the same thing, because I love helping people! :)

    What kills the population on any server? Greed. Greed of Gamigo by making it impossible to level past 115 without sc out the swanee. Greed of players trying to control raids, farming items and then selling them at crazy prices, leaving those not sc'd out the swanee (like me) to give up in frustration (though I'm not at that point yet on Isya!).

    Zao This is what I would like to see happen with attendance:

    1 - Have the old 20/24/28 day rewards, so that players who can't log in 7 days a week get the chance to open a box of some form or other.

    2 - Make the 28 day box reward have the chance of a perm mount or costume, as a boost/extra thank you for those who have logged in each and every single day.

    3 - Remove the daily reward, as some of the daily rewards are utterly useless! T1 hp pots are of no use past level 20 lol

    If you're determined to keep these, perhaps use t3+ lucky/blessed stones because at least these can be sold if not needed.

    Liking the change to Burning Rock! Going to make it a millions time better :)

    Attendance rewards - I can't remember us getting a daily reward before, but then again I didn't exactly religiously do attendance lol. OK, so what they are showing doesn't look great, but it is free, and we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. The weekly rewards look ok. In the past these were only ever a costume for a week/mount for a day or whatever and the 28 day box gave you a chance at a perm (usually a costume). I hope that the chance of a perm has remained!

    How to fix players getting to cap without knowing how to play: LEVEL LIMITS ON ALL GATES! I've suggested this several times - here's how I think it should work (note: I am guesstimating levels here for the purpose of illustrating this!):

    Goblin camp has level 4x quests - Suggested gate level limit - 35. This is to allow people to grind on higher level mobs for exp should they be stuck for experience.

    Ancient Elven Woods has level 6x quests: Suggested gate level limit - 55.

    And so on...….

    So, you can't get a level 2x heading off to Alberstol Ruins for experience from a Black Party (early 100's quest). Again, just to clarify, I'm using this for the example. I know that's not really the best place to plvl a 2x lol.

    Not only will this prevent noobs hitting cap without playing the game, but it would also help to populate the lower level maps and kingdom quests and encourage people to party up rather than solo. It won't prevent help from higher level players, so it keeps that element in. Basically, we get a good community spirit into the game :)

    In addition,

    All I saw here was that the changes made to SH were fine the way they are now, when those changes were unintentional and were supposed to be changed back because of the inconvenience they caused. You can't just make a mistake and then say this is better or what it should be like.

    I wasn't aware that this was a mistake! Interesting info, thank you.

    I'm not saying that people shouldn't voice their opinions, I just find it poor quality for people to be complaining about lvl 3x mobs not being found on two different maps any more. At that level range, you could easily skip lots of quests and still lvl up fast.

    Yes you could, but if you introduced the gate locks then this might help to slow down the levelling somewhat, alongside an experience nerf for quests ;) Also, people are entitled to quest if they wish to, and some try to do all quests for the sense of achievement/card collections. I'm just trying to keep the argument for this reasonable, by stating that there are lots of other places to kill the pirate related mobs, and that the old Sand Hill map gave people better opportunities for killing things like hobs and imps.