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    i know this have been reported months ago and they say they will look into it. Why the heck is it still broken. Does fixing this bug really takes a year to fix or what? could of fix it in the next maintance, but no. smh. Im tired of getting stuck in the KQ and not everyone is logging off. Some ppl actually troll and stay log on so everyone gets stuck. I am so tired of this. This needs to be fix asap. not after we all pasted 130 and cant join anymore then they fix it. smh. I dont get why they spend time fixing small bugs and text but dont fix a real problem people are actually experiencing.

    works just fine. paid $9.99 for the $29.99 bundle I think you trying do it twice, it wont work. It only allow once per account. Try a different account

    yes when ur in jail, u can not whisper any friend. its time out. you are not allow to talk to friends. Next time avoid getting jail. Maybe blame yourself for getting jail in the first place?

    This sytem afk jail time and 5 kills to get reward been in place for years now. Why is it coming up now? lmao. Back in 2008 outspark times. There would be 15 ppl join a kq. When get the boss, there is only 5. lmao. Ppl would just join kq and go do something. Come back and they get reward and exp. lol. This was a big problem back in the days. So they came up with the 5 kills. People would have to get their 5 kills to get reward. What did ppl do? they get their 5 kills and back to leeching lmao. So gamigo came up with the afk jail time. Its been around for years. So it wont change. Deal with it. or do not join a kq if you plan to afk.

    yep thats how they make money bro. Same thing with roar. Does it really cost money to type and shout to everyone? in their mind, thats a YES!!! lmao

    I’m not saying not to punish them but just think about the pure waste of electricity. Wouldn’t it be better to just prevent the player from loggin in for that amount of time ?

    Saves on the electricity potentially being wasted, no?

    If the changed it to just prevent loggin for a certain amount of time. Ppl who get jail can go do something, come back when time is up. I believe gamigo know this, that is why they force the player to be log in, or it will stop timer if they try to log out and come back at a later time. First timer leecher should be punish with little time, but still enough so it will make them think twice. 2 hours is fair imo. But for repeaters, they should be punish with more times. People will not learn if they dont get punish. Isnt that how the justice system in real life work? The more time you repeat the offence, the harsher the punishment. The jail system should keep track of how many times a player been in jail and for what reasons, and punish them according to the amount of time they have break the same rule over and over.

    I typically encounter jail when i solo some kq's. it happens due to lack of recognized action and other reasons in the system. for some it's basically a time out for possible idle and other stuff. in order to run a timer down, you have to stay logged in, or it just stops and picks up where it left off when you come back. if it's something simple and you're not trying to do something against any rules, check with admins to see about (braveheart voice)..... FREEDOOOOOOOM!!!

    please do not make excuses to leech kq. The system does not lack recognizing that you are not participating or any other reason. It is because you was LEECHING. HELLO??? yes leechers calling you all out lmao. Dont leech and you wont go to jail. Simple as that. I dont get why that is so hard for ppl to understand. This rule was put in place also the 5 kills, cause back in Outspark times, people was leeching kq for exp and rewards. If you plan to go afk, dont bother to join the KQ.

    27 hours of log in time is rather extreme

    Leave the cpu on ? Waste of electric thought gamigo were trying to be green.

    Realistically, should be like A 2-4 hour timer where you have to stay logged in. No punishment should make you waste over a days electricity running a computer it is waste.

    Just ban the acc for 24 hours then lift. Having to be logged in is tedious and wasteful.

    its 2 hours jail for leeching. but i believe it should be more for repeaters. Example, first leech is 2 hour, 2nd is 4 hr. 3rd is 10 hr. etc. Ppl will learn soon when they have to wait 10+ hours lmao.

    Im pretty sure Op got bug, or he could be a repeater. lol

    hey guys, I have a +4 perm mount. And i have a +0 hamy. If i use the +4 mount to upgrade my hamy, will it become +5? or only +1? im worried it will turn +1 and i wasted my +4 mount. :( anyone try this and can confirm or any GM can confirm please?

    gift and sell sc, is the best way to make money. U can try to sell ig item, but from my experience, it sucks. You can open a shop for weeks and have no one buy your items. I quit vending ingame cause waste of time opening a shop for days and days and come back to see you made 0 gem. lol

    i remember back then 2007/2008, fame was obtain from quest. Not sure why they removed it. Now can only be gotten from daily, which is only 700 fame a day. very low. To even get 10k fame would takes weeks or months. let alone 30k. Very interesting to know whats inside and is it worth farming fames.

    ok i just saw npc ms lee fame shop. never knew what fame are for. But we get the from daily. like 100 fame a day from kq. Her items are 10k, 20k, 30k. isnt that a lot of fame, considering we can only get 100 fame per day. What are inside the boxes? perm costumes? is there a % of getting it or is it like 1% chance of getting perm suit like the hunter tokens.

    sir, I can't even call you a clown cuz you a whole circus. Bet half the people who said nerf was a fine thing don't even play the class or know what those skills actually do.

    we dont need to play the class. we can just go look at the skill at ncp and know what it does. silly boy. lmao. I was just saying its not even that big of a nerf. They just increase the cool time a few sec. People just need to be patience and use other skills untill cd is over. its like ppl speeding on the road. You just saving a few mins, was it even worth it? The change are fine as it is. Ppl need to stop pms and get some pads. lol

    Not sure why everyone thinks their class is being nerf. Increasing a skill by a few second is NOT consider a nerf. So yall cant wait a few sec to use your skills again? WOW, yall needa get outside for a while. lmao.

    what i would consider a nerf is if gamigo decrease the dmg on each skill. That would be a nerf, making a class weaker in dealing dmg. In this case, they only increase some skill by a few second and ppl already PMSing lmao. Imagine if gamigo decrease all skill dmg by half, there be WW3. lmao

    I was replying to your comment duh. Can you read English? The thread is about merging all def/mdef into one like t4 brace. You are the one who brought up the attack brace. You said they were suppose to be dmg, not critical. But it was imbalance aka too OP. That is why t1 to t3 was change from dmg to critical. So my question to your was. Why is t4 attack brace is dmg? Didn't you said it was too OP. Doesnt make sense to make attack brace t1 to t3 critical and t4 dmg. Since some ppl perm 110 to 120 and won't be able to use t4 attack brace. Sure the thread is about merging the def brace into one. But while they at is they can also change all critical brace into dmg.

    yeah thats outspark for you. Trying to split it into 2 different def brace so it force ppl to enhance both for def and mdef. Nice way to earn more income lmao. And the item to make it critical is lame. Thats why t1 to t3 attack beace isn't worth anything. Should merge them back into 1. So we can have both def and mdef without having to switch and enhance both. But the idea of making playing enhance both might make gamigo not want to merge them into 1 def brace. Lmao