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    Since the last patch, I haven't been able to use auto run on any of my alts. I had assigned it to a shortcut key, and now it's not working. I tried reset of all the shortcuts and then assigning it again, but that didn't fix it.

    Having spoken to others in the game, I am not alone in this issue. It's making game play next to impossible for me - please fix it ASAP!

    After the new patch, iam having some issues specially when kitting. Everytime i aoe and running at the same time, my character slows down, and all the mobs i have behind hits me and i die. There is another issue iam having. If use my debuff (Blind and disarm) on my mouse hot keys, sometimes when i press them, those skills dont work, and sometimes they do. I feel like the complete archer class is broken, since kite its our principal abilitie.

    Even more reason not to play my archer, thanks for the heads up!

    Way back in the day, before the server merge, Weekly rewards consisted of 7 day outfits, wedding apps, 7 day mini pets, 7 day mounts. Monthly rewards consisted of perm mounts and 30 day items. These are what made fiesta worth binge playing for. the satisfaction of logging on every day to receive something worth while was amazing.

    In my opinion, saving the items shop is a greedy way of looking at it, fiesta still makes couple thousand PER DAY from people who gift. Yet all we get for being loyal citizens of fiesta for 30 days straight... is karis? Its absurd. This completely defeats the purpose of the attendance awards, they were originally made to promote active play, now its just garbage.

    100% this. It was also a way of introducing new items into the game as well as promoting the item shop. Oh like this 1 day/7day outfit? Go buy the 30 day version in the store! Plus the chance of getting a perm, when you can't get them easily anymore kind of made me want to log chars in! That right there would be an incentive to new players who want to change their look. Even better if the perms had a stat boost - wouldn't need to be a massive boost, just say an extra 2% to crit.

    I honestly just deleted the attendance stamps I had on my chars the other day after having taken a break from the game, because I realised that they are so not worth having in my inventory taking up valuable space. IF I open my attendance boxes, I'm just trashing the contents. And most of the time I'm not opening them at all.

    have u ever been to MDHC KQ? no we didn't finish, and those "walkers" were following 2 players.. I'M quite sure those walkers are not there for the exp but for the OJ's...

    Would be better if they could change the AFQ jail to something else, like if some1 didnt use any mana/sp means didnt do anything during KQ, it would be nice to jail those leechers..

    Yep, this would be the sensible approach, in combination with movement.

    Do and ask forgiveness - better to live and learn than not do ever because permission is denied!

    Would you rather be as free as a teenager but with the boundaries of parents/school etc, or as free as an adult but with the boundaries of work/bills etc?

    People kept old quests drops anyway to help friends out, going back to the old system won't change this. I vividly remember mimic repeat being one such example. You'd set up the drop order, and then simply quest til it was your turn. If you were lucky, you'd have 2 or 3 people afking so that you could take their drops to speed things up. If anything, it taught people manners in waiting their turn rather than the free for all we currently have.

    I agree that change was totally a stupid move to make. As a cleric, who stands back to heal people in the party, by the time I run to where mobs are killed, drops be gone. And people wonder why I never accept party invites from randoms…..sigh.