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    Way back in the day, before the server merge, Weekly rewards consisted of 7 day outfits, wedding apps, 7 day mini pets, 7 day mounts. Monthly rewards consisted of perm mounts and 30 day items. These are what made fiesta worth binge playing for. the satisfaction of logging on every day to receive something worth while was amazing.

    In my opinion, saving the items shop is a greedy way of looking at it, fiesta still makes couple thousand PER DAY from people who gift. Yet all we get for being loyal citizens of fiesta for 30 days straight... is karis? Its absurd. This completely defeats the purpose of the attendance awards, they were originally made to promote active play, now its just garbage.

    i agree, things wore much better with outspark, i hate the merge, it scattered my characters across three servers, and two servers, there are barely any players at all, makes a very boring game play