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    or player confirm: If i put my +5 mount in the sub slot (as sacrifice) and i put my pegasus (+0) in the main slot (as end result) will my pegasus be +5 WITHOUT a chance to become a celestial unicorn? Or will there be a chance to become the unicorn?

    Your +5 mount has to be in the main slot the get the unicorn, you dont get a unicorn if your +5 mount is in the 2nd slot

    That would ruin the game

    Theres a "public" list with nearly 6 million Fiesta Accounts from the 2012 gamigo hack and many of them have about 10k Slimecoins (Taler in EU)

    If they could transfer theyr currencies over with tokens.... R.I.P Fiesta

    Just dont go AFK in KQ.

    Why do you want to send a ticket? Its sunday and youve to wait until wednesday or longer for an answer.

    1st solution: all players in kq logg off at the same time -> you will be out of the kq

    2nd solution: logg off for 8 mins- > you will be out of the kq




    500. solution: submit a ticket. -> you stuck and have to wait multiple days (ok joke you will be out too after logging out for 8 mins)

    Just use the program "ShareX", the default hoster for this is but you can change it to what ever you want

    If you installed ShareX and use the default settings, you can press Ctrl+Print, select an area, wait for the upload and paste it with Ctrl+V

    its simple to post it here, click on that icon here and paste your link with Ctrl+V in both lines...done


    chuysky your way to do this is more complicated

    Fiesta and ping...

    I live in germany and I have no problems with my ping to the NA servers.

    Fiesta isnt a ping game, you can have a ping of 50, 80 or even 100 and didnt notice it.

    150+ is critical but you can still play it very well

    for clarification: there are 4 NA servers, 8 DE (german) servers, 3 FR (french) servers and 1 ES (spanish) server

    DE, FR and ES are all the same version in EU but NA had a different developer and is a different game in many aspects (e.g. Helga level limit for EU is 100, for NA 105)

    there were EN servers (england) which counted to the other 3 EU versions, but they were closed due to lack of players

    wow, is this translation really from google? its actually really good, near to perfect