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    The word slime makes me think of slugs and snails and things, which grosses me out tbh, so the meat (and I say that as a vegetarian! honeyrofl)

    Would you rather see a life size Corny or a life size Mal in your street?

    Random uneeded opinion, but honestly judging by your long time forum activity I don't really believe you can be a person who would do such a thing, at least according to the impression I have of you, there is an abyss between you and the type of drama/toxic/scammers people I've often seen around Isya.

    Not that you need any support to your innocence, but when I read that you were blamed it seem to me not only a ridiculous accusation to make, but also an excuse meant to find a scapegoat to blame for a bad managing choice made in choosing whoever had access to admins powers in the guild.

    I believe the guild master took a giant blunder and I'm sorry to read that he gave you this unfair and infamous treatment, hopefully you're now in a guild/group that can appreciate and support you. happyhoney

    This :) All of this :)

    Good Morning everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback! SittingPretty could you please let us know what kind of issue you currently have with the hotkeys? Like..

    • What are you doing when the issue occurs?
    • Which hotkeys are affected?

    I'm simply trying to use Auto run on a shortcut key (I have mine set to ctrl). Can be anywhere at all in the game, on any class. I've tried resetting it and yea, I don't take a single footstep lol.

    If I auto run via the action then it works, but when you want to kite as an archer to have to do that is a huge pain in the derriere ;)

    How many did you all pick that you cannot have them sit in inventory for a week??

    Asking for a friend. Totally not to try and out number you all or anything....

    It's more like I only have a few spots in inventory available for petals LOL

    I had the same question and I asked via Discord to Nennien and it seems like you can throw them away/sell to npc


    (I honestly didn't want to keep my inventory filled with petals for a whole week slimeembarrassed)

    Thank god, because I don't have the space to keep them for a week lol

    Do we have to keep the petals in inventory to count? Or are you somehow counting the number we actually pick?

    Cupcake is a vintage player. People got used to her being the first to post on certain topics (weekly maint and pics of new item releases being the main ones I remember from way back when), so they just waited for her if it wasn't already done, knowing she would be doing it at some point.

    Now it's about habit, but also about respect. Because we all know that Cupcake cares enough to get the opinion of others, to lobby gamigo staff for change if its needed etc. And we admire that dedication! Because lots of us care and try to get the game changed, but often end up giving up because what we say falls on deaf ears in the gamigo office.

    Please Cupcake never ever stop! <3

    On Isya there is an overfill problem while on any other server the problem is the opposite: KQs won't even start due to the lack of partecipants. cryhoney

    It was a poor choice to base the event repetable quest exclusively on KQs considering the many downsides and problems linked to them (Isya apparently is also suffering from random crashes and players unable to finish KQs getting stuck inside them).

    I really miss the classic old style event quests where you had simply to either farm drops from mobs or gather things around and get it done whenever you wanted to in a reasonable time window.

    Ah, I wondered why Isya went offline for a bit!

    Oh my God why didn't I think of that :0 I should just use an axe on my cap knight thanks SittingPretty . I didn't know I could do that!

    I've not seen any cap knights, as (a) I don't have a capped char myself and (b) all knights I've ever spoken to in game have ended up switching to glad after approx 105....and until that lvl HG axe would still be useful.

    Thank you! Was a half thought out idea from the depths of sleep deprivation, so I'm glad it made some sort of sense to someone lol