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    There should be no limit, look at your SC inventory if you got your tokens back

    So they are back in my SC inventory as 4 medium tokens and 1 small token and I don’t even think that adds up correctly. In addition to that, every time I right click the token it says “An unknown error has occurred. : 4164”

    I tried a small cash token and that worked. I tested out 3 big cash tokens and neither of them went into my balance. I read the thread thourghly and did everything correctly (it is quite an easy process). Am I just trippin’ or is there a level limit for large cash tokens? I’m just really giving a huge “side eye” to Gamigo right now.

    I wouldn't say its impossible, they may be able to do some sort of masking over areas where the skin is in the model files and then do a hue shift of sorts. But I doubt they'd prioritise something like this any time soon

    Yeah. They probably won’t prioritize it, but my goal here is to just plant the seed. It may grow slowly but that okay, at least we’re “throwing it out there”.

    yeah great idea. Let me all our characters the color of the rainbow 🌈.....sarcasm. lmao

    Although sarcasm is useful, it isn’t in this statement. It looks like you fail to remember that In the original version of this game (created by Koreans) mages were purple. ;)

    I heard once that when the game first launched mages were blue?? Not sure if that's true or not

    But yeah, totally agree, seems like something really simple that fiesta is missing.

    Yes, Yes indeed. That is true. I think it was the original version of the game that was first created. Obviously, from the *looks* of it, the version we are playing is not the original. Lol :thumbdown:

    Sadly it's not so easy to implement due to the way fiesta imports models. They would have to create a new model for each skin tone for every single outfit/piece of armor/face... The skin tone is actually built into the model files for armor and outfits.

    Unless they change the entire modeling system, they'd have to create a whole lot of new models. To put in perspective, there's 857 cleric female models, almost all including the current skin tone...

    If they wanted to do this they would have had to do it from the start, it's a bit too late now sadly

    Ahhh okay. That makes a lot of sense. I’m still a firm believer in the idea that anything is possible. So with that idea in mind, I think they should figure out an easier way to do it.