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    Adding a new bug that came with this patch:

    Items in the hotkey slots update when you drag an item into the hotkeys but are not updating after that, for example if you have 1 roumen warp and you drag it to a hotkey then deposit that scroll the hotkey will show a greyed out "1 roumen warp" and if you withdraw 1 additional warp it stays at "1 roumen warp".

    did a test and its true it shows greyed, but if u click on it still works if u have said item in the inventory

    I need some advice, i bougth a 9.99 pack and did 2 type of test, first i sold some of my tokens to another player and he had no problem redeeming it. in the second test i redemed 1 of my medium tokens and got 10 small tokens in the sc inventory instead of 10 sc directly in my account.

    This is the intended behaviour? or only will happen with the tokens i bougth in the cash shop?